You Have a Huge Heart

Write a comment Thanks for putting your huge heart into the cause of victory over the terrorist in Iraq. I think you are the best among the handful of honest journalists who have gone to the front lines in Iraq and lived and experience OIF through the eyes of our amazing warriors as well as ordinary Iraqis. If it hadn't been for patriots like you, willing to risk your life to bring forth your complete story about the war in Iraq (the GOOD as well as the bad and the ugly), I'm afraid that the seditious actions of the radical left, which has infiltrated and now dominates main stream media and the Democrat party, would have so eviscerated public support for OIF that leftist members of Congress would have by now recreated another Vietnam-like surrender, with all of its subsequent catastrophic consequences, including the slaughter of good Iraqis by the Islamist murder monkeys (as Chris Plante properly calls them). And thanks for your excellent book "Moment of Truth in Iraq," which I'm finishing now. [ Improvement Suggestion: My overall impression of your new website is “Wow!” Well done, but I'd like to suggest two small improvements to the comments layout: (1) Move the poster's name to the centre of the comment identification bar (to narrow the color-shaded bar), and (2) Move the comment number to the lead position in front of the subject on the comment bar (to eliminate confusion with the comment's posting date). Sorry about submitting this suggestion here if there is a more appropriate page to do so. Please let me know. ]
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