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Washington Mob Rule: Trump orders FBI to investigate Kavanaugh amid sex misconduct allegations



1) FBI has already been caught red-handed trying to influence the election. There is no escaping this. No wiggle room. Simply busted.

2) Even if FBI were neutral.... No credible investigation, analysis, and report, and be conducted can completed in one week.

Incredibly valuable human time and resources have been squandered so far in a true witch trial. Our system has been specifically designed to foil mass hysteria and pseudo-justice.

One of the main reasons Taliban did so well in Afghanistan was Rule of Law. The 'law' we were installing was slow, spotty, and highly corrupt. Most of the villagers I spoke with in numerous provinces did not like Taliban law, but they always would say that Taliban were fast, fair, and not corrupt.

The Taliban main advantage was not guns. It was rule of law. I published about this many times from the war.

Conversely, over in Iraq, groups like al Qaeda had no semblance of rule of law. 'Justice' was summary and often carried out on the streets by bullet or blade. Thus we were slaughtering al Qaeda. People hated them. No sense of justice. Always barbaric.

Shift back to Afghanistan: Taliban are harsh and often primitive, but they do conduct their version of trials by elders/leaders. The reality that Taliban were beating us through 'rule of law' cannot be understated.

The US still regularly reverts to barbaric echoes of the past. Sometimes we are apes with shiny shoes. This is one of those times.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Honza Prchal · 3 years ago
    Very well put … though I believe you don't give the FBI enough credit for reorganizing to remove the political operators who were elevated in the last administration.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Anon I Mouse · 3 years ago
    Personally, I would like to know if someone who will shape the law of the USA is a sexual predator or not. Are you suggesting that a week is not enough to investigate or that women matter so little it is irrelevant?…

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