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Washington, D.C. — Now Effectively Under Martial Law





Washington, D.C.
Yon-Genre Mind-dump without edit

I am looking at the the White House now. The flag is up. President Trump just gave a pep talk and flew to Florida.

I am a war correspondent. Many years experience across the world. I am American.

My Mother’s side landed in Jamestown in 1610 after being shipwrecked on Bermuda in 1609. We know this because an author was aboard. Wrote about it. Shakespeare created a play about it called “The Tempest.”

I’ve spent more than half my life overseas. Not “half my adult life,” but more than half my entire life. Some as a Green Beret, other times as War Correspondent, or doing other things. Lived or travelled in 74 other countries — this does not mean airport stops.

I’ve learned many things. Such as that not all fish will co-exist in the same aquarium.

Spent a great deal of time with communists or in communist countries. You don’t want that. It’s worse than the old people describe.

When I was a kid, old people would say that tyranny was inching to America. That paper money would be abolished. That everything we did would be tracked by tyrants if we do not stand up. They sounded crazy. They sounded crazy then.

But after I lived around the world, they began to sound wise.

Now, troops are everywhere. D.C. is locked down tighter than Beijing or Hong Kong. I got kicked out of Hong Kong last year, and greatly doubt China will let me back into Mainland, or back to Tibet without arrest.

D.C. and this mayor are like something from 1984. Which I decided to read again during pandemic 2020. Read it.

This is my first post on Rumble. I am targeted elsewhere.

This is it. You either Stand and Demand. Or kneel and beg.

Many of these National Guard do not seem happy with this duty.

I am American.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Guest · 10 months ago
    This is what the installation of an illegitimate governing regime looks like, and always has. A blatantly fraudulent election in which the winner is decided by brazen voter fraud. A massive propaganda storm from the regime intended to normalize and authenticate the election results, coupled with a correspondingly massive effort to suppress free speech that questions the election results. Coordinated acts of repression against those who speak out against the fraud. And a massive security apparatus to protect the actors from suffering the consequences of their actions.

    The Biden administration is illegitimate, and like all illegitimate adminstrations it will have to rule by the use of violence and intimidation against the citizenry, which by all appearances they intend to do gleefully. Lives and careers will be ruined. I hope our military and police force leaders are thinking clearly and carefully about what they are willing to do to their own citizens.

    Five of my descendants arrived on the Mayflower and are signators to the Mayflower Compact. Like you, I am an American, but it's time to concede that America is dead and gone, and it's not coming back. It's long past time for dissolution and separation.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      BorgHunter · 10 months ago
      Claiming that the election was stolen by way of a nationwide conspiracy from which not a single credible example of fraud (on the scale to make any difference - there are reports of dead Trump voters to has emerged. You might not like the result, but now you're no better (maybe even worse) than the whining Democrats who plunged the legislative branch of our government into a 4 year witch hunt based on lies about the election being stolen from Hillary by the Russians when in fact it wasn't. This is a sad state of affairs that so many Americans cannot just accept that their side loses, is wrong or admit defeat anymore.

      All of this having been said, if the system was so prone to fraud, then why aren't there any examples of fraud being committed in FAVOR of Trump? (other than the typical one-off idiot voting for themself and their dead husband)

      Also, none of these conspiracists ever seem to acknowledge that there IS "fraud" in the U.S. voting system, but that it is in the form of gerrymandering, voter purges, draconian ID laws and that there is a history of this dating back to slavery and the poll tax after the Civil War.

      The Biden administration is illegitimate alright, but so was Trump's. They are both part of the same apparatus that exists with powers far greater than the founders ever intended and which have been gladly ceded to them by Congress and the SCOTUS over the years. The Presidency itself is illegitimate in its present "unitary executive" form.

      Hey, as with the lack of proof for voter fraud claims, does anyone have any proof that any of Q's predictions EVER came to pass? Genuinely curious to see where the goal posts on that one have been moved to now that "The Storm" failed to occur.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Chris · 10 months ago
      Wow, well said. This was my take as well, with the exception that I'm not conceding sh*t. :-)
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Kurt · 10 months ago
    I am seeing what is purported to be the actual election results over on this site: https://newswithviews.com/sydney-powell-has-found-the-actual-results-of-the-presidential-election/

    Can you say anything about the validity of this? Or is this non-sense?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      BorgHunter · 10 months ago
      Just like with Q, "Stop the Steal" (now subsumed in some ways by Q) is a clickbait, influencer status seeking game designed to profit from clicks, likes, follows, shares, views and merchandise. Come on, I read that page and there is absolutely zero possibility that Trump really had 410 electoral votes. Ridiculous on its face. These people are hucksters in many ways the same as the MSM and certain Democrats who spent 4 years crying that Russia stole the election and gave it to Trump. Americans are such a childish people now days, it's sad. Now, if you want to see some examples of stolen presidential elections, look no further than 2000 in Florida and 2004 in Ohio/Michigan.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Guest2 · 10 months ago
      I concur. As an American citizen I am concerned about the legitimacy of our free and fair elections today and for our children. I follow your posts believing you have our country’s best interest at heart and are perhaps not indebted to any one political affiliation.

      With media outlets so divided, some flat out lying, the truth is difficult to discern. Any insight you can provide as the poster above asks would be greatly appreciated! God Bless
  • This commment is unpublished.
    huffordpk · 10 months ago
    Michael - how long do you plan on staying in the DC area (if you haven't bugged out already)? I've been reading your dispatches w/ Deuce Four for many years and I was following you on FB for years until I butthurt a liberal in a discussion and they had me banned from my account that I had for years. I was following you on Parler until that got the plug pulled - hopefully it will be back up soon.

    I would honored to meet you in person if at all possible, as I am sure many others in the DMV area would. We need more journalists that are straight shooters like yourself.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Molly Crocker · 10 months ago
    Please, everyone, go to YouTube and search for "Social Media Manipulation" by SmarterEveryDay. It's a playlist. Watch them all and get educated about how this country is being deliberately manipulated into being deeply divided and antagonistic. Then also go to Bill Whittle's video on YT, "Hands up or I'll Tweet". Both Yon and Whittle deserve your monetary support. Abandon social media.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    LeviMorgan · 10 months ago
    The question is, Do American Patriots have the guts to do anything?

  • This commment is unpublished.
    J. Parker Ferguson · 10 months ago
    Keep the faith brother!
    I hope our support keeps your reports coming, for this nation's sake.

    Remember one of my favorite historical saying...

    "Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel!"

    On a further note, we are coming out of the Chinese Year of the Rat.
    Makes sense of everything!

    I hope to meet up with you when you travel through New England area.
    I have your "works" on my tavern walls.

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