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Washington, D.C.: How Big was the Million MAGA March, REALLY? And why do BLAMTIFA continue to terrorize business owners and innocent people?





Long walking with children. Need a break.


Let’s talk about crowd sizes. As I have said – and many folks know from my live-streams and years of writing – I have been to hundreds of protests/riots/rallies around the world. In 2019 alone, about a hundred significant protests in Hong Kong. Many Hong Konger friends need asylum and we should offer.

Some Hong Kong protests were massive. More than a million, likely. Hotly disputed by the communists. But I was there. Million or even two million easily believable. Miles of wide roads filled edge to edge, and often under attack by police. Freedom loving Hong Kongers suffered terribly with broken bones and often compound fractures.

During the about hundred protests that I was in – and there were easily over a thousand I could not get to – I personally got teargassed hundreds of times, hit by rubber bullets, pushed and threatened by Hong Kong police, and finally kicked out on 05 February 2020.


Hong Kongers are the most sophisticated insurgents I have seen. If America goes to full civil war, I suspect even Hong Kongers will be surpassed. Americans surely will surpass Hong Kongers on extreme violence. Every elected official and their families, tech-masters, journalists, prosecutors, judges at all levels, police, military, and more, will ‘live’ in extreme danger.

If we go into full civil war, no place – even overseas – will be safe for Americans, especially the richest and most influential, if they live openly. They cannot hire enough security. Even so, the more security they hire, the bigger chance they take on hiring the wrong man. In a war, every big office contains a leaker or a sleeper.

In this age, we are beyond mere doxing. Social media, banks, and endless others, including average people, can now be ultra-doxers. Everyone who is not actively hiding can be found. Those with most to lose are often easiest to target. This still does not seem to have dawned on many people. As if this is a game and they can play from the sidelines. There are no sidelines in a civil war.


Crowd numbers are amazingly difficult to estimate even by purely analytical people sans agenda. You might be thinking, “Just take an area photo and add up the boxes.” Or use computers or this or that. It ain’t that easy.

Another way I used in the past was to source an advertising company. This company had gear installed in key places in some country I will not name and this gear sensed mobile devices passing by. The company had some estimate of the average number of devices a typical person carries, and subtract off their normal traffic during that period, and make what amounts to a wild guess.

No idea that I have ever heard or seen can stand up to what I see on the ground for anything more than small, short-lived crowds that stay in one location.

Example of complexity:

In Hong Kong, Thailand, and America, I have seen actions that start at maybe ten in the morning and do not end until well after midnight, or even next sunrise. Pretending to know crowd-size based on even perfect aerial photograph is like pretending to know a full day’s rainfall by holding a cup – a camera -- out the window for a minute. The photograph estimate is really so crude as to be worthless other than for short duration, tiny, immobile crowds.

Fact is, very large, mobile crowds “breathe” or take natural shifts. The crowd who comes in the morning can be mostly gone within a few hours, replaced by a mostly new “shift.” Many never arrive until late afternoon or even nightfall. You might witness nearly three or more separate crowds in the same place.

This crowd was schedule to start at ten Saturday morning at Freedom Plaza and marched to Supreme Court, nearly 2.5 miles away. Yet there were social media posts of people there much earlier, and I saw a crowd with my own eyes the night before. I got caught in a traffic jam and had to walk the last part and so did not arrive at Freedom Plaza until about 10:30 Saturday morning, 14 Nov 2020. The crowd was already massive. You may have seen the high angle photos.

Based on my experience, one rough method of crowd estimation could include persistent-stare high-angle full-view(s) of the crowd(s) using high resolution imagery to map and crunch the flows as the crowd changes shifts. These rallies can be like mountain rivers with mean feeder streams, and some being invisible from above as people feed from underground metro stations, trains, buses, and nearby highrises and malls. This was especially true in massive rallies/protests that I witnessed in Bangkok. Huge numbers of people did not flow into or out of the marches or rallies because they live right there.

Also, especially in Hong Kong and Bangkok, massive numbers of protestors often were inside massive, multi-floor malls and shopping centers, often for a break in air condition, from rain, or a meal. When I say massive numbers, I mean this could be even – to be directionally accurate and just a guess – more than a hundred thousand inside the miles of malls and shopping centers. You simply cannot capture this with aerial photos. Like Christmas shopping only they are taking turns from malls to streets.

Many live directly on the routes or very close. Their journeys start at the elevator and walking out the front door. You will find that this sort of participant often does not march at all. They come out front, hold a sign or encourage for a time, and take the elevator back up. In many places I have been, they do not seem to come down at all, but join from their windows above. This has been true in Hong Kong, Thailand, and America.

Friction, distance, expense.

Some towns like D.C. are difficult to reach due sheer distance. You know where D.C. is on a map.


Washington D.C. is physically difficult to reach for most Americans – especially those who have responsibilities at home such as children, parents, pets, and jobs for those who totalitarian shut-downs are still employed. The Capital is a far hike for more than 99% of Americans, and after you get here, where will you stay? Costs add up.

Hong Kong, on the other hand, is incredibly densely populated. I stayed for some months in the Mongkok district, the most densely populated area in the world, by far. Hong Kong metro transport is best in the world. Distances tiny. Restaurants galore. It’s a cinch to rally a hundred thousand people with little more than Telegram chatter.

Bangkok is somewhere in-between. Far more difficult than Hong Kong. Far easier than D.C. Thais make up for a lot of that with sheer personal energy. I love Thais. Thais will bend a great deal before putting up a fight. But when Thais fight…the fight is authentic on all levels including kinetic. Thais play until they don’t play anymore. Like Americans.

When you start seeing large numbers of Americans or Thais on the streets – especially of the sort who do not normally hit the streets. You better listen. The sort of Thais hitting the streets with PDRC in 2014 were Thai equivalent of American conservatives. They do not normally protest. Now they were coming in from all over Thailand, as Red Shirts did in 2010. I was there many months both times. When people who do not normally protest hit the streets in the capital from across the country, that is an atmospheric that only a fool would downplay.

Many ‘pundits’ are downplaying the size of the crowd Saturday. They know nothing of conflict and what I just witnessed through war-eyes. Live-streams and social media were all but non-existent. (For this, in the future, I need $240,000 for a mobile comms truck. I’ve raised about $50,000 so far. Hit it.)

If anyone would want to pay attention to a building storm, it should be leaders and legacy leaders who stand on the beach laughing at the now light breezes. The people who should be most interested in accurate ground sensing should be the ones with most to lose. Remember my advance work in Iraq, Afghanistan, and more…and how accurate my ground sensing has been in many countries. Takes much work and time.

They are in denial. They are toast victory even as the orange glow builds over the horizon. There is far more to analyzing these crowds than snapshots. Akin to a doctor pretending to diagnose a brain tumor from smart-phone selfie. This requires expertise and physical presence of the doctor. Anything else is hearsay

What you likely did not see is that the massive crowd at Freedom Plaza was only part of the story and people were already spread down the almost 2.5 miles to Supreme Court.

Another item you did not see is that groups were still coming and going from the side streets the entire time, hour after hour. Proud Boys were just one of many groups and they came in multiple groups. Some were early, others late.

Simply impossible – and I use the word impossible with respect – to take even an aerial photograph that captures the breathing tides.


The City did not make matters easier. The image above shows the eleven toilets for a massive crowd that easily could have been in the hundreds of thousands. These are the only eleven toilets that I saw the entire day. I needed to take a leak here but the lines were so long that the wait would be an hour. People were walking back to their hotels or where’evers before the march even began.

These eleven toilets were the only I saw for the almost 2.5 miles to the Supreme Court. No water or other sales, and so the rally surely would end early if for nothing else lack of amenities.

Mobile coverage and social media access was practically dead. Nobody I met could access social media, or livestream.

I did not stand in line or leave and opted instead to use an old Army trick. Just hold it, drink no water, endure, and let dehydration do the trick. Your body will reabsorb the urine if you can hold it long enough while dehydrating. Some people say this is impossible, but they don’t know squat and probably think they can estimate massive, mobile, long duration marches, and estimate total hurricane rainfall using a Starbucks cup.

There are many other complexities in estimating large, mobile, long duration crowds. It does not matter if you have a super camera, a supercomputer, and a helicopter. You gotta be there and have some idea of the dynamics. This is too complex for me or anyone else. This is a multivariable, multi-dimensional problem, and much of the protest was not even in D.C. but apparently simultaneously in all fifty States. Even the greatest minds will not make a great estimation just for D.C. They have no chance of summing the entire country for the entire weekend. There was another, smaller rally in D.C., Sunday, 15 November 2020. According to a friend who attended, fewer than 200. I did not attend due to meetings and interviews such as on the Ward Scott show. Two-hundred may hardly be worth mentioning other than that these little rallies will dot the land.

And so…I will make my wild guess: Far more than the ‘thousands’ stated by legacy media, or ‘tens of thousands’ by other legacy. Certainly not ‘billions and billions’, as Carl Sagan might say, or even a million as Kayleigh said. But…there were protests across America, and so Kayleigh might be right. I have no way to know, nor does anyone else.


In Hong Kong, the communists used Triads (mafia) to attack good people. In America, Democrats use Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, corrupted legacy media, and sell-outs across the land.

As night fell, BLAMTIFA began attacking people across D.C. You may have seen some of the terrible videos. They besieged at least four hotels: Willard, Embassy Suites, Harrington, and Capital Hilton.

The Mayor, Prosecutors, and many of the police in cities like Portland and D.C. are fully on side of the terrorists in a battle for control of the streets, such as at Black Live Matter Plaza where the attack you saw on television occurred Saturday. I was there and am at that place right now, but will be gone when I hit “publish.”

After the Saturday march, I was at Harrington Hotel with Proud Boys. Upstairs in adjoining rooms they were going for some cold beers. One Proud Boy lost the soles off both his shoes during the march. I never heard of someone losing both at once. Proud Boy spirts are very high, in contrast to ANTIFA. When I get close and listen to ANTIFA they always seem angry and losing spirits.

I left Harrington with Proud Boys Portland leader Matteo and we headed over to Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House. Just as we arrived, the BLAMTIFA animals were attacking patrons at a restaurant called P.J. Clarke’s, on K Street, about 120 meters from Archibald’s strip club where Hunter Biden is accused of having ingested crack and picked up a dancer whom he impregnated and refused to help. Just allegations, of course. Lap dances to laptops – the smoking guns piling up and smoking more than Krakatoa. Our streets are besieged by cracksters with knives. If Harris wins, Hunter-Biden will have Secret Service protection while he does deals with China.

Chinese drugs and virus were in the veins of George Floyd when he died apparently from drug overdose. Our country is polluted by drugs, virus, and totalitarian impulses and corruption.

Just where I write these words, BLAMTIFA attacked patrons at P.J. Clarke’s at Black Lives Matter Plaza, where they have beaten and stabbed so many others. Because. You know. That’s what they do. The Democrat party never denounces it. They support it. The attack unfolded just as we arrived across the intersection. A BLAMTIFA attacker used large fireworks on patrons. I did not hear the fireworks having arrived maybe a minute late, but got there just in time for BLAMTIFA to chase people across the intersection to the Capital Hilton Hotel. I had to force the doors open to get in as panicking workers were locking everyone out. Many did not make it and even police forced some guests away from the hotel and into danger.

Hotel Rwanda. Days are increasingly dangerous for me to stay inside hotels. There is always someone with access to guest lists locally, or at corporate, room cleaners, the card company, advertisers, and more. This is the age of ultra-doxing. Doxing goes both ways. If profound civil war unfolds, many BLAMTIFA will find that they turned their light on first.

On Saturday, scattered attacks went on through the night, including at at least the four hotels I mentioned.

Washington, D.C. is unsafe for civilized people.


Andy Ngo has gone full Rain-Man on BLAMTIFA. Many months ago, they physically attacked Andy and now Andy’s keyboard counterattack will eventually land a lot of these folks in prison, I am sure. Andy will have earned a medal before this struggle is through.

About twenty people were arrested Saturday. ‘President-Elect’ Harris says nothing and has repeatedly encouraged terrorism and the fraudulent election. At present, part of this fight is for cities. I would not be surprised to see a Kristallnacht against conservatives. If this, or some other key trigger clicks, there will be no turning back from profound civil war.

I have the camo hat Matteo is wearing in the photo below and am wearing it while writing this dispatch. I also appropriated a hat from Enrique Tarrio, and have it here, too. Enrique is the national leader of Proud Boys. You’ve probably seen him on shows like Joe Rogan.

This is what American Patriots look like.

Wear their hats:


In closing, again, my apologies for this unedited chain of consciousness. There is much going on and I need to get to meetings.

Work hard for peace.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dave · 1 years ago
    Great coverage, Mike. As always, keep up the excellent work and watch your six. Sharing.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jason McDaniel · 1 years ago
    Great dispatch... thanks Michael.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Neatie · 1 years ago
    In the tiny town I live in there is a big drug problem. One consequence of the shut down was that there were a alot of people getting a lot of unemployment cash, who weren't really working to begin with. The streets were flooded with drugs, There were a lot of overdoses.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Leamon · 1 years ago
    Mike. There are two of us without tattoos.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Kelli · 1 years ago
    Thank you so much for being there and documenting the truth.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Bruce Parker · 1 years ago
    Survived The US Navy SEABEES Without One Tatoo!...Still Don't have one!...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Eileen · 1 years ago
    Great read, Mike. Thank you.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jimbo · 1 years ago
    Godspeed to these Patriots!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dan · 1 years ago
    Michael - first I appreciate your reporting - read your books and follow you and support you. However, these images of the Proud Boys show them sporting the "White Supremist" signs (I won't call them "gang signs") - but that belies the nature of those individuals - if not the whole organization. Right? or Wrong?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Eric · 1 years ago
    I've been reading you since Moment of Truth in Iraq and something doesn't sit well with your writing as of late. It sounds like propaganda or that you are writing to your patrons rather than of a true journalistic nature. The election has been decided, and by a large margin, and without rampant fraud. Let's just move forward ahead instead of pot stirring and calling out strawmen. You have a responsibility to the truth Michael and not a responsibility to what one side wants to hear.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Gordon Scott · 1 years ago
    What is with the "OK" gesture? It's been named by lefties as "white power." I see it in several of your pictures. I'm assuming there's irony here somewhere, but I'm not clued in.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peter Ford · 1 years ago
    I'm the only adult at my school without a tattoo.
    Interesting how the Antifa folks, like vampires/zombies, only come out at night.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Expat47 · 1 years ago
      What do tattoos have to do with anything??? Many a sailor serving his/her country has a few.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    S. Mann · 1 years ago
    I can't understand why I am not seeing masks. Should health care and concern REALLY be a political outcry? If so, don't fasten your seatbelt when you get in a vehicle.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jerry Argo · 1 years ago
    85 and no tattoos. My dad, born around 1919,
    had a half clan girl on his forearm and must have been quite popular at I've seen several in the past on guys. 4 years in the Navy and I never had any desire for one. A couple of Navy friends while Dago got on the bus, I was already there, and one was White as a sheet with a bloody arm bandage. Seems he didn't fare well during the needly job.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Scott · 1 years ago
    Three things:
    1 Thank you
  • This commment is unpublished.
    M. Deitwiler · 1 years ago
    Michael, thanks for the report and your analysis. Always appreciated.

    I have one request of you...please could you not refer to the "plaza" as Black Lives Matter Plaza? It's a name ordered by the Antifa/BLM communist-sympathizer mayor of WDC by way of being an insult, jeer and a "thumb-your-nose" to President Trump. The mayor hasn't done 1/100th of what our President has done of lasting significance for ethnic/racial minorities in America. Call the area 16th Street in front of The White House as it has traditionally been known. Thanks!

    All the best to you!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Spartan Coder · 1 years ago
    I appreciate the work you're putting in here and for what you did in HK. I wish more could be done, but until there's open warfare in the streets, most of us are not going to be able to help.

    I know when the time comes, I've got at least one BLM leader zeroed as to where he lives and works. I'm slowly figuring out where the others in my city are via the media. My prize name is XXXX XXXXX. I've got all his shit ready for when shit turns hot too.

    He may help steal an election, but he and his family won't get to enjoy watching how it all turns out.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Ketchikan · 1 years ago
    Thanks for an in person ground report. You analysis of crowd size was informative. Yes, many of us cannot for a variety of reasons attend these rallies. We get to experience them vicariously thru reports such as yours. And yes there are many of them throughout the country. One of the inspiring rallies during the election was the one with the Amish with their horses and buggies flying American and Trump flags. While there were only a few of them the impact of seeing their support was wonderful.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Mike · 1 years ago
    I don't have a tattoo. I know it would not enhance my looks in any way.
    I never have more than 2 beers at a sitting.
    I know what I look like with more than 2 beers in me.
    I don't do drugs. I did for 15 years. I'm 0 years sober. I know what hell feels like. Never again.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Michael J Pierce · 1 years ago
    Great report, Mike. Keep up the good work. Just listening to the Larry O'Connor show on WMAL, and he was talking about the march. Many people who were there phoned in and confirmed all you have said. Talking about the failure of DC police to do their job.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    John B. · 1 years ago
    So, how long do you think these demonstrations will go on? Trump has claimed fraud during the election, but hasn't provided any proof, and his lawsuits have been thrown out by the judges. Biden won and that won't change.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jeff Rheaume · 1 years ago
    Great work, thanks for your honesty.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Cindy · 1 years ago
    Thank you! Very interesting report and take on it all. I live in the Portland area. Was in DC in September for The Prayer March and The Return events. Estimated about 50,000 there. No report in MSM. Saw a few of what looked like antifa types on those scooters looking like they were scouting, and for a brief time there was one small blm group, actually peaceful. Nothing else. I’m sure God’s hand kept it spiritual....and, if there were violence, the media might have had to acknowledge all those people there to pray for our country  00;😉🙏
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Cindy · 1 years ago
    A couple of those emoji changed when I hit submit.....
  • This commment is unpublished.
    joanne · 1 years ago
    Thank you for reporting.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    ray · 1 years ago
    Like you, I have no tattoos. They are a defilement of the body, IMHO.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Karl Krahmer · 1 years ago
    Michael, thank you so much for the honest, in depth coverage. The main stream media won't do either, (in depth or honest).
    In the rd to last and last photos, 2 people are flashing the OK sign, which the MSM has been telling us is about white supremacy. I have no idea. But I don't like it. These photos are like text messages, you can't get tone from them and tell if they are doing the symbol as a joke or if they actually are white supremacists. Which I have to say is an idiotic belief, as if the color of one's skin makes you better or worse. Your behavior is what defines you.
    Do you know whether there are a significant number of white supremacists in the Proud Boys?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Linda Bitto · 1 years ago
    I too have reached the ripe age of 6 without a tattoo, despite my daughter asking for a mother/daughter tat.😊
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Linda · 1 years ago
    Oops, 6 .😊
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Nancy · 1 years ago
    Add me to the list of people with no tats! If I ever do get one, it will be my Clan (as in Scottish not Democrat) crest and motto "Pro Libertate!" To borrow a line from a famous movie: They can take our lives but they can never take our freedom!! John 8: 6 (Jesus replied...) "if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!" Keep up the great work Mike! Love your honesty, tenacity, humor, photography, patriotism, and work ethic. Blessings!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    MikeT · 1 years ago
    What is ‘BLAMTIFA’?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tia Maria · 1 years ago
    I have three kids who've each done a stint in the military ( different branches) and not a tattoo among them. I think it might've had to do with my request that their 1st tattoo must proclaim "I love my MOM."
    Re all the comments about the hand gestures: I propose that there is no such creature as a white supremacist in contemporary America. I've lived in the south most of my life, spend a lot of my time around real rednecks, and never met one. I've known whites who wish we didn't have forced integration, but I've known far more blacks who feel the same way. None of the whites feel that way because they think their race or ethnicity makes them superior to anybody else; they just wish for free association. (Blacks tend to be very exclusive/segregated in their social lives, and most intend to stay that way.) I have Latino neighbors (who happen to be friends) who hate illegal immigration and even denounce the huge numbers allowed to legally immigrate. The media has created a narrative, meant to divide and control us, and too many of us have fallen for it!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jim Delanehy · 1 years ago
    I think many frustrated and extremely worried patriots have reached that understandable point at which counter-action is inevitable. And most are preparing for that ideological collision. The Democratic Socialist Party is fomenting division, tensions of all sorts and encouraging their brownshirts in the streets. If ever there was an "enemy within", we all see it now--no matter how many of us try not to see it. January 20th the patriots will begin in earnest to take back the streets, destroy the insurgents and crush the enemy within..Too much to lose if they don't.

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