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Tiger the Kitten and Cuddles the Flying Snake

21 December 2015


Flying Snake: Golden Tree Snake, Chiang Mai, Thailand [Click to watch]

I was sitting here studying about Korea and set up my camera for this snake. I know a little about its habits and just less than one minute after the video started rolling, its tongue flickered out and then it came out. Perfect timing.

The camera got more than 8 minutes of good video while I studied, and then my very rude kitten "Tiger" did a video bomb!

I have never had a more ill-mannered cat or dog. She is very funny but messes up everything, including this video as you can see in this short clip.

Golden Tree Snakes can fly amazingly well. I have never seen them fly in person, but there are great videos on YouTube. They are like little snake frisbees. They are mildly venomous but not dangerous for humans. They are quick to bite, though. I do not know about the danger to kittens.

Actually the snake is here right now watching me and the video is rolling now. It watches me for long periods.

It’s name is "Cuddles the Flying Snake."

This second link is a video of Tiger the Kitten watching video of herself and Cuddles:



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


# Flying SnakesJim Phalan 2016-01-14 04:22
Interesting flying snake vid! What an opportunity and the timing is amazing.
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