Michael's Dispatches

The Scent of Weakness


Kandahar Province, Afghanistan
25 March 2010

Dogs have been trained to carry bombs to attack enemies for decades.  The Soviets and others have used dogs as low-tech smart bombs.  Yet canine platoons likely would rebel if they caught scent they were being duped to die.

Today, more sophisticated people employ men (mostly) to deliver bombs in Afghanistan.  Gullible souls are selected, conditioned, trained and deployed.  Malleable minds are identified then loaded with psychic software that uses their minds to create a vision.  Evil persons of superior intellect identify the raw material—that raw material might be an engineer from a stable family—and trains them to fetch myths.

Suicide attackers have murdered countless thousands of people around the world.  They go by various names, such as Kamikaze, Black Tiger, and Martyr.

The attackers are not all men.  Some are Tigresses.  My friend Alex Perry met a wannabe Black Tigress in Sri Lanka.  She was 18.  Alex described the girl in Time Magazine:

“But asked when she hoped to achieve her dream of being a suicide bomber, she grinned, squirmed and buried her face in her arms. "She's already written her application," said her commander, Lt. Col. Dewarsara Banu, smiling at her charge's shyness. "But there's still no reply." "Why hasn't there been a reply?" whined Samandi, looking up with the one eye, her left, that survived a shot to the head and fiddling with the capsule of cyanide powder around her neck. "I want this. I want to be a Black Tiger. I want to blast myself for freedom."

How Sri Lanka's Rebels Build a Suicide Bomber.

Many people are persuaded by cult artifices into any sort of behavior, including ritual suicide and murder.  It’s crucial to understand that many suicide-murders are part of a religious ceremony.  The attack is the climax of the ceremony.  This is neither complicated, nor subtle.

Suicide murders are merely a small fraction of cult behaviors.  Cults often do not revolve around religions.  Communist cadres once fanned across the globe, teaching that capitalism must die on a global scale for communism to reach its imagined grandeur.  Yet even as communist countries have failed across the world, true believers intoned the conviction that “real communism” had never been tried, and if it were, it would fulfill its promises.  This “willing suspension of disbelief” demonstrates an important aspect often organic to cults: when cult prophecies are proven wrong, we might expect the cult to disintegrate in face of the evidence.  Yet instead of disintegrating, powerful cults often refortify, strengthen, and redouble recruitment.  Failure can cause them to grow.

Some cult leaders are true believers while others are true deceivers.  From the outside, cults often can be easy to spot, though the hardest cult to see is the one you are in.

We face an increasing number of suicide murders here in the “Muslim world”—in places where suicide attacks were previously unheard of.  Some people are coerced into suicide, such as the unfortunate women who were raped and defiled in Iraq, then shamed and coerced into suicide for the sake of  “honor.”  Or the case of a young Libyan, captured by soldiers from a unit I was with in Iraq.  The Libyan was thankful for his capture: Iraqis were trying to force him to wear a suicide bomb.

Others are “brainwashed” and reloaded with brainware whose program creates suicide murderers.

A few weeks ago, on the morning of March 1st, just close by Kandahar Airfield, a suicide murderer waited in ambush.  An American convoy from the 82nd Airborne was crossing the Tarnak River Bridge when the man detonated his car bomb, sending a heavily armored American MRAP off the bridge.  At 0735, the boom thundered across Kandahar Airfield.  I felt the explosion and turned around to look for a mushroom.  The sound was vigorous enough that I thought we may have been hit on base.  There it was: the orange mushroom cloud of dust gathered and could be seen floating away.  It was off base in the direction of Highway 4 to Kandahar.

American Soldier Ian Gelig and several Afghans were killed.  It’s difficult to know how many locals are killed and wounded in attacks; often they die later or are never taken to hospitals.

Soldiers from 5/2 Stryker Brigade Combat team were planning to conduct a mission that morning that required crossing the now badly damaged bridge.  Our mission was cancelled, as were many other missions for the next couple days.  In addition to killing Ian Gelig, the single attacker impacted the flow of the war in this crucial battle space.

Nearly two weeks later, on Saturday 13 March, I was preparing to go on another mission with 5/2 SBCT soldiers.  Shortly before our departure, just up the road in Kandahar City, a serious attack unfolded at night, including three or four suicide attackers.  About 35 people were killed and roughly another 50 wounded.  Again, our mission was cancelled because the roads were closed, though by morning we took helicopters and bypassed the incident.  Turns out, the enemy was disappointed with their attack.  About half the attacks apparently did not go off, while American and Afghan forces responded more quickly than the enemy had expected and limited the damage.  According to intelligence, the Taliban are extremely paranoid.  Taliban leadership suspected there had been an inside informant.  They planned to conduct a purge.  Meanwhile, I got one report from the ground that Afghans believed most of the casualties were caused by Afghan police who are said to have fired wildly during the attack.  One man told me that an Afghan position randomly fired his 12.7mm DsHK machine gun across the city.  (These guns are so large they can rip a man in two.)  Whether the allegation is true or false is not known by me, though it stands alone as a bullet in the information war.

Ground Sign

On 8 April 2006, I was driving with a friend from Lashkar Gah to Camp Bastion when shortly after we left the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) at Lash, a suicide attacker struck.  We escaped entirely, hearing about the attack later.  Some days later, we drove back to Lash.  On 13 April, a second suicide attack happened at the same place, shaking the building while I was writing a dispatch about how the war was going sour.

These were the first two suicide attacks in Lashkar Gah.

(A couple more suicide attackers were killed in that same close area in Lash while I was writing this dispatch in neighboring Kandahar.)

Lone Wolf suicide murders occur, but the context of these first two bombings in Lashkar Gah indicated that a system was in place, and the suicide bombers were not terribly expensive to buy.  If those suicide bombers were expensive or hard to come by, the commander likely would have saved them for special missions of high specific significance.  Yet the targets of the two attacks were small and tactical, of little specific significance.  Why would a commander waste “smart ammo” on tactical targets?   Perhaps the “price” of the ammo—whether through coercion or bribery—must be reasonable, and he can buy more.

One intelligence report indicates that a certain Mullah paid cash and wheat seed to the father of Shafiqullah Rahman and Mohammed Hashim who detonated suicide car bombs on 11 November and 19 November 2009.

Suicide attackers come in different “grades.”  Some are illiterate, unsophisticated people, unsuited for complex targeting.  A plotter could not expect to select an illiterate village boy from the hinterlands of Zabul Province to move to Florida, obtain a place to live and begin flight training to crash airplanes into buildings.

Just days before 9/11, in Afghanistan, attackers passed themselves off as international journalists and managed to kill Ahmad Shah Massoud.  A couple days later, on 9/11, hijackers attacked the United States.  The killers were polyglots who combined savvy with international experience to wage complex attacks, such as was seen in Mumbai, India.  Another sophisticated international suicide attack occurred in Afghanistan in December 2009, killing seven CIA agents.

More locally, within a short distance of this keyboard, suicide attackers who are spent on random convoys or “common targets” probably tend to be simple folk.  Many suicide attackers in Afghanistan are believed to be street children or young people from dirt-poor villages, for instance from Zabul Province.  Most are thought to be young, uneducated and impoverished.  These unfortunates are believed to be conditioned in madrassas in Pakistan, and in fact our intelligence people believe that there might be three madrassas in one particular town, where suicide bombers are conditioned and shipped straight into Kandahar Province.

IEDs are by far our biggest threat here, yet suicide attacks are also deadly while generating more press.  Also, IEDs generally only affect people who go where the IEDs are, while suicide murderers are known to hijack “random” airplanes far away from the perceived battlefield.  Most victims of the suicide murderers we face are other Muslims.  This was also true in Iraq where murderers would attack mosques or funeral processions, as an example.

In both Iraq and Afghanistan, civilian casualties cause the people to turn against the side perpetrating the casualties.  This photo was taken after a suicide bombing in Mosul, Iraq, in May 2005.  The neighborhood had been pro-insurgent.  After this bomb in the midst of children, the neighborhood turned against the terrorists.  The little girl’s name was Farah.  She died shortly after this moment.

There was a time when Americans seemed to view suicide attacks as a sign of the complete conviction of the enemy, an immutable dedication to their cause that many people found terrifying and cause for soul-searching.  “What could we have done to provoke such anger?” Yet with time, American views of suicide attacks have matured and become more grounded.  Firstly, Americans in particular are far less afraid of suicide attackers and extremely unlikely to capitulate with anyone who attacks on American soil.  Suicide attackers hit American soil.  In Iraq and Afghanistan, they have become commonplace.  Secondly, most importantly, wild use of suicide attackers is seen not as evidence that we are attacking the “wrong people” whose dedication to their cause is unstoppable, but as concrete evidence that we are attacking the right people and that they should be destroyed.  Japanese Kamikaze attacks are ingrained in the psyche of generations of Americans born post-World War II.  Despite enemy demonstrations of absolute conviction, our military is today stationed peacefully in Japan.

Overuse of suicide attackers does not appear to cause Americans to cower, but to evoke Americans to want to kill the perpetrator.

Al Qaeda in Iraq was partially but significantly undone by overuse of suicide attackers.  The Taliban is marching down the same path, but top-tier Taliban are smarter than al Qaeda and are trying to avert backlash.

Savage behavior continues to turn people against the Taliban.  Realizing this, Mullah Omar and his Taliban issued a code of conduct in 2009: “Rules and Regulations for Mujahidin.”

Item 41:

Make sure you meet these 4 conditions in conducting suicide attacks:

A-Before he goes for the mission, he should be very educated in his mission.
B-Suicide attacks should be done always against high ranking people.
C-Try your best to avoid killing local people.
D-Unless they have special permission from higher authority, every suicide attack must be approved by higher [the provincial] authority.

In 2009, one report indicated there were 148 suicide bombings or attempts in Afghanistan.  Suicide murders continue to occur a short drive from here that are not meeting the above requirements.  Taliban continue to hit all manner of targets, and regularly slaughter non-combatant men, women and children.

Within a week subsequent to the publication of this dispatch, suicide murderers will likely kill innocent people here.  The Taliban’s efforts at repackaging themselves as kinder, gentler mass-murderers is failing.  Their suicide bombing campaign is backfiring.  The Taliban are losing their cool.  Something is in the air.  The enemy remains very deadly, yet the scent of their weakness is growing stronger while our people close in.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    michael ledeen · 11 years ago
    I love Mullah Omar's last line "unless you've got approval from higher authorities you must get approval from higher authorities."

    Now that's the sort of drooling enemy we like to fight...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    James Apple · 11 years ago
    I read Mullah Omar's rule as "sucide bombers must obtain approval to attack specific targets from higher authority unless higher authority gives them permission to choose targets themselves".
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Brian · 11 years ago
    I am so sorry... I can find no words that will accurately convey to you the depth of my thanks for each and every one of these dispatches. They quite fortunately afflict needed reality on the distorted, omitted, and manipulated telling done by others in the media here at home.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Robert · 11 years ago
    These "people" will keep coming and coming. IF this summer we do not destroy thier fighting capabilities and kill some HVT's in the process, and make headway, we will eventually lose the will to keep going. There will have to be a political solution, and we can negotiate from a position of strength. There is no manpower shortage, we can't kill our way outta this. As far as the ANP, they are corrupt like thier leader Karzai. He's part of the problem. Wat a predicament...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tommy Barrios · 11 years ago
    I too am thankful for Michael's insightful and TRUTHFUL reporting from the front. The biggest disappointment in regards to Michael is there is not more of him in the field. Why he seems to be the only one walking the walk and talking the talk in regards to the events unfolding in the middle eastern theater is a mystery to me. One would think there would be more folks with the salt to get out there and become warriors of the pen rather than the sword (in Michael's case both the pen and the sword;-).

    To me his mission is as honorable and as important as the mission we have laid out to free this part of the world from another form of tyranny that threatens us not only here at home, but every person world wide. This is WORLD WIDE JIHAD not just the middle east or Europe or America,The middle east this is the spawning ground of the beast and so the nesting ground must be cleaned out first!

    Let's see if anyone else can take up the challenge and use their talents and skills to become the quality eyes and ears that is Michael Yon;-)
  • This commment is unpublished.
    scott Dudley · 11 years ago
    Once, when my RVN gunboat pulled into Phu Quoc island, SW of Vietnam, I was given a tour of a VC POW camp. The males and females were obviously housed separately. Passing by the male section, they were very docile, glancing up then going back to sleep or resuming their conversations. The female prisoners were another story. Seeing me, they ran to the wire to spit at and curse me. Interesting dichotomy. I thought to mysef that I would rather go up against a squad of males over females any day. Seems the latter didn't know when to quit. I see this in the comments section often. Seems the females are more bloodthirsty than the males. Kind of like real life!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tom Barry · 11 years ago
    Michael : Thanks again for your actual reporting of facts on the ground you are without a doubt the only source I listen to regarding the wars we are fighting. Keep up the great work. I sent in some money I hope it helps and keep your head down and stay safe. God Bless you the troops and the Good ole USA!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Richard Beason · 11 years ago
    Michael: As you must know we lost a fight for the US Constitution during the Health Care Reform - a fight the poeple tried to win BUT no one was listening. The US Military efforts there are one of the reasons I continue to have hope for the USA. There are no better one to be honored than the boots on the ground and those that report the real war. The honor of the Congress and Senate has reached lows never imagined despite all the past legislative abuses. God Keep You and Our Boots Safe !!!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Thomas · 11 years ago
    I'm in for $25.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    RB Cox · 11 years ago
    Do you realize we had Mullah Omar in our drone gunsights and Washington (Pentagon lawyers) whould not let us take him out.

    Thi is why I would not let any of my sons to voluteer given that lawyers run our wars.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Geoff · 11 years ago
    i am hoping history repeats itself. to wit: search on the title "Great Blunders of WWII: The Failure of the Kamikaze"
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donnette Davis · 11 years ago
    Love what Tommy says in "The Lone Voice In The Desert" !

    "Let's see if anyone else can take up the challenge and use their talents and skills to become the quality eyes and ears that is Michael Yon;-) "

    You ARE everybodys hero!

    Have reposted this article's link to a number of other SM Sites.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Charles, Bath, Engla · 11 years ago
    Here is the UK, too much defeatism is evident in much of the media with regard to the war in Afghanistan. I suspect it is the same in the US.

    It is worth remembering just how feeble the Taleban are relation to some of the enemies that the US and the UK have faced and defeated in the past. They are utterly insignificant when compared to the military power of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. They are also very feeble when compared to the Viet Cong or NVA. Without wishing to tempt fate, I am constantly struck by the failure, after 8 years of war, of the Taleban to mount a single major attack on coalition forces along the lines of the Tet Offensive. Remember that Hue was under the control of the Viet Cong/NVA for a month! Nothing that the Taleban have achieved is in any way comparable to that.

    The Taleban are isolated and are not receiving more than a tiny fraction of the arms and manpower that the mujahedin got in the war against the Soviets. Our tactics and equipment and quality of manpower is far in advance of the Soviets.

    Demonstrating the will to win is crucial in this war, as in all wars. I think that there is a limited number of people who want to come to Afghanistan to fight us. I think that over time their morale and interest will wane - if they believe that we are determined to win.

    It is also worth remembering that eveyr patrol, every firefight, every drone attack in Afghanistan disrupts Al-Qaeda and their allies and reduces the odds of another major terror attack in the US or the UK. They are spending all their time running from us or fighting us in Afghanistan. It is not coincidence that Al-Qaeda have been unable to follow up on Sept 11.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Bruce · 11 years ago
    I cannot - for the life of me - understand why some major news organization (Hello FOX? Anybody there?) doesn't pay the freight for Micheal to soldier on with his remarkable dispatches without having to basically begging for help. It's unconscionable that a true JOURNALIST (and former Warrior himself) among posers has to deal with this. I will try to scrape up something of what's left after NY politicians rape my SocSec and pension income to send Micheal something. If I were a richer man I'd foot the entire bill - these dispatches are worth whatever the cost.

    God speed to you, Micheal.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dan Farrand · 11 years ago
    Policy decisions have already been made that effectively requires a reduction of US defense spending from 4% of GDP to 2% or about what Europe spends on defense. That effectively means we will have to withdraw from much of the pacific. It's hard to see how it makes sense to continue spending 100 billion / year to win in Iraq and Afgahnistan when we will ultimately be forced to abandon that region.

    I can't help wonder if that is the ultimate goal of this administration. We will continue to finance the war and then when it winds down suddenly find that there are no resources available to refit and rebuild those strategic capabilities that are being neglected now. Our current leadership is embarrassed about American power and believe it should be reduced, our capabilities limited. They seem to be achieving that goal.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Pete G. · 11 years ago
    NYPD, Ret. above hit the nail on the head! But I can tell him why some major news organization does not pick up the tab for you. YOU TELL THE TRUTH! That would never wash with the big boys that only tell us what they want us to hear. The truth will only come from you or other independent journalists who have no masters that edit the truth out.

    As for another "Voice in the desert" that is like Michael Yon, who Tommy asks about. I don't see that happening any time soon. I hope that I'm wrong and another brave soul will step forward to do a job even as 1/2 as good as you do. It will take someone very special to come close to your style and talent. I too, if I were rich, would fund you 100 %. As it is I can only afford $10 to $15 every few months. I consider it money well spent. As usual this latest dispatch is top notch and very informative. Keep up the great work. God Bless you and keep your head down.

    All the Best, Micheal.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Pete G. · 11 years ago
    NYPD, Ret. above hit the nail on the head! But I can tell him why some major news organization does not pick up the tab for you. YOU TELL THE TRUTH! That would never wash with the big boys that only tell us what they want us to hear. The truth will only come from you or other independent journalists who have no masters that edit the truth out.

    As for another "Voice in the desert" that is like Michael Yon, who Tommy asks about. I don't see that happening any time soon. I hope that I'm wrong and another brave soul will step forward to do a job even as 1/2 as good as you do. It will take someone very special to come close to your style and talent. I too, if I were rich, would fund you 100 %. As it is I can only afford $10 to $15 every few months. I consider it money well spent. As usual this latest dispatch is top notch and very informative. Keep up the great work. God Bless you and keep your head down.

    All the Best, Micheal.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    John M McCarthy · 11 years ago
    When you read the definition of a cult with an objective mind, you understand how a sex criminal like Pope Benedict, aka Pope Rat, can survive and thrive. After all, the Roman Catholic Church is based on the blind belief that an Invisible Man in the Sky impregnated a 1 year old homeless Palestinian girl. Even though the 1st Commandment states that thou shalt not worship craven images, Catholics pray to statues of a virgin who gave birth thru artificial insemination.
    This is beyond ridiculous and has no basis in fact.
    And then her son was murdered but was resurrected and had a few more parties with his buddies before he "ascended" into "heaven". Is this the Bible or a George Romero zombie flick?
    And men in ridiculous hats who run a real estate company and a world bank with "God" as their cover rape little boys. The Catholic Church is the most successful cult in human history. They make the backward goat sucking Muslims look like the primates they are.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Benjamin wamalwa kha · 11 years ago
    Hi my dear brother Michael,
    I'm so touched with your work you are doing, and your website, have you ever been in Africa Kenya?
    pastor Benjamin
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TheOldMan · 11 years ago
    "D-Unless they have special permission from higher authority, every suicide attack must be approved by higher [the provincial] authority" This provoked a little chuckle, it seems either bureaucrats or lawyers have infiltrated the Talis. I'll hit the tip jar again after April's "contribution" - this year's AMT surprise was a doozy.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    William Scott, M.D. · 11 years ago
    The Taliban are dying a death from a thousand cuts. Just saw a picture of 2 Afghan women holding up cell phones to take a picture. Information and communication will undo the Taliban even more effectively than drones and patrols, but these are still necessary. Other 'cuts' are the increasing role of women, education, and health care in the country.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dorothy Roush · 11 years ago
    Im about at a loss for words knowing this already and seeing it in black and white again, and again. It echos fiendishly, almost sounds like, Nam11.I quit sending candy, school supplies other children drawing items that were requested.A Soldiers love for the poor children is precious but......potentially death traps.Its sad Our Soldiers love those children so much but can be deceived to their deaths in a heart beat with no remorse.. amoungst other idiots highly slash numb skulls.These articles are so greatly appreciated, facts that help understand what a hanis travesty faces us. If I wasnt so over aged/disabled Id be over there....take disabled, us ole farts that cant sit on the side lines and watch youngsters be killed anymore that want to go! If gays can go why discriminate against disabled who wanna go!?their lunitics, sociapaths
  • This commment is unpublished.
    derek · 11 years ago
    simply thanks mike the media in the states is just aweful at reporting anything so unbiased blogs like this are just great.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Army Girl · 11 years ago
    I was in that bombing you wrote about -in LKG back in 2006. It was not a PBIED. Our convoy missed the second one by minutes. I have pictures of both of them. I was meeting with Rais Bagrani that day. My buddy helped pull security for the Brits when they got hit.

    Your accounts, both here and in your previous posting about both incidents are inaccurate.

    I don't understand... are you a blogger or a journalist? That PRT was so small that we knew every American that came on and off... especially if you dined there.

    Regardless, if you'd like to correct your story, you have my email address.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    KD · 11 years ago
    Hey Michael, I wanted to clarify some details for you about the LKG bombings in 2006. AG (posted above) and I were both in the vehicle that got hit by the first SVBIED on 7 Apr 06, and I helped pull the brits out of their vehicle when they got hit that following Friday. I'm not sure if you were just repeating the BBC details for OPSEC reasons, but I'm sure nobody on the PRT thought it was a guy blowing himself up on foot. The SVBIED (suicide car bomb) drove right into the side of our truck and detonated the vehicle, and the blast vaporized most of the bomber's car. It blew out windows several hundred meters away, and the engine block of the bomber's car landed about 80m away from the blast crater. Everyone on the PRT had pictures of the whole thing...I've still got a bunch of them if you'd like them. I didn't see you on the PRT, I wish I had. I'd have said hello, I've been a fan of yours for quite some time and check your posts regularly.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Michael Yon in Kanda · 11 years ago
    In Answer to "Army Girl:"

    The information I have provided is correct to my knowledge. Whether the suicide bomber was dismounted or not is unknown to me. That you claim to be an eyewitness would give you more authority over the matter. As stated, I was not there and luckily had missed it. I went with what was conveyed to me. That your unit failed to recognize that I was in your midst is, well...seems like a bad idea to advertise that.

    Such bombings are always emotional events. Have been at ground zero of too many. Have noticed that sometimes the people involved get extremely emotional years later. As an example, a soldier who was injured during a bombing I was at (just after the bombing) became very angry with me -- several years after the bombing -- for not mentioning his name. I have been "attacked" in writing before by people who were hit during attacks. It seems as though they are taking out trauma on anything that moves. I get it. Non-judgmental about it. Am aware that it occurs. "It is." You have not given your name (though is known to me) so is not harmful to say this publicly for others who might get similar feelings.

    Thank you for your service.

    KD, thank you and would definitely like to know more.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    KD · 11 years ago
    Hey Michael, yeah it was a pretty standard bombing. The “bad guys” staged some car trouble so they could loiter near the PRT without drawing too much attention. When our convoy came into view, the bomber jumped in his car and drove it into the side of our truck. The blast mostly vaporized the bomber along with the corolla he was driving, but his flip flops survived relatively unscathed…go figure. The Brits got it worse that next week…at the time their ROE prohibited them from chambering rounds outside the wire unless they were in contact. So the Brit gunner was unable to chamber his MG in time to engage the next suicide bomber before detonation. They were very lucky to survive the attack as well.
    On an unrelated note, there’s a good chance I’ll be back in theater in the not so distant future, and I read your postings regularly to keep up with what’s going on out there. Your reports are much better than a lot of the “official” reporting I see back here, so thank you for that.
    Keep your head down and please know that everyone back here appreciates what you do!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    GenEarly · 11 years ago
    I am concerned that we may need our veterans at home. In my opinion we need to rapidly asap defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, destroy Al Qaida leadership.Keep troops positioned in Iraq and Afghanistan until the Iranian situation is settled by regime change. Within the next 2 years this must be accomplished.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Charles · 11 years ago
    That picture of that young solider holding that girl Farah as she was dying...just tore me apart and solidifies my decision to join the USMC.
    God bless you.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dorris · 5 years ago
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