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Teaming up with Soldiers' Angels


02 September 2008

Michael Yon

Over the last nearly four years, I've watched in awe as our men and women in uniform changed the course of history. They have taken defeat and disaster and given us—and the Iraqi people—victory and hope. Their sacrifices for our country are immeasurable.

Now, with your help, we can show our service members that a growing number of Americans do understand and appreciate their sacrifices and accomplishments.

I'm partnering with Soldiers’ Angels to give copies of my book, Moment of Truth in Iraq, to the very soldiers still stationed there.  Soldiers’ Angels is an extraordinary organization. Among many other activities in support of America’s military men and women and their families, Soldiers’ Angels sends thousands of care packages to deployed personnel every month.  Moment of Truth in Iraq will now be included in as many of those packages as possible.

Many readers have helped support my dispatches, either by purchasing a book or donating.  For that I am forever grateful.

Now I'm asking you to help show the men and women in our military how we are telling their true story back home. I know soldiers and I know how much it will mean to them to learn that the story of their growing successes in Iraq is being told faithfully.

I believe that getting a copy of Moment of Truth in Iraq to every soldier serving would help make them realize America has not forgotten, and that more and more Americans are beginning to realize what is happening in Iraq.

This project is dependent entirely upon private donations.  Without your help, it won't happen.  For folks who wish to put one book in the hands of a soldier, it's just $10.  For five books, it's just $40.  Ten copies are $75.  A donation of $150 will put a copy of Moment of Truth in Iraq in the hands of 30 American soldiers; that's just $5 a book.

Please visit this website
to make a donation.

The slogan of Soldiers’ Angels is "May No Soldier Go Unloved."  I'm asking you to join with me in showing your support and appreciation for those who put it all on the line, and please remember: All gave some, some gave all.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    BlainN · 13 years ago
    I already gave my copy to my daughter's boyfriend, a Marine who has served two tours in al Anbar (Hit) and is preparing to go to Afghanistan. Giving a few more copies to others makes sense to me.

    Not sure I can read the verification word. I'll try.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    richard willman · 13 years ago
    When you are once again able to check your email, just know that we appreciate you more than we can say. No one else in journalism has so intensely and completely focused themselves on such an important mission as you have chosen. No one else has the talent. No one else has the courage. No one else has your heart. God bless you, sir!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Kathy S. · 13 years ago

    Thanks for all that you do to bring us the news updates from that region. Your dispatches are (as always) factual. I have been a part of Soldier's Angels for about 2 years and I can't think of a better way to serve those who serve to protect us.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Michael Goodell · 13 years ago

    I have enough respect for you to consider rethinking my opinion of Soldiers Angels. I made a donation to them about two years ago. Ever since, about once a month I receive a little flag or a mailing envelope, or some other little trinket to induce me to send more. I think they spent my entire donation on little trinkets which go straight into the trash.

    That isn't the kind of responsible use of donations in my opinion. It seems as if their only reason for raising money is to finance the raising of more money.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Heather R. · 13 years ago
    I have been following your dispatches for quite some time now and appreciate the extraordinary work you have done.
    I found Soldier's Angels a little over a year ago and have seen two soldier's return home safely. It is a great
    way to help those who are serving our country. Thanks for getting the word out!

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