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Published: 24 July 2012

The Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid spontaneously emailed a statement to me today.  It looks like the Taliban are on defense after the recent murder of a woman.  The video of her execution went viral.  The Taliban claims no part in the execution.  I sent the Taliban statement to an Afghan friend who just translated and characterized the Taliban statement.  His translation is not meant to be precise, but my friend provides the essence and some personal opinions.  (I made minor edits for clarity.)

First the translation and opinion from my Afghan friend, and below that is the original Taliban statement:

Translation and opinion:

The Taliban keep denying that they have a hand in the killing of this woman.  They say she was killed by her family a while ago in the Parwan province in the Shinwari village. The Taliban Spokesman is claiming that it was a personal matter and the village people along with the girl's family killed this married girl.  They say she ran away with another man and was gone for some time.

The spokesman is stressing that the west is not fairly treating the Taliban press releases and only listens to their version of anti Taliban voices.  They say the west has rented Afghan media to spread propaganda against the Taliban.

Plainly, the Taliban are separating themselves from the killing.  They are trying to take a distance from this incident.  They believe this an act against the Taliban by the West in order to give the Taliban a bad image.

However, maybe the Taliban are separating themselves from this horrific incident or even claiming they have nothing to do with this killing, but what difference this would really make?  In the past the Taliban carried even greater and bigger horrific acts against women in Afghanistan and are still doing this.  So that does not really make the Taliban a non-Militant group or a political party.  For sure the Taliban is a non-political party because they are a terrorist organization and for such Organization to deny this sorts of act is usually hard to believe.  During Taliban era, they have committed more and much bigger crimes than this against women.

Original Taliban Statement:

داچې داڅو ورځې کيږې دکابل ادارې دپروان چارواکي او ځينې رسنۍ دپروان ولايت په شينوارو ولسوالۍ کې ديوې ښځې چې ادعاکيږې دنامشروع اړيکوپه توروژل شوي په اړه راپورونه خپروي او داسلامي امارت د ويندويانو لخوا د رد سره سره ياده پيښه ترمجاهدينو پورې تړي نو لازمه بولو چې په دې اړه داسلامی امارت دريځ روښانه کړو :
داچې په سيمه کې مو له څو ورځو راپه دې خوا تحقيقات وکړل ، دپروان ولايت دشينوارو ولسوالۍ په اړونده سيمه کې يو ښځه چې ويل کيږې نامشروع اړيکه يې درلوده او له پردي کس سره دخپل خاوند له کوره داډيره موده نادرکه
شوي وه له ځنډ وروسته يي کورنۍ توانيدلې چې ياده ښځه پيدا کړي بيايې دخپلې سیمې دخلکو او منطقوي پريکړې په اساس ووژني او صحنه يې فلم برداري کړي ، ديادې ښځې په وژلو کې داسلامی امارت دمجاهدینو لاس لرل لکه څرنګه يې چې دکابل ادارې اړوند ماموران او ځينې رسني تبليغوي کاملا غلط او دروغ دي ، که ياده پيښه کې داسلامی امارت مجاهدينو لاس درلودای حتمابه يې دقضې په اړه داسلامی احکامو سره سم پلټنه کوله او لکه څرنګه چې محمدي غرا شريعت حکم کوي عمل به ورسره شوي وو ،او اسلامي امارت به یې رسما مسئولیت اخستی وای او له پوره تفصیل سره به یې خبرنشر کړی وای خولکه څرنګه چې هيوادوال خبر دې په افغاني ټولنه کې په ډيرو ځاينو کې دمنطقې خلک په خپل سر داسي پريکړې او فيصلې کوي چې په کومه اداره پوري تړاو نه لري تنها قبيلوي فيصلې وي چې ترسره کيږي ، نو داچې دغه راز هر عمل دمجاهدينو پورې تړل کيږې ، له يادو موضوعاتو نه دمسلمانانو او مجاهدینو دبدنامولو هڅه کيږې او په دې اړه د اسلامی امارت ويندويانو ته په رسنيز ډګرکې له سر ه غوږ نه نيول کيږې داسي عمل په بشپړه توګه دغندلو وړ ده ، زموږ کورنۍ او بهرني دښمنان باید پوه شي دوي دالس کاله کيږې د اصيلو مسلمانانو دبدنامۍ پروژه په خپلو ټولو تبلیغاتي کرايه شوو وسايلو او رسنیو سره چلولي خو دحق په وړاندې سوء تبليغات تل بې ګټې پاتې شوي او تنها د تبليغ کونکو مخ يې ورتور کړی ، داسلامی امارت مجاهدین دخپلو اسلامی محاکمو دحکم سره سم فيصلې کوي ماسوا له دې دهري پیښي تور په مجاهدینو پورې کول یو تاريخي جنايت ده چې دهيواد دسپيڅلي قشر دبدنامۍ هڅه او سترملي خيانت بلل کيږي .
ذبيح الله مجاهد داسلامی امارت ویندوی

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    sharinlite · 9 years ago
    What I find interesting about this is that they feel the need to "clarify" at all! It is clear to me that they are not in a good position and I wonder, why? This unlike their behavior a decade ago....
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Winefred · 9 years ago
    Perhaps this is an indicator that the Taliban are losing their 'base' (pardon the al qaeda pun), whose terrified acquiescence they need in order to keep themselves in power. They seem to have missed the memo that told how Al Qaeda lost its hold on Iraq when their sadistic brutality against the Iraqi people accelerated beyond tolerance, even for the intimidated -- the regular folks figured out that the 'occupiers' were not really their enemy. We can only hope.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    John- Capt in ANG · 9 years ago
    I stated the first time they denied (and you posted) it. "Really?" "You hang kids from goal posts in the middle of soccer games to make a statement... which is ok, but THIS goes goes to far?" I've seen way too much intel on what they do to girls schools to ever believe they suddenly jumped on the Sec. Clinton bandwagon of Womens Rights and Equality. They're more likely to invent a new form of fusion energy or go to the moon on a reusable vehicle than to ever evolve that far as a group/society.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Heath · 9 years ago
    I can not believe the report by the Taliban because for all we know the enemy could be practicing Taqiyya. Given the history of what the Al Qaeda and Taliban have done. I pray daily for the complete destruction of these terrorist groups so that they no longer threaten innocent Muslims and Christians & Jewish and atheists alike that wants to work and live in peace. I hope people like that guy Adam Gadahn who betrayed innocent American lives be brought to justice and be tied to the pole and be shot by U.S. Military Policemen. Take John Lindh Walker out of his cell and put him next to these American traitors. Don't bother with the blindfold or cigarettes or even any last words. That is how much I hate the Al Qaeda and the Taliban and anyone helping these animals. These people are nothing but scum of the earth. As for Pakistan, I can not believe they hid Osama Bin Laden there within a mile of the Pakistani military academy. I pray daily for the complete destruction of the Pakistani Armed Forces. That was very disgusting to hide the world most evil man right there next to the Pakistani military academy. Pakistan funds the Taliban terrorists and they deserve complete destruction of their armed forces in my opinion. I will be cheering for the U.S. Troops hunting down these animals the same way these evil guys cheered on Sept 11th, 2001. I bet Afghanistan regrets the day they attacked America. I pray daily that there will be American victory in the Afghanistan campaign. Something the soviets could not do, We will win the war in Afghanistan. I hope the U.S. Presidential candidates take notice of this and acts with no political correction. Complete destruction of the terrorist training camps & destruction of the Pakistani Military Academy and their armed forces be in shredded tatters that hide the most evil man on the planet. I have no faith in Barrack Hussein Obama. He should have ordered the complete destruction of the Pakistani Armed Forces and not pay one red cent to them. I did not see Osama Bin Laden's body and to hell with muslim sensitivities. That is what he should have done. Not voting for Obama this November. A True U.S. President would have ordered the complete destruction of Pakistani Armed Forces, from the military jets parked on the tarmac to targeting everything that is Pakistani military. That would be my kind of U.S. President. I hope the U.S. Presidential candidates take note of this. God Bless America.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Heath · 9 years ago
    One more thing, this is entirely my opinion of course ... That is the great thing about living in America is that I can speak my mind. Of course, there are some good things Obama has done as the U.S. President like health care coverage and another things. It looks like military matters and the 2nd Amendment are obviously not his strong suit as a politician and being the U.S. President. I still think Obama should have showed Osama Bin Laden's face and displayed his dead body for the world to see. To hell with muslim sensitivities. This bearded turban robed most evil man on the planet Osama Bin Laden was responsible for September 11th, 2001.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    woodNfish · 9 years ago
    As disgusting as the Taliban are, it is up to Afganis to rid themselves of the Taliban, and not for us to do it for them. The Taliban never attacked the US. We are the invaders. We did our job in Afghanistan destroying Al Quada, it is long past time to leave and stop policing the world.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Frank · 9 years ago
    Strange why the Taliban care what we think of them. So this video of the Taliban women getting shot goes viral. Wait I think I hear Obama calling for another SEAL Team. How is the Green Berets doing chasing Kony thru the jungle. What a government wasting our money on foreign country problems. These issues are getting really old. American lives are at stake if Obama wants to play Hollywood cowboy send him over. Our country falls apart and he's no foreign diplomat either. Maybe he should wake-up and protect our borders.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      woodNfish · 9 years ago
      I totally agree with you Frank, but don't hold your breath on our dumbass president doing anything to protect our borders.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Mike W · 9 years ago
        I'd like to think Obama is dumb, but instead I think he is a very deceitful and crafty ideologue, hell-bent on a total power, imperial presidency if re-elected. In all likelihood he is a sociopath, and we pay the price with the blood of our young. He cannot s**t or get off the pot (double entendre there) while he takes down our former allies. That he would have acted against Pakistan is unthinkable. He is at half court, undecided which basket is his, but knows that he must hold onto the ball as he thinks he is the game. It would be pathetic to watch were it not our lives at stake.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Rok Olson · 9 years ago
    The Taliban could only survive and prosper in uneducated and rural Afganistan. When I need a few laughs, they are always good for it. Their bold, even brash, attitude is always good for a belly laugh. But, tough as nails, they survive and thrive with the whole world watching. A true enemy of freedom and democracy and women, they are dangerous MFers who are hardened up by all the fighting they have been doing. Pakistan Intel created them. We pay as much as $400/gallon for gasoline to fight them--and what do they do? They blow up our gas trucks, putting a real crimp in our efforts. We'll have to sink down a bit more to get at them.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Anthony · 9 years ago
      @ Rok - your ocmment was spot on. They act like distancing themselves from such a horrible act of violence will make us forget the stuff they have already done. Out here in the province I am in, they poisoned a bunch of little girls going to school. Is that any less horrible? They are nothing but savages.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Ryan · 9 years ago
    Good call Rok...Fire with fire. They are crafty but not invincible. P-Stan is the fox guarding then hen house. And they have NUKES!

    Long time reader first time poster...Thank you Mike for telling it like it is.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Heath · 9 years ago
    Oh my gosh ... I did not realize Pakkistan has nuclear missiles.

    Sometimes I am rash with what I say but I speak my mind telling the truth on how I feel or think about certain things.

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