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Stalking Soldier Arrested, Disarmed by Texas Police: Some facts, opinion, and analysis


The Afghanistan War

While Grisham was deployed to Afghanistan, enemy bombs and bullets were literally killing Soldiers with whom I was embedded.

Rather than trying to figure out who was killing Soldiers in his area of responsibility, Grisham was laboring over his blog while stationed in the air-conditioned rear at Kandahar Airfield.

It has been reported that US citizens pay about one million dollars per Soldier per year to deploy to Afghanistan.  While they are deployed, troops should work, and most do.

But while we were getting blown up and shot, Grisham was blogging thousands of words, including:

“Today, I listened to the advice of more than a few people and finally went to the TMC and Combat Stress hospital. My right hand hasn’t stopped twitching after nearly a month and it’s beyond irritating. I’m not sleeping, not eating, and highly irritable. I’ve been under a lot of stress and feel like many of those above me are just making things worse. So, for three hours today, I sat and got to revisit many issues related to my PTSD, depression, and anxiety as well as some new ones.”

We sent this guy to beat the Taliban.  The Taliban monitor sites by deployed troops.  They must have been laughing their turbans off.

Why would a counterintelligence senior NCO flood the Internet with photos of himself, his wife, and his children, all while talking about his mental and money problems?  That is borderline solicitation to sell state secrets.

To an enemy intelligence professional, his words sound like, “I am crazy, weak, I do not like my leadership, and need some money.  I have a Top Secret clearance and a computer that flies on the highway of secrets.”  “Boris – send this Grisham the honey trap, not that he needs a trap!”

Instead of figuring who was shooting at us, Grisham was spending massive time harassing me on Facebook, haunting my website, and continuing to cause problems within the unit that I was covering.

His flaccid command group cost the 4-4Cav a possible book.  A documentary film company was lining up to come over.  As a result, the courageous efforts of 4-4Cav will never be properly documented.

One wonders if any of our KIA would still be alive if Grisham’s commander had exerted appropriate authority over his Intelligence unit, and focused them on the battlefield instead of on Facebook, blogs, and mischief that so clearly exposes us to espionage and exploitation.

Grisham was all about attracting attention, latching like a remora onto anything related to PTSD, constantly trying to associate with famous people, or to get his picture taken with celebrities, which he would publish.  An enemy spy could tap into that vanity.

People with Top Secret clearances should not blog about every facet of their lives, while advertising they have TS clearance, as Grisham so often does.  At minimum, this creates a personality profile that a professional can use to fashion a key to unlock a brain with access to state secrets.

When I did not give Grisham quality time, he stalked.  Anything for attention.  I was giving great press to 4-4Cav, but never mind that.  If Grisham could not get ink, neither should they.

So now our fictitious enemy spy knows that Grisham will sell out fellow Soldiers, does not like his leadership, has money problems, purrs for attention, wants to be a hero, and is weak.  Anyone could cut a key to open that door.

When MEDEVAC failures mounted and I exposed them, Grisham latched on.  Grisham knows nothing about MEDEVAC or real combat, yet that did not stop him from contacting the press and Congressman Todd Akin and others who were taking up the cause.

Our efforts and the team that we created led to MEDEVAC changes that must have already saved lives.

According to Army Dustoff and Air Force Pedro pilots, our efforts worked, yet Grisham in his quest for glory publicly opposed the MEDEVAC issue, again selling out comrades in exchange for attention, while waving his Bronze Star.

If Grisham is not a traitor in the legal sense, he is a moral traitor.  He frequently sells out fellow Soldiers for a minute of press or gratification.

img006Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair, on trial for rape

In Afghanistan, command refused to order him to stop troublemaking.  I asked the key people to intervene and finally began arguing with PAO officers, one of which, a lieutenant colonel at RC-South, I hung up on.

It was becoming tiresome to get shot at with bullets while pulling knives from my back.  Life is too short.  It is said that I had already embedded more with combat units than anyone in US history.  If they wanted good ink, they had to cooperate.  No negotiation on that.  Nobody needs embeds, and nobody will beg to give good ink to the Army while risking getting their legs blown off.   I was only there at invitation of Petraeus, but he was back in America, and I would not reach that high for this.

But should this have been a surprise?  In Afghanistan, Grisham fell under the command known as RC-South.

During Grisham’s tour at Kandahar, Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair was relieved from RC-South and sent home, and today is on trial for rape, among other crimes.

There is no dispute that Sinclair engaged in adultery, a violation of military discipline.  Sinclair does not deny it, but is contesting the allegations of rape and other charges.

Sinclair is another pedigreed soldier loaded with ribbons and medals and accolades, above reproach from we mere mortals.  It was difficult to get relief in that command climate which must have sanctioned his attacks, despite the positive dispatches I was publishing.

Grisham Quits

Finally, in 2011 in Afghanistan, Grisham gave up.  His character was shattered.  He could no longer handle the stress of working in the rear on dusty Kandahar Airfield.

The incoming rockets were loud and caused buildings and Grisham to tremble.  During one attack, Grisham wanted to run for a bunker, but a female Major ordered him to remain at work in the office.  Grisham tweeted that the rockets frightened him.

While the base pizza makers, the ice cream sellers, journalists, and thousands of civilian contractors endured the rocket strikes for years, US Army Master Sergeant Christopher “CJ” Grisham was spent.  He asked to leave Afghanistan and to go home.

The self-described hero, who claimed that he rushed through a hail of bullets with only a grenade and a pistol, wiping out a squad of Iraqis, tweeted:

“I’m no longer in theater. I requested to come home early to deal with some issues.”

Publicly emasculated, the tweet backfired. Grisham deleted it, changing his story much later, saying that he was ordered home for skin cancer.


After losing his piece of the war in Afghanistan, Grisham went home to Temple, Texas, and posted this image, while his unit remained in-country.  Young Soldiers stayed behind to do their duty, and Grisham bragged online about going to a Godsmack concert.  Again, the very definition of a moral traitor.

Earlier, he had complained about money problems and his inability to pay his bills, and then he admitted that he purchases ammunition with every paycheck.

img008Grisham may have never engaged an enemy combatant, but he published this image of a mouse, boasting that he killed it.

img009After Grisham fled the war to play, he had even more time to needle people online.

Today Grisham lives in Temple, Texas.

On 16 March 2013, he was charged with resisting arrest.  He was carrying a pistol and an AR-15 rifle in public.

From the local paper in Temple:

“The officer said Grisham was angry and irate, yelling at him that he wouldn’t give up his gun, yet he reached to take it from Grisham. … Grisham tried to pull it away…officer reportedly drew his weapon and pointed it at Grisham.”

“…officer finally gained control of…Grisham and held him against…patrol car until help arrived….passively resisted their attempts to handcuff him….additional weapon under his shirt at his waist.”

img010According to the article, he was arrested at the 7000 Block of Prairie View road. The top red line points to his home. The report says that he was first spotted in the area of Airport Road and Old Howard Road. (Bottom red line.)

Just the day before he was arrested, a story appeared online about his previous dealings with the city:

“When Temple resident C.J. Grisham, a U.S. Army master sergeant, presented the Temple City Council with a gun rights resolution, the city became one of a series of Texas cities and counties being called on to articulate commitment to Texas residents’ Second Amendment rights. Per the Temple Daily Telegram, Grisham asked the council to ‘declare that citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms will not be infringed upon.’”

Grisham then sparked a public letter writing contest with Temple Mayor Bill Jones.  The “Iraq and Afghanistan combat veteran” baited Mayor Jones into being an actor on his stage.  The press was already running stories.  2nd Amendment defenders were getting riled up, having no idea they were just props in Grisham’s play.  Perfect.

The props were in place for a confrontation with police, similar to what he had done in Alabama with a school board, described in this 2009 article:

“Did complaint get him demoted?”

Grisham acknowledged standing up on his seat and slamming his fist at the parent meeting, but said his behavior was not alarming. Others apparently disagreed.

Superintendent Ann Roy Moore said she received e-mails from parents who claimed to be uncomfortable with Grisham's behavior at the parent meeting. She said the school's principal, Avis Williams, contacted a Redstone liaison officer about the situation but not Grisham's commanding officer.

Grisham, who did not attend the Thursday meeting, said the complaint led to his demotion from first sergeant to master sergeant. "My standing has been put into question" with his superiors, he said before the meeting.

As per normal, in 2009, he alerted the press: “Grisham’s supporters, led by WVNN talk show host Dale Jackson, helped fill the board meeting room.”

In 2009, major bloggers came out to support him.  Though his conduct scared a room full of civilians, and they reported his behavior to the local military, Grisham resorted to typical threats to sue them.  He set up a legal fund, and stayed engaged in the press battle.  No legal case was brought, and the money that he raised disappeared.

2nd Amendment Icon

Today in 2013, Grisham is trying to reincarnate himself as a war hero and 2nd Amendment icon.  Many true champions and martyrs are arrested and jailed, so the frauds need to follow the same script in this play.

On 16 March, the day after the Examiner article above was published, Grisham grabbed a long gun and a pistol, and corralled his son, who Grisham claims is working on the requisites to be an Eagle Scout, and he set out to attract some publicity.

Lights, Camera, Action

Using his 15-year-old son as a prop, Grisham walked down a four-lane highway with the assault rifle, like he was walking patrol in Baghdad.   He crossed another four-lane road and kept going.  The rifle was loaded with a magazine and a round in the chamber.

Given the climate in America, is there any wonder that a civilian might call 911 and report a strange man walking along the freeway with an AR-15?  Is there any wonder that police responded to the call, sending a squad car to check it out?  Grisham knew how to make all the actors assemble and read his script.  His son was instructed to videotape the events.

Grisham is quoted in the local paper:

“This past weekend while on a 10-mile hike with my 15-year-old son to complete requirements for his Eagle Scout rank, I was illegally detained, stripped of my weapons, and arrested when I refused to voluntarily surrender them.”

The Eagle Scout twist was a nice touch.

Only a sick man would use his son as a stage-prop and cameraman in an armed confrontation with law enforcement.  Grisham has privately shared this video in an effort to gain support, but as happened during the Alabama drama, Grisham is known for creative editing.

It is notable that no major group such as the NRA has lifted a finger in support.  If the NRA would get involved, that would be a coup.

Meanwhile, Grisham began another fundraiser for $11,000 on Indiegogo, claiming that his arrest is a 2nd Amendment issue that should concern us all.  He claims that a tyrannical government illegally seized his guns, adding that he could lose his Top Secret clearance and pension.

Grisham is the last person that any of us need to defend our 2nd Amendment rights.  He is a perfect poster boy for radical opposition and disarming veterans.  He publicly complains about hearing voices in his head, and published about curling up in the fetal position on his bed, unable to function.  If any Soldier’s right to own privately owned weapons should be reviewed, Grisham is that soldier.  We cannot accept this person as a 2nd Amendment advocate.

How does someone who complains that they hear voices, someone who is deceptive by nature, who is beset with anger issues and self-proclaimed money problems, hold a Top Secret clearance?  This is a recipe for disaster.  Bradley Manning comes to mind.

Manning had sufficient free time while on duty to laboriously gather gigabytes of State Department cables, and to send them to WikiLeaks. To say that Manning represents a failure of supervision is an understatement.

Manning, like Grisham, was in an Intelligence position.  Special scrutiny and oversight over such troops should be a given, for obvious reasons.

img011Grisham published this image of his personally owned weapons. He would not need to solicit for funding if he liquidated this arsenal. Buyers would snap up these weapons at a high price.

Grisham’s current fundraiser is fraudulent.  He sells it as a 2nd Amendment issue, when clearly the 2nd Amendment, Eagle Scouts, police, journalists, Mayor Bill Jones, a “war hero” and his son the cameraman, are all stage props to raise money and attention.

I alerted the Army Inspector General and I received a reply, though if experience is any clue, it is doubtful that Grisham’s chain of command will do much.  The Army has become undisciplined.

To put this in perspective, during my eight years with combat troops (nearly five years on active duty, and three as a writer), I have said that only two soldiers represented lethal threats.

The first soldier is dead.  He shot himself in Afghanistan after an investigation was launched into claims that he sexually harassed another officer.  A FOIA request returned the investigation, which I read in amazement.  He was sick.

Yet he was a West Point grad (top of his class), a Ranger Regiment veteran of two wars, from a pedigreed family, much decorated and a true war hero.  Another “untouchable.”

No civilian could criticize this man and survive with reputation intact.  In combat, I saw him in action.   He was the real deal, but personally, he was an arrogant, self-centered monster to nearly everyone, including his men.

He confronted me one day in Iraq literally snarling with anger.  It was a dog snarl.  A corner of his upper lip was twitching wildly like a fishhook was pulling it.  I have never seen a person’s lip do that.  His adrenaline had dumped.  He was screaming.  I was mesmerized by his crazy lip.  He was a breath away from attacking.

We had just been in a serious firefight.  Three men had been hit that morning in two separate events (one enemy, two U.S.), and there had been hand-to-hand combat.  One of his men told me later in concern that he nearly had taken the firefight as a chance to shoot me, and in an unguarded moment, actually said so to his men.  He could not even control what came out of his mouth.  He hated and despised anything that smacked of media.

He did not scream at me at the firefight.  It was maybe an hour later, back on base, that his lip was twitching, and he was screaming one foot from my face, I yelled back in his face, “fuck off!

No Sigmund Freud was needed to see that he was homicidally loony, with boiling anger issues.  He was an emotional wreck, but he was an untouchable.

I warned several times that he would kill somebody, or that one of his men might kill him.  Though I expected his premature death, his suicide was a surprise.

His crimes were revealed by the investigation.  He put a female officer through hell because she refused sex, and despite being so smart, he would email her explicit traffic.  He was newly married with a young child.  He was physically courageous but a moral coward.  He proved both with his rifle.

The second lethal threat I warned about is Christopher Grisham.

I have a few theories about why the Army has not discharged Grisham.  1) His command wants him around because he serves some purpose other than work.  2) He has the goods on some high-ranking people in his chain of command.  3) The Army is simply broken.

If forced to choose one these probabilities, I go with number three.

The Army is broken, and it has failed to properly supervise Grisham, and he repeatedly engages in contentious behavior that frightens and angers civilians, in the most public venues possible.

Weak leadership that allows this to continue brings bad light on the Army, a ton of ill-will, and questions about the Army’s ability to defend the United States.

In closing, Gannett, Army Times, and staff writer Jon R. Andersen should come clean with proof of Grisham’s claims, or apologize for being duped into telling readers that he wiped out a squad of Iraqi soldiers with a pistol and a grenade.

Written proof of Grisham’s alleged heroics can suffice for purposes of due diligence. But it will not address the fact that the Army is well known for Counterfeit Valor.

I invite anyone who can validate Grisham’s version of events to come forward with evidence.  Without that narrative, and credible eyewitnesses to back it up, this duck is cooked.

Historical links:

Grisham and instability during his Afghanistan tour.

Grisham and guns.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Chrish · 8 years ago
    Here is hoping this guy gets some sort of help. This 'hike' with his adolescent son is frightening.

    I remain amazed a how brazenly people will use bullying tactics on line to push their opinions. I've never seen that approach work to engage in healthy debate. Somehow this sort of behavior has become acceptable on-line, over the airwaves and even in public.

    Thank you for a well reasoned presentation. I hope Grisham gets the help he needs before there is another tragedy.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Willik · 8 years ago
      I cannot fell 'sorry' for this guy or those around him that perpetrate/condone like actions.
      He and his like should be stripped of rank then given BCDs sans retirement pay that the rest of us, in part, have to pay.
      He/they are NOT deserving the largess for their disgraced service.
      The blazes with the touchy-feely PC of providing 'help,' They are not deserving as so many are whom I've seen and supported in other venues. (DAV, Wounded Warriors, et. al.)
    • This commment is unpublished.
      wolfman · 8 years ago
      But, all the help in the world won't do Mr Grisham any good until (if) he immediately and unconditionally accepts the truth that his behavior is WRONG! Somewhere in the mix there's always a choice, and the choice that he made was wrong. Until (if) he accepts that truth, he is truly unreachable.

      But consequences have a remarkable ability to get people (including myself) to reconsider their ways.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Bee · 8 years ago
    And you obtained the information in your opening statement by stalking him, correct?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      SunTzu · 8 years ago
      [quote name="Bee"]And you obtained the information in your opening statement by stalking him, correct?[/quote]
      Who are thee in reality :-*

      Just looking at the opening self published photo of this article speaks volumes to the mental state of this "character" :eek:

      This character resembles vaguely a Hollyweird fantasy we have seen violently acted out so very recently, however induced, this is another nut waiting to crack

      If he was acting out his fantasies alone in a "bubble mentality" that would be just one RED FLAG to any "competent" authorities over this mans behavior, BUT involving his 15 yo son is RED FLAG 2, , 4, 5... :sad:

      I am a huge proponent of the "literal" (not the lawyers) interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, BUT CJ is a NUT, who has no business being around or in possession of ANY firearms or dangerous weapons, PERIOD! :eek:

      He does a huge disservice to firearms owners and those in the business, he is doing more harm than good and is now probably going to become the poster boy for the fear and paranoia rhetoric of the anti-gunner forcers trying to subvert and twist the Constitution into an irrelevant document, which thay have done a pretty good job of so far! :-?

      The first post asks that CJ Grisham gets help, BUT CJ is NOT an isolated case as this article bears out, I ask that AMerica gets some help as this kind of behavior is becoming pandemic while "mainstream society" seems to be apathetic and "tabloid numb" :-?

    • This commment is unpublished.
      leyla · 8 years ago
      Well isn't your nose out of joint. Does something in this post ring a bell or get at the truth which makes you uncomfortable???
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ronin · 8 years ago
      In this case I would call it investigative journalism.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    hollie · 8 years ago
    Makes me sick all the bronze stars "awarded". I KNOW what my husband did to earn his bronze star w/ V device. He is rd Group, SF. He has been in 16 years and just made E8. He is an exceptional soldier.
    And I remember having lunch with you a few times, Michael, while I contracted in Iraq back in 2005, in Mosul. You were with the striker Bde. You do good work, Mike. Keep it up.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Leland G. Hancock · 8 years ago
    I truly appreciate your Truthful Journalism. I will be sharing your message. In the Name of JESUS CHRIST, I wish you Safety and many Blessings from Our CREATOR, Amen.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    ironargonaut · 8 years ago
    Will you quit publishing the lie that it was the military that emblished the Jessica Lynch story. It was the NY Times reporter who was FIRED after publishing the lie after having NEVER even traveled to the state he claimed to have done the interviews from. The media then parroted the claim because it sold papers. When Jessica contradicted it, they blamed unnamed military sources to cover themselves. You keep repeating their lies.
    I just read the Jessica Lynch citation no where does it state "bravely fighting back". You speak of honesty and ridicule the Army Times for failure to do due deligence yet you commit the same error. Took me 20seconds to find the citation. It reads much the same as Grisham's.

    Awarded for actions during the Global War on Terror
    The President of the United States of America, Authorized by Executive Order 11046, 24 August 1962, takes pleasure in presenting the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V" to Private First Class Jessica D. Lynch, United States Army, for exemplary courage under fire during combat operations to liberate Iraq, while serving with the 507th Maintenance Company, 5th Battalion, 52d Air Defense Artillery, d Infantry Division, in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Private First Class Lynch's bravery and heart persevered while surviving the ambush and captivity in An Nasiriya. Private First Class Lynch's belief in the Battalion's Motto "One Team, One Fight" is in keeping with the finest traditions of military service. Her honor, courage and dedication reflect great credit upon herself, 507th Maintenance Company, d Infantry Division, Victory Corps, and the United States Army.
    Bash the military when they deserve it, it will keep'em honest. But, don't be a dupe for the mainstream press. Will you correct you errors?
    By the way I don't disagree with you assessment of Grisham.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Michael Yon Author · 8 years ago
      Yes, there is nuance in the Jessica's story, but there is no escaping the fact that a General is in that image pinning medals and that the citation was issued but the Army, not by the New York Times of by Congress.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        ironargonaut · 8 years ago
        Thank you for responding.
        Agreed, however, in your narrative you claim "Jessica and Pat were both cases of Counterfeit Valor, where their imaginary actions were manufactured for public relations." So, what "imaginary action" is listed in the citation for the medal the general is pinning on? It is difinitely not for fighting back. The citation is the official reason, not some rumor made up by the press that took on a life of it's own. If her "imaginary actions" were manufactured by the NY Times and not by the Army as you clearly imply, does that not preclude it from being held up as an example of Army malfeasance? I remember watching the military press conferences, and I don't recall the military ever officially stating she fought back. It was always "unnamed" military sources, of which some were proven to not have existed.
        I've heard of purple hearts issued in Vietnam for getting your ribs crushed between the boat and the dock after falling there because you were drunk; which dimishes those who have recieved them properly. And, I whole heartedly agree Pat Tilman's honorable service was tarnished by the military coverup and you are absolutely right to call the military out on it.
        If your agrument is she recieved the award partially for PR purposes, I might agree, except for that Grisham's award does not even list a specific attack, and I doubt the military has gotten a lot of good PR out of it.
        Sorry, for being a bit obstinate, I am a bit of a news junkie and am ever so tired of the mainstream media constantly reguritating lies. I follow you because you frankly call'em as you see'em. And, generally have been proven correct.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Peter · 8 years ago
      Jessica per her own words was unconscious shortly after the attack. I don't think she should have been given any award, and she has said so herself. I think Grisham has undiagnosed Schizophrenia. I think Grisham put is 15 yo son in danger!
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Nicki · 8 years ago
        [quote name="Peter"]Jessica per her own words was unconscious shortly after the attack. I don't think she should have been given any award, and she has said so herself. I think Grisham has undiagnosed Schizophrenia. I think Grisham put is 15 yo son in danger![/quote]

        Your first mistaken claim is that you think.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        ironargonaut · 8 years ago
        I think she deserves the POW medal and I think she exemplified integrity by not BS'ing about what happened. So, I do thing she deserves an award, but maybe not the bronze star.
        As I said, I don't disagree with Michael's assesment of Grisham.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TheOldMan · 8 years ago
    Eventually, and that may be a very long time coming, the truth will prevail. In the end, the only thing that you really own is your integrity. Once you sell that, you become an empty shell who has to run faster and faster just to stay slightly ahead of reality.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      SunTzu · 8 years ago
      My PapaB warned me not to mess with old men and women, when I was young, he said there was a reason old people become old, because they are, for the most part, either lucky or fighters, I put my money on the fighters 8)

      GooD Day 8)
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Pat · 8 years ago
    This guy doesn't deserve to be a Texan for all his crazy antics. The NYT pumped up Jessica's story and the Army followed suit with the award. But that's a story for another day. Reminds me of LBJ's Navy Cross for a mission where his plane turned back before every reaching the target. I suspect it was awarded because he was a Congressman.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      SunTzu · 8 years ago
      [quote name="Pat"]This guy doesn't deserve to be a Texan for all his crazy antics.[/quote]

      If I was a Temple, TX (beautiful area BTW) resident I would be concerned about being in the vicinity of this character

      Thanks for satellite mapping his 10/20 8)
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peter · 8 years ago
    2000 words. Well thought out. Its hard to take on a lunatic. As I said before, you should go to law school.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dale M · 8 years ago
    This guy looks like a complete idiot. He has a bayonet on a pistol, which says it all about the man.

    Keep you chin up Michael!!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    leyla · 8 years ago
    Well said and thank you for the education on this particular issue. I learn something from you every post.

    Learning what can happen from dishonesty is a good lesson for everyone to remember and learn from.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Ken · 8 years ago
    Great piece Michael, I fear we have not heard the end of this on the down side. Keep up the good and needed work...

  • This commment is unpublished.
    bendaco · 8 years ago
    Always thought I'd like to live in Texas, but now I'm not so sure.....
    Great writing!
    • This commment is unpublished.
      SunTzu · 8 years ago
      [quote name="bendaco"]Always thought I'd like to live in Texas, but now I'm not so sure.....
      Great writing![/quote]

      Don't let just one NUT dissuade you from living in Tejas, we have 1000's more just like him right here in the Houston area, Dallas/Forth Worth, who knows, El Paso, FORGETABOUTIT :P
  • This commment is unpublished.
    LT · 8 years ago
    What an AMAZING article, Michael. Wow - great job here.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Traci Wilberger · 8 years ago
    @ironargonaut.... Didn't see where Mr Yon said "bravely fighting back" was on the citation...Maybe you perceived it was implied? Just saying...
    • This commment is unpublished.
      ironargonaut · 8 years ago
      It is directly above the NY Times article. Long article easily missed.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Michael Yon Author · 8 years ago
    Traci -- it appears to be a reading comprehension issue. He might not understand that the lack of quotation marks is all that is needed to convey the information accurately without being longwinded.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      ironargonaut · 8 years ago
      same thing I told Traci, directly above the NY Times article, and is a direct quote from the article therefore is in quotation marks.
      To do another direct qoute "the questions were not met with polite answers but were dismissed with aggressive public ridicule and ad hominem attacks"; You mean like stating "it appears to be a reading comprehension issue". You see ize kan red jus fine and my memory isn't so bad as I can't recall you decrying the same tactic you just used.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Michael Yon Author · 8 years ago

        That is not ad hominem. Pointing our a reading comprehension error is face value. Ad hominem would be something as, "He is uneducated, never learned to read, and in any case is too dumb to open a door. He's a known meth user who voted for..." Ad hominem takes the discussion away from the original discussion. The discussion was about a sentence that I wrote, which you seized upon in error. Any case, certainly no ill will, but you did in fact read that in error, which all of us do at times.

        Ad hominem attacks generally jump off the page and are flatly obvious. More like getting punched in the nose than a papercut.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Mark T · 8 years ago
        [quote name="ironargonaut"]same thing I told Traci, directly above the NY Times article, and is a direct quote from the article therefore is in quotation marks.
        To do another direct qoute "the questions were not met with polite answers but were dismissed with aggressive public ridicule and ad hominem attacks"; You mean like stating "it appears to be a reading comprehension issue". You see ize kan red jus fine and my memory isn't so bad as I can't recall you decrying the same tactic you just used.[/quote]
        If you look at the article he stated that she was described as bravely fighting back and indeed in the news article it says "reports circulated by the military". he never said it was in the citation that I have seen.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Michael Yon Author · 8 years ago
        Irongargonaut --

        At the end of the day, an Army General pinned the medal and is in the photograph doing so. There is no way around that. If the NYT and some Congressman (or whatever) mechanism wants to pin the medal, the US Army should have said "Do it yourself."

        And that was a reading comprehension issue, or perhaps you just missed it. I understand, easy to do, no ad hominem or ill will. There simply is no way to sidestep that an Army General pinned the medal, which makes it his personal and military endorsement.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    CG · 8 years ago
    Nice article Michael.

    It is very disturbing that someone who was an officer in a counterintelligence unit was publicly broadcasting so much about his military clearances, his own personal problems and insecurities, and publicizing himself in general.

    As you point out, he put so much out there about himself, it wouldn't be too difficult for someone to figure out how to manipulate him, and he also gave them plenty of reason to want to manipulate him by publicly talking about his security clearance.

    Given that all that WAS very public, how did his superiors and other fellow counterintelligence officers not notice that and not try to get him moved somewhere that wouldn't be as critical if he was compromised?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    David Gifford, MD · 8 years ago
    Article well thought through and detailed. The initial photo reminds me of Jared Loughner's photo--exemplifies dangerous insanity. I have read locally about the arrest event, which sounded very strange since none in my experience accompany Boy Scouts on merit badge or other activities while armed (Both sons Eagle Scouts). Alarming to me is that he's practically a next door neighbor to us here in Killee/Fort Hood. If he's still on AD in a Warrior Transition unit his chain of command can/ought to demand that his weapons be kept locked up on Post while this is investigated.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Barbara · 8 years ago
    Now that's interesting. CJG goes on a father-son "Eagle Scout walk" sporting a loaded AR-15 in city limits on a 4-lane highway, and JUST HAPPENS to have a video camera with him.

    This was all planned very carefully. It was a publicity stunt and photo op. Pathetic to involve his own son, and let him see his father get arrested. Reminds me of the "balloon boy" father. Anything for attention.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    woodNfish · 8 years ago
    "...the Army is well known for Counterfeit Valor."

    It isn't just the army and it isn't something new. Remember the group of soldiers that raised the flag on Iwa Jima? Much of that was a lie too, but great PR.

    And Bradley Manning is a hero and a martyr acting against a criminal US government.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Jesse · 8 years ago
      [quote name="[b]woodNfish[/b]"]"...the Army is well known for Counterfeit Valor."

      It isn't just the army and it isn't something new. Remember the group of soldiers that raised the flag on Iwa Jima? Much of that was a lie too, but great PR.

      And Bradley Manning is a hero and a martyr acting against a criminal US government.[/quote]

      You're being facetious right?

      Nothing about the Iwo Flag Raising was counterfeit as Joe Rosenthal would tell you. They were Marines not soldiers. Bradley Manning is a pathetic little creep who deserves to spend a long time behind bars.

      Good report Michael. I occasionally check CJG's web presence when I read about him but his self serving BS turns my stomach.

      Here's the thing, if you carry a weapon openly and Law Enforcement asks for your weapon while they are doing their background checks it is a legitimate law enforcement action. The Supreme Court has ruled on this. They cannot just randomly stop you and demand you surrender any concealed weapons without probable cause. Openly carrying an AR and then being confrontational when LE tries to find out if you're legit then LE is right to confiscate his weapons and place him under arrest. This is what we pay them for! Good Christ, are we supposed to let people like this run around openly armed and not do something? ISn't that what the NRA and 2nd Amendment advocates (such as myself) are demanding? Get the crazies off the streets or at least the weapons out of their hands?

      I suspect that CJG is a sociopath. They are adept at walking the line, often appearing perfectly normal and even helpful and charming. Something akin to Hannibal Lector lurks underneath though and unless they cross the line they can get away with their act for a long time. I think he crossed the line this time and will not get off. He will play the PTSD card very publicly and may even drag you into the mess as someone who harrased and stalked him. He claims you posted 500 harrassing comments on his pathetic Indiegogo site which he had to delete. If that were true then why delete them? Why not leave them up for poeple to see as proof you are harrassing him? Because like the rest of his claims it's all bullshit. I'm sure you have better things to do in Chang Mai then post 500 comments on his pathetic website - like flirting with beautiful Thai Women!

      Ciao my friend and Semper Fi.

      • This commment is unpublished.
        Copin · 8 years ago
        You are wrong on the right of police to confiscate a citizen's weapon. There must be reasonable suspicion of a crime. Open carry is legal in Texas. Temple police answered a call and they illegally seized CJG's weapon,then illegally detained and arrested him. The police dispatchers need to ask what the open carry individuals are doing to cause concern, I.e. brandishing or pointing the weapon, actually shooting the weapon. If we do not use our rights we will lose them!
        • This commment is unpublished.
          CoryKarp · 8 years ago
          You would be correct, but they did have reasonable suspicion for an investigatory detention. Not only did the Temple police receive a call of concern from a member of the general public regarding CJ Grisham's manner of carry. The responding officer was also troubled by it. In Texas under the Penal Code, "Disorderly Conduct" specifically [Texas Penal Code 42.01 (8)] it is illegal to carry or display a firearm or offensive weapon in a manner calculated to cause alarm. Remember, in this context, Calculated does not mean "intended".

          CJ Grisham was disarmed as part of a legal investigatory detention, (Terry stop) where an officer has the authority to disarm an individual and do a "pat down", they do not need to ask permission, or seek assistance from the subject to do so. CJ Grisham was being investigated for a possible crime. Cj Grisham was never charged for that crime, but his actions during the investigation did lead to a charge of Resisting, later changed to a more appropriate charge of interfering [Texas Penal Code 8.15 (1)] for his actions during the investigatory detainment. As such, this is not a second amendment issue at all, but rather a gun fondling nut behaving badly, biting off more than he could chew, and throwing a temper tantrum about it.

          Texas Law does not require a person to "brandish" the firearm to be charged for carrying or displaying in a manner calculated to cause alarm, no case law has established this either. It was not the carry that got CJ Grisham detained, but rather the manner of carry. The detainment was not a violation of his rights, 2nd amendment or other, and if he had cooperated rather than throw a temper tantrum for questioning his obvious "exceptional citizen" status, he would likely have been on his way in mere minutes, but that is likely not what he wanted, he wanted the confrontation, he wanted the video, he wanted the manufactured outrages about his active duty/vet status, and his eagle scout.. er.. son.

          His arrest is not a 2nd amendment issue at all, CJ Grisham has proven himself to be a concern, and as I write this, more information is flowing out about Aaron Alexis, the Washington Naval Yard shooter who took 1 lives including his own a couple days ago. His story bears an eerie resemblance to CJ Grisham's.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        woodNfish · 8 years ago
        Soldiers is generic, Jesse and encompasses any member of any military.

        Yes I know the original flag raising on Iwa Jima was real, but the staged PR raising was not.

        And no, I am serious about Manning. He has sacrificed everything to expose our corrupt government. He is a hero.
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Michael Yon Author · 8 years ago

          The term "Soldier" in the US military is strictly Army. Nobody else.

          In other militaries, such as British, it can be more generic.
          • This commment is unpublished.
            woodNfish · 8 years ago
            Okay. Thank you Michael. I am a civilian and they are all soldiers to me. I don't expect the term makes much difference to anyone who has never been in the military or is no longer in the military.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        CB · 8 years ago
        Regrettably, I doubt Mr. woodNfish was being facetious. Manning's leftist, anti-military supporters are drumming up support for the little traitor in advance of his upcoming trial.
        • This commment is unpublished.
          woodNfish · 8 years ago
          Oh, and I'm no fucking leftist commie POS either. I'm a libertarian.
        • This commment is unpublished.
          woodNfish · 8 years ago
          I'm not anti-military CB. But I am against military adventurism, interference in other sovereign nations' business, getting involved in civil wars that are none of our business, etc. And I am against the military industrial complex just as Eisenhower was. Why are we sacrificing our soldiers lives on worthless scum around the world? Good men killed and maimed physically and mentally. What a waste. This is a sick country.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Pete Flynn · 8 years ago
    Great article Mike!
    I had heard about the Grisham incident but didn't put 2+2 as him being the guy you had written about.
    He's deranged, plain and simple. A threat to the well-being of anyone unlucky enough to be around him.
    IMO these ultra-right/ultra-left wack-jobs bring nothing to the table but grief. They provide no solutions and only provide complications.
    Keep up the good work!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jesse · 8 years ago
    Texas is not a traditional open carry state. They also do not allow open carry, or even printing, by those who have a concealed carry permit.


    So it appears that CJ Grisham is on very shaky ground especially if he claims to have a CC permit.

    Texas residents, what say you? It does not appear that HB700 is going to get voted on this year.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Robert E Hall · 8 years ago
      The 'open carry' law pertains to hand held fire arms, not long guns. Texas has 'concealed carry 'laws, which means properly trained and permitted carry, and the firearm must be covered.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    CliffordBRD · 8 years ago
    Under Texas law: § 42.01. DISORDERLY CONDUCT. A person commits an
    offense if he intentionally or knowingly:
    (8) displays a firearm or other deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to alarm;

    This combined with the fact that Texas is NOT an open carry state may have give the police officer the resonable suspicion that necessitated an investigation.

    I wonder if he got a lawyer's opinion before doing this? Just reading what's on the internet would be foolish.

    I would be the first person to support his right to open carry and not have the police harrass him IF Texas was an open carry state, but this case does not appear to be so black and white.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Sgt B · 8 years ago
    In 0 everyone with the rank of E-7 and above received a bronze star. One medevac crew landed in a hot LZ. The E-6 and two pilots got a bronze star with valor. The E-4 got an ARCOM. My friend that died, got a bronze star. Now me and other soldiers were attached to the USMC, we were Army. Us four were the only ones to drive from Kuwait to Baghdad, taking enemy fire, and I as the NCOIC, had to write my own award, write the other three, which I had no problem with, and I got an ARCOM and the others got AAM's. By no means am I saying I or we deserve a bronze star, we did or duty to the best of our ability without loss of life or equipment, but it's total bullshit that the officers that flew part way into Iraq but had their ass planted in Kuwait got bronze stars. I wish all the bronze stars given would be investigated.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Yanshuf · 8 years ago
    A incredible story and I am glad your ok.

    Israel gives out very few medals relating to valor ever.
    Current chief of staff has none. Yet one unit he did commands reason d'être is to serve behind enemy lines. Rumor has it they practice there when there are no active hostilities. And are likely in Syria now keeping visual watch on Syrian chemical weapons.

    For some odd reason I would like to leave a story here of someone who was the opposite of a heroe. And how a small country has dealt with it. Making a huge sacrifice to return a pow who by his own account was a coward. Please note he was awarded promotions for time served in rank,while imprisoned by Hamas in Gaza.

    http://www.jpost.com/Defense/Gilad-Schalits-capture-In-his-own-words- 08015
  • This commment is unpublished.
    F Thomas · 8 years ago

    Following you over the years I have found you to be nothing short of incredibly forthright and honest!

    Eventually, as in this situation with an unstable person both in the theatre of operations and once back State Side the truth has been revealed.

    Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free. I sincerely pray that Michael is now free of this distracting and dangerous person and that the truth has indeed set Michael free.

    Thank you for all of your dispatches and a sincere interest in reporting the truth! Job well done Michael! Thank you! You have been the only reliable source of what really was going on at the front. You have my gratitude and respect and I'm sure the same from all of your supporters. I am particularly thankful that you exposed the failure to properly utilize DustOff helicopters in support of our troops.

    Again, thank you for the TRUTH!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    MEL · 8 years ago
    Great read. He is a nut.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    zeenie · 8 years ago
    We should stick with what we know best, and in this case, your response to this guy is commendable in its measured and clear statements.
    Stay safe and keep telling it like it is.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    SmokeEmOut · 8 years ago
    I've posted a few comments to CJ Grishams blog A Soldiers Perspectve under his post "Michael Yon Integrity Check" here's the link: http://asp.militarygear.com/201 /04/04/michael-yon-integrity-check/

    CJ claims to champion Constitutional Rights, but it's more accurate to state that CJ is all about championing HIS Constitutional Rights. He deletes any post critical of his "Perspective". I know it's his blog, but as a self descibided Constitutionalist, what happened to First Ammendment Right to Freedom of Speech. Oh my bad, on CJ's blog I only have that right when I agree with him.

    Here a copies of comments CJ deleted from his blog:

    Wow, just wow CJ, It wasn’t “your CoC who submitted BSM w/ V, it was the Tank Company CO” and your leadership had to somehow condense your ‘heroics’ into your ‘impact deployment award’…because they must have run out of paper, printers and ink cartridges, just like you ran out of bullets and needed that enemy AK to complete the mission.

    Wasn’t the taking of war trophies from the Iraqi battlefield taboo? I know several Soldiers who got fried for taking AK’s as war trophies. How did you, a then SSG, get the first General Officer in your CoC, to sign off on your “heroic AK” as suitable for preservation as a museum piece for shipment back to the states? Can you provide that documentation, as well???

    Admit it guy, you were hooked up with a BSM w/V, like quite a few of your peers at that time. It helped your selection to SFC, didn’t it? Hence the hook up award. If your so called “heroics” are listed in your NCOER… Post it. Prove everyone wrong.

    But you can’t…. The NCOER is all about duty performance, and is NOT the document to laud a Soldiers “heroics”. That document is the DA 6 8. Could you post that one, to include the award number, so that accuracy can be verified? Probably not.

    Face it Crusader John, you’re a fraud. Not a stolen valor case, but a fraud none the less.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    SmokeEmOut · 8 years ago
    Here's another comment CJ Deleted from his blog at:

    http://asp.militarygear.com/201 /04/04/michael-yon-integrity-check/

    CJ, you state, “The more talented troops with PTSD actually deal with their diagnoses by CREATING music. Guys like Mylon English of 7 Years Today…”

    Umm no, Mylon English has got a great big substance abuse issue. He Definitely DOES NOT have the PTSD. Unless you’re suggesting Crusader John, that maybe Mylon caught a small case of the PTSD when he was chaptered out of the Army for pissing hot (cocaine, MDMH, marijuana) and a Pattern of Misconduct. Mylon was command directed to participate in ASAP, Mylon was then caught wearing a piss bag and tubing during another urinalysis attempting to substitute somebody’s drug free urine for his own. Mylon was a 68A medical equipment repair technician, serving in B Co, 21st Combat Support Hospital at the time of his OTH discharge. He never deployed in his short (three years) less than honorable service in the US Army. All that extra duty prior to his ass being kicked out, maybe might have given Mylon a small case of the PTSD, but I doubt it.

    So Crusader John, way to pick that
    example of a fine former Soldier to support your views on PTSD. Most of those Soldiers I know who have been separated or medically retired due to their Very Real PTSD diagnoses, wouldn’t agree with you that loud, crowd pact rock concerts are in anyway therapeutic, let alone fun in anyway. You must be as high as Mylon.

    And finally I commented on his wild fairy tale claim that in CJ's words that:

    "the intelligence gathered from my team that resulted in the capture or kill of eight of the top 55 high value targets (deck of cards)."

    CJ, if this statement is true, that the Team YOU LED, as a SSG, was personally responsible for 14.5% of the then high value targets captured or killed, where was that recognition for that feat of daring do. That should rate at least a DSC and a battlefield commission. If only they had you on the job in A'stan sooner Bin Laden would've never made it to hiding in Pakistan.

    Of course he deleted that post as well.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Charles Goins · 8 years ago
    After reading TheBlaze.com's article about Grisham. I decided to see what I could find out about him and came across this article. At first I just skipped to the 2nd page and read snippets. I thought at first this must be someone trying ruin a good soldiers name. Then like I should have in the beginning, read the whole article. I realized I was an idiot and made a mistake.The way you backed up every word with facts and not one sentence had an ounce of spin to it is refreshing in a world where news isn't news anymore. Thank you, and I hope the truth about this insane individual is brought to light and all the commanders issuing these "That a boy" medals are brought to justice.Again Thanks for making an idiot just a little smarter..lol
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Lane · 8 years ago
    I wonder if he is a Texas Native, cause if he was he would rather take a shot gun/ 22 with him than that automated.. It's just a natural thing to do in a true Texan's heart.. Or, I'll say this , that's the way my dad taught me and my older brother.. Oh, my brother is a Viet Nam Vet...he did 2 tours of Viet Nam..
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jessica Martin · 7 years ago
    First off, Mylon didn't get dishonorably discharged and the paperwork proves it. He never got in trouble for drigs, and just because he didn't deploy doesn't make him a bad soldier. He served his country and got out.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    ROSE · 6 years ago
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  • This commment is unpublished.
    idiotatlarge · 6 years ago
    Wondering now that the Temple police dash cam footage is available. And clearly supports Grisham's version of events. Will you print a retraction?
    Also will you correct all of the inaccurate statements, about thus encounter in Temple?

    I don't know this guy, beyond this story. And I don't know you either. But you really came accross as spiteful. I have learned in life, that every story has tree sides. 2 sides for each party. Then the truth, which is usually somewhere in the middle.
    So per the event in Temple. Your dead wrong on what, and how it went down.
    As per the first part of your article. We only have your biased version. So based on how wrong you were on the Temple issue. I have to take the first part with a grain of salt, and a spoonful of sugar.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    ET1 Simone · 6 years ago
    I would much rather serve with the military hero with a bronze star and a healthy suspicion of the chain of command than sore pansy who feels he lost a book deal because a real soldier spoke with integrity about the reality of war. I don't know anyone related to this story, but I do know that the military is an organization that should often be called to task on many things. It sounds like this soldier was harassed by the police for doing something perfectly lawful and legal. The reason you and many of us fought to defend the USA and its constitution was so people like he could exercise their rights freely. If you don't like that he walked down the country road with a loaded gun then use the process to change the law instead of whining about his choice. It's amazing how many forget how freedom works.
  • This commment is unpublished.
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