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"Many Taliban Dead"

4 Comments 03 Sept 2008
0910 est


Michael has no internet but called on sat phone.

British 2 Para in Helmand provence have been reapeatedlyand successfully closing with and engaging the Taliban. In ongoing operations today a number of British paratroopers lured Taliban into an attack. British forces responded with machine guns, small arms, shoulder fired rockets, mortars, and a 500 lb bomb. Locals say "Many Taliban dead."

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    Carol · 13 years ago
    I have donated in the past and I bought your book. I will donate in the future. What I want to write today is that you are my hero. While I am here in the States listening and watching such vulgarity in the news media surrounding our presidential election, I find myself often turning it off to remember those who are fighting for their right to do so. I am attending a fallen soldier's memorial this month and know my heart is in the right place. My love for our soldiers is what's important to me ... and, of course, my love of this country. Thank you for all that you sacrifice and risk to bring us the truth about the war that I think many have chosen to either forget or block out. It's shameful.
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    Matthew Gonzalez · 13 years ago
    I heard this reported elsewhere, although it seemed to be overshadowed sadly by the ongoing Republican National Convention and Hurricane Gustav, which even overshadowed the anti war protests/riots that occurred in St. Paul. I'd love to get more info on how exactly it went down, again as always Michael, you are the man to go to when it comes to information on the war.
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    juscruzn · 13 years ago
    Stay safe over there Michael. Between your postings and Bill Roggio at LWJ is how I read the TRUTH about what is really going on over there.
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    Ltcdmward · 13 years ago
    Michael -- What a tremendous job! Your piece was like reading National Geographic, but the subject matter was much more penetrating. I am glad that it appears our Afghan Theater allies are taking you into their confidence (of course it helps when you're serious and have the background to fully empathize - not necessarily sympathize - with what they're doing. Most interesting is your comment about the seeming dedication and commitment that English speaking coalition components have to genuinely helping another people. Defintely in the spirit of De Oppresson Libre. Time to sign off and hit the Donation button.

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