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Patreon: The Bird is in Jack Conte’s Hands

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Jack Conte’s Patreon has threatened to destroy our home here. To burn it down. With a single match. Years of works. Much risk. Many sleepless nights.

And generous donors from around the world. You have invested your precious labors. In time when money is short. In a time of discomfort and physical risks, you have donated your precious money and time to build our Patreon community.

We’ve been in this together. Many of us have met here or there.

Yet Jack Conte has power. Great power. With the flip of a switch, the strike of a match, Mr. Conte can exercise his immense power to burn down another community. Crush another bird.

You know, I respect Gerry Spence immeasurably. Mr. Spence fights for justice. I’ve read about a dozen of his books, and recommend them all.

Mr. Spence is one of the greatest trial lawyers in history.

Through the years, my attorney and I have had many fights. We won them all.

Some webwork will reveal some of the battles and results, such as the bankrupted Shock magazine. Shock belonged to HFM, the biggest magazine conglomerate in the world. Multi-billion dollar giant. With endless press access. They and others said we had no chance.

After SCHOCK Magazine was bankrupted, just before Christmas, and all lost their jobs, I was asked how it made me feel that they all lost their jobs.

I felt terrible that their bosses and lawyers, who held the bird in their hands, did not release the bird. It was very sad.

So many battles. The first few battles are like the first few alligators I caught as a small boy. Adrenaline. Scary. Dangerous.

But as I got better, catching alligators with my hands was more like picking oranges. Straight forward. You go, and you pick the oranges, and you squeeze the juice, and you make a documentary about it. You make a book about it. Details. Exactly how you picked the oranges and made the juice. You make a how-to book and documentary about how to pick oranges, so that others in the future, know how to pick oranges snd make juice.

The bird is in Jack Conte’s hands. Mr, Conte is very famous, rich, powerful.

You, the donor, and I, the creator, are in Jack’s hands.

Jack will decide. Will Jack release the baby bird? Or will Jack crush the baby bird. Because he can.




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