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Write a comment It is really a shame, that still in 2008 the MSM struggles to get the story out of the amount of fighting that is going on over there, and you're right about 99% being a good estimate. It seems like if we're not riding Roughshod in Abrams tanks to Baghdad, they just don't care. ratings are ratings, but I bet the majority of the American public would love to hear the story that you've just written here. Thats why I tell everyone I can about your site, I love the style and I will continue to read everything that is posted here. I hated to hear how our guys got blown up, but just knowing how the whole thing happened made me feel a little better, like somehow their deaths would not go unnoticed. Seems like there's a little bit of a trend, first an anti aircraft machine gun, now ammunition. It seems to me more proof we still have a ways to go Godspeed Michael
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