Lithuanian Forces and Piotr Stanczak


11 February 2009

This pamphlet came from our Lithuanian friends, who are proud of the hard work they are performing in Afghanistan.  They've earned such an excellent reputation with U.S. forces that I have asked to cover Lithuanian operations in Afghanistan this year.  I met with Lithuanian officials at their Embassy in Washington, and subsequent that meeting, Lithuanian officials have agreed in principle to the coverage.  Now we have only to work out the details and do it.  The Lithuanians are very proud about the good relations with the United States and they want Americans at home in the United States to know that Lithuanians are in the fight, too.

Sad news is coming in that Polish engineer Piotr Stanczak apparently has been murdered.  Taliban in Pakistan videotaped themselves beheading a man that they claim was Mr. Stanczak.  Having lived in Poland for about two years, I know they are a very tough and resilient people and I left with great respect for the Polish spirit.  The Polish stood up to the Germans, resisted the Soviets and communism, and made me feel extremely welcome in their country.  The Poles have great regard for President Bush senior because he supported Poland during hard times.  When Bush 41 came to Warsaw as President, I was present and saw great happiness among the Poles.  

It appears highly probable that Mr. Stanczak was murdered.  It is my hope that the United States will do everything possible to help Poland bring the murderers to justice.  In any case, when I head back to the war this year, I likely will see the British and Americans bring a lot of Taliban to justice.

Please see this pamphlet about Lithuanian forces.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    DagneyT · 13 years ago
    Michael, when I look at that picture I see where some of our American spirit comes from; our Lithuanian forebearers. Thanks for covering all of the theater of war, without you we wouldn't know that our cousins from Poland, Lithuania and other countries were there assisting us if left to the old time media, unless as in this case one of them is beheaded. The Taliban, even Russia, do not understand what a free peoples can accomplish together.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    DagneyT · 13 years ago
    Michael, I found the Lithuanian pamphlet a fascinating look at their recent political history, as well as their present day capabilities. I came across the mention of their "Political Reconstruction Team. Can you find out about this team, and what they are doing? Their story would be VERY interesting!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    John_Ford · 13 years ago
    Our PA National Guard NCO academy has a relationship with theirs. I like the M14's they are carrying as well. Seems to be a clear break from the Soviet Bloc history.

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