• Do they Know?

  • Walking the Line V

  • Attacking our Family

  • Walking the Line IV

  • Walking the Line III

  • Walking the Line II

  • Walking the Line I

  • Battle for Mosul, Part III

  • Lost in Translation

  • A Fork in the Road

  • Killing for God

  • Clarification

  • And now, for the rest of the story….

  • The Battle for Mosul: Dispatch II

  • Children in Iraq

  • Care Packages

  • Two Weeks

  • The Battle For Mosul

  • Michael J. Bordelon

  • Rounding Up Bombers

  • Fallen Soldier

  • Go Gators!

  • Doctor Viana, I Presume

  • “Hello Ameriki!” (from the Kurds)

  • Devil Went Down to Georgia

  • Stephen Curtis Kennedy

  • Tennessee National Guard

  • The Ring

  • The Talk of Iraq

  • Video: Baquba Gold

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