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I called Newt Gingrich about Donald Trump

16 March 2016

Several years ago, Mr. Gingrich called me about something and I still have his private number.  So I called him this evening from China to ask his thoughts about Donald Trump.  This audio is short and unedited, though it kicks in about 20 seconds after we started talking:

If the above player doesn't work you can access the audio directly here.


# RE: I called Newt Gingrich about Donald TrumpPaul 2016-03-16 21:13
Sorry, but the audio won't play.
...and thanks for all you do.
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# Follow the Audio Directly HereChristian 2016-03-17 00:35
Paul, I followed the hyperlink "Audio directly here." and was able to hear the conversation.
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# RE: I called Newt Gingrich about Donald Trumpcharles 2016-03-17 02:47
right click on the link, save page as. It should download the .m4a file to your downloads folder. Double click on it there, it should open in whatever app on your os is handling audio files. On my Mac it's iTunes. Turn up the volume, it's pretty quiet.
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# RE: I called Newt Gingrich about Donald TrumpDMWARD 2016-03-17 14:49
Works. Thanks.
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# Voting for Hillary? You Might BeRogerDane 2016-03-16 21:22
from Conservative Daily - everyone should read this:

"A lot of people have brought up the fact that they won't vote for Trump if he's the eventual nominee. I just want to put something in perspective.

Justice Scalia's seat is vacant. Ginsberg is 82 years old, Kennedy is 79, Breyer is 77, and Thomas is 67. Nowadays, the data shows that the average age of a Supreme Court retirement or death occurs after 75.

These are 5 vacancies that will likely come up over the next 4-8 years. The next President will have the power to potentially create a 7-2 Supreme Court skewed in their ideology.

Think about that... 7-2. If the next President appoints 5 young justices, it will guarantee control of the Supreme Court for an entire generation. And 7-2 decisions will hold up much more over time than 5-4 decisions which are seemed to be lacking in mandate.

Hillary has made it clear she will use the Supreme Court to go after the 2nd Amendment. She has literally said that the Supreme Court was wrong in its Heller decision stating that the Court should overturn and remove the individual right to keep and bear arms. Period.

Everyone saying that they won't vote for one candidate or the other if they are the GOP nominee, please realize this. If Hillary Clinton wins and gets to make these appointments, you likely will never see another Conservative victory at the Supreme Court level for the rest of your life. Ever.

If you are a Conservative, a vote for anyone but the GOP nominee, whomever that will be, is a vote for Hillary Clinton."

So, that is correct? Or... consider what happens if a Progressive wins the White House? Two to four supreme court justices? Consider no 1st, 2nd or 4th
Amendment right? Really. Consider a 'totalitarian' America!? The 22nd Amendment amended to allow more than 2 terms? Ever wonder what those FEMA camps are for? Our own Aushwitz? Anyone who thinks this could not happen is simply blind. Keep safe.
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# RE: Voting for Hillary? You Might BeMax 2016-03-16 22:00
RogerDane - Well said. The Supreme Court makes the laws these days, not the Congress. That is not right, but that is just the reality. The vote for the next President is everything. The Senate will rubber-stamp his nominations to the Supreme Court. With exceedingly rare exceptions, that has always been the case.

Think about all of that when you vote. A third party vote will elect Hillary.
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# RE: Voting for Hillary? You Might BeRudy 2016-03-16 22:01
Excellent post.. Trump is it.. if the people of this country are stupid enough to vote in a fascist socialist then Amerika will be come a gigantic murder-hole. Sieg Heil !! Sieg Heil !! Sieg Heil !!
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# There are 2 facists runningVan 2016-03-16 22:30
Trump is just as much of a fascist as Hillary.

My vote won't matter anyway. Trump will lose in a landslide.
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# Vote anywayJohn - Capt in ANG 2016-03-16 23:07
Courage is doing the right thing even when youre sure you'll fail. Many MOH and Valor awards are for actions no rationale person would willingly do. But they did.

Integrity is doing the right thing. Every time. Not just for the big. Also the small. Not just things you think make a difference but even when you see no point or think anyone will know.

So vote the best of the choices and then let it go. You did your part and no one will or can challenge your courage or integrity.

Seriously. Vote. I hate my choices but Ill be damned if I sit at home and the world is stunned because a handful if votes allowed Hillary to finish goat fscking the US that Obama started.
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# RE: Vote anywayRudy 2016-03-17 00:44
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# SgtVNAF 2016-03-17 03:41
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# RE: There are 2 facists runningDouglas 2016-03-17 02:20
Trump said he will staunchly protect the 2nd Amendment. That makes his a fascist how again?
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# I've known some Fascists and Trump is no FascistAyUaxe 2016-03-17 22:51
Where do people get the idea that Trump is a fascist? There is nothing in his policies or proposals that remotely resembles fascism. Enforcing existing laws on immigration is not fascism. It's simply the rule of law, albeit, the rule of law has been AWOL in the USA for at least 25 years, as one administration after another imposed its views without real voter approval or legal imprimatur. That and involving the government in choosing which industries and companies to support, bail out, and advance, is really a whole lot more like fascism than anything Trump has said or said he will do.

He is and has historically been opposed to military adventurism, especially where there's not clear USA national interest and no clear path to victory. Again, not a fascist position.

A significant aspect of his policy and proposal statements have involved returning decision making responsibility to individuals and local government, particularly with regard to education. He strongly favors preserving the individual self-defense right provided by the 2nd Amendment. No fascist would want a citizenry that was armed and free.

In short, invoking the term, fascist, like nazi, triggers Godwin's law--you go there, you lose the argument. Not just because it's a law, but because it means you don't know what you're talking about, either with respect to fascism and naziism and/or the subject du jour.
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# Facist, authoritarian, whateverRoland 2016-03-18 08:08
Trump as a fascist has nothing to do with his immigration policy. His fascism is demonstrated in his authoritarian nature and statements.

He claimed that he would order our armed services to violate the law with torture and killing civilians. When told that they would refuse to violate the law he initially insisted that they would obey him rather than the law - implying harsh punishment for anyone who refused to obey his illegal orders. When pushed on this, his version of walking it back was to say that he wouldn't force them to violate the law, but that we would have to "look at opening them up."

Simply put, he thinks that torture and killing civilians is just fine and that he can make it happen if that's what he wants. Achieving what he wants is the only thing that matters to him. He is not bound by any underlying principles or ethics.

Donald Trump is not a conservative. He cannot articulate a single conservative principle that he is guided by because he has none. The notion that he will be a champion of the Second Amendment is a delusion. He will flip on his supposed Second Amendment support the first time the wind changes direction.

The argument that those will never vote for Trump are responsible for Hillary Clinton's increasingly inevitable election holds no water. Those who will bare that responsibility are those who are pushing Trump in spite of the fact that he lacks any conservative principles, that he's unsupportable by many, and that he is clearly unelectable.
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# Doesn't Fit the MoldRogerDane 2016-03-19 13:18
Fascism? Really? Trump is certainly an egoist, but then again you need a large ego to take giant chances with large sums of money. But he is not a fascist.
Fascism requires 'force' (more than "you're fired"), it requires a wresting of power thru seizure (historically). Trump doesn't boast about imprisoning any of his opponents (beyond the usual discussion of 'Hillary' and charges). There is no hint of dismantling our Republic (which Obama made clear he 'intended' to do, "... fundamentally change America"!). Trump's sudden rise is scaring people because that is exactly how many 'fascists' came to power and obviously the middle class of America are very discontented (as was all of Germany as Hitler rose) but we are not anywhere near the fiscal situation, the social situation, that the Versailles treaty imposed upon Germany.
Most Americans are fed up with "politics as usual." We see the manipulations and the lobbyists, the results of extreme cronyism (and yes, certainly capitalistic venture requires friends but there is a difference between business men who rise based on their ability and lobbying politicians with money... they are elected by us to represent us, all of us... not just friends) and we watch radical executive actions going unopposed by so called conservatives in Congress. America's middle class is NO LONGER represented. America's Military is no longer represented. America's Founding principles are no longer represented. And so many Americans favor the 'Teddy Roosevelt' bullishness of Donald Trump. Was TR a fascist? No... but he was called one and often is today! NOT voting for Donald Trump, if he wins the nomination, IS VOTING for the demise of America.
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# RE: Facist, authoritarian, whateverAyUaxe 2016-03-25 20:41
So, Roland, you would deny the use of legal enhanced interrogation techniques against terrorists and you would permit terrorists unlimited support from their home bases and supporting communities, instead of cutting off/destroying their support networks (which would necessarily involve killing "civilians." Thanks, but we've had such surrender monkeys running the show for almost 8 years and their results have been abysmal. I'll go with strategies and tactics that are proven or at least don't get more of our people killed than the enemy.

Oh, and please look up the term "fascism" before you go flinging it around again--you clearly don't know what "fascism" is. Consequently, you wouldn't know if you were voting for it or against it.
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# RE: Facist, authoritarian, whateverRudy 2016-03-26 00:53
Toby has hurt feelings which are symptomatic of the initial onset of douche-bag very.. Of which, it is fatal.
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# Roland totally gets itGraciela 2016-06-03 09:26
Thank you.

I'm sickened by any military veteran who actually for even one second is contemplating voting for the lunatic Drumpf. That irrational bully of a small, insecure man, representing our nation on the global stage? Are you kidding me? You wouldn't even....
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# Two out of three ain't badGraciela 2016-06-03 09:22
Van - your third sentence is correct.
Your first sentence is definitely incorrect because you used Hillary in the same sentence as all the rest. Your second sentence is sadly cynical. Please vote.
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# RE: Voting for Hillary? You Might BeK 2016-03-16 23:30
I am a veteran and I will NEVER vote for he draft dodging coward Trump. Nor is it a vote for Hillary so quite trying to peddle that line of crap. Donald is as much a liberal as Hillary only worse he is a fascist Pig akin to Mussolini. So all you wite supremacist, HATING ANGRY trump whores find somewhere else to try and guilt anybody into voting for the slime.
. After all we all know now, with Donald trump there is proof you don't have to be poor to be WHITE TRASH .
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# RE: Voting for Hillary? You Might BeRudy 2016-03-17 00:46
Lol.. you must be black AND stupid. Good on you.
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# RE: Voting for Hillary? You Might BeBill 2016-03-17 02:17
Based on the comment you posted, YOU sound like the angry hater, not Trump supporters. Your post is full of exaggerated statements and emotion. Can't be taken seriously.
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# RE: Voting for Hillary? You Might BeK9 2016-03-17 04:03
PTSD much?
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# K = KommunistWEBZIGHT 2016-03-17 15:14
K = Kommunist Progressive Libtard :-x
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# Veteran? On Whose side?RogerDane 2016-03-19 12:51
Ad hominem attacks are refuge of the thoughless. And you have proved it.
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# Hillare will be POTUSScott Evnas 2016-03-17 00:32
I'm not the brightest star in the sky, but even I know Hillary will be the next president no matter what.
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# Yes, she will be POTUS, terrific at it and represent us well GLOBALLY!Graciela 2016-06-03 09:37
She'll be POTUS because the Democratic Party (the party she's actively supported for decades at many levels) and the vast majority of registered Democratic party voters, We the People WANT her to be POTUS. See how that works? Those who fantasize about Drumpf in the White House continue to be predominantly "non-college Republicans." Guess what? If you're in that group, you're shrinking, outnumbered and should seriously look in the mirror and ask yourself why it's so hard for you to vote for a woman in charge.
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# RE: I called Newt Gingrich about Donald TrumpJon 2016-03-17 02:28
Keep voting for the lesser evil. Maybe you'll get a different result THIS time.
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# RE: I called Newt Gingrich about Donald TrumpDMWARD 2016-03-17 15:01
Hopefully, whoever is elected, the new President can develop a list of Visions, Strategies, Programs, and Projects (VSPPs) and work WITH -- i.e. sell -- Congress to pass implementing legislation and funding (or de-funding?). The VSPP paradigm was advocated by Gingrich a decade ago when he ran American Solutions and commissioned a survey to find out what all Americans really thought about a number of issues. Many of the issues and common sense solutions were in the 60% to 85% range of agreement among those surveyed (Dems, Independents, & Repubs). Yet, political factions are keeping any of them from being implemented.
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# Embarrassed and sad for my countryLinda Dye 2016-04-13 15:15
All I know is that these arguments are probably already too late. America is being dismantled so quickly that my head is spinning. I saw on The Five where they discussed John Brennan being in lockstep with the president on terrorism and not once did they mention his conversion to Islam. Muslims are over-represente d in our government while women and Blacks are underrepresente d. Christian refugees are at the back of the line. Our military is being weakened. If Hillary does take away the 2nd amendment through Supreme Court appointments, we will be sitting ducks. Yet my choices for president may come down to voting for a woman who has been an acessory to serial rape, and committed crimes with her email, and left good men to die, or a loudmouthed crude, oh wait, That was Lyndon Johnson. I may have to take bad manners and bad boy over evil spirit devil woman. Sorry to vent on you like this but I live in a place where I would suffer for having a different view of things out loud.
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# Linda Dye - what country are you living in?Graciela 2016-06-03 09:44
Because what you wrote there has NOTHING to do with the USA, sitting ducks, etc. The nation I live in has recovered nicely from a hellish economic quagmire created by Bush Jr., my 401k and IRA portfolios are WAY up since they got hammered back in 2007 - 2008, unemployment rate is down for everyone (including veterans) and the number of women veterans (like me) who have started businesses in the last five years is up 300%!! All this economic goodness translates into more tax revenue to fund infrastructure, pay military salaries, equipment, etc, allows us to continue to exert global influence, etc. So you go ahead and live in your place of fear and misinformation. The rest of us will let the good times roll. Look for me at Madam President's Inauguration, where women who are happy to be women will be there with our daughters celebrating a monumental moment in history when a tenacious, assertive, educated, forceful, competent woman mastered the political game created by men, and WON. Can't wait!
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# Graciela, you're living in a fantasy world:AyUaxe 2016-06-14 00:41
Lie: Hillary worked on legal services for the poor.
Facts: Hillary's extra-curricula r in 'Law School' was helping the Black Panthers, on trial in Connecticut for torturing and killing a 'Federal Agent.' She went to Court trying to develop grounds for appeal.

Lie: "Hillary spent a year after graduation working on Children's rights."
Facts: Hillary interned with Bob Truehaft, the head of the California Communist Party. She met Bob when he represented the Panthers.

Lie: "Hillary turned down all the lucrative job offers."
Facts: She flunked the D.C. bar exam and only passed the Arkansas bar. No job offers in Arkansas, Only got hired by U. of AR Law School because Bill was already teaching there. Rose Law Firm hired her when Bill became AR AG and she was made a partner when he became Gov.

Lie: "Carter appointed Hillary to the Legal Services Board of Directors."
Facts: The appointment was bought by Bill's support for Carter in his 1980 primary against Ted Kennedy.

Lie: "She served on the board of the Arkansas Children's Hospital."
Facts: She did, but her main board activity, was to sit on the Wal-Mart Board of Directors, for a substantial fee.

Lie: "Hillary failed to socialize health care in 1994 but she helped create the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)."
Facts: Hillary had nothing to do with creating CHIP. It was included in the budget deal between Clinton and Senator Trent Lott.

Lie: "Hillary was the international face of America
Facts: Her travel was to get her out of town so it would not appear that Hillary was running the White House. There was no substantive diplomacy on any of her trips.

Lie: "Hillary was an excellent Senator who kept fighting for Children's and Women's issues."
Facts: Hillary's legislative history is no more than changing the names on courthouses and post offices, setting up a national park in Puerto Rico, providing for respite care for family members helping their relatives through Alzheimer's or other conditions, if already eligible, and two bills to aid 9/11 victims and responders which were sponsored by the entire N.Y. delegation. Presently she is trying to have the US memorialize Woodstock. Much gravitas--not.

God help us if we have another narcissistic, incompetent, anti-American, war mongering fool in the White House. Her immigration policies alone will destroy everything you think you've worked for or gained. That, among other reasons, is why Trump has to win this one. D.C. needs a total tear down and rebuild according to our, the people's interests, not those of globalist financiers and Saudi oil sheiks who can and have bought Hillary.
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