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Hong Kong — echoes — Organizational Structure Dictates Outcome


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Yon-Genre mind-dump, sans edit

The communists kicked me out of Hong Kong in 2020. Then the CCP pandemic blanketed the world and I read tons of books in 2020. I even re-read 1984, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, and others in genre. Those books are amazingly “now.” (I did not re-read Atlas Shrugged. Maybe I should.)

Hong Kong: I was in just over 100 of the major protests in Hong Kong. Also witnessed many smaller actions.

See the image above: I saw things like this THOUSANDS of times just in Hong Kong. I had even more experience with this in 2010 in Thailand. And again in 2014 in Thailand.

And other experiences in other countries such as Nepal, though I have written very little about Nepal other than I was trekking, did Gobar Gas research, and some recreational cannibal hunting. (Everyone needs a break). But on the side, I was spending a lot of time with Maoists. A year in Nepal.

Only one country can instantly go Full Dracula and Authoritarian more than China. That is United States. Washington, D.C. feels far more intense and dangerous to me than Hong Kong, and Hong Kong is now completely taken by China.

Big concern: the authoritarianism we see being facilitated by big tech and others is shortsighted, at best. As authoritarianism grows, eventually the people with armies will take the people with computers. In the Law of the Jungle, Carnivores do Carnivore stuff.

Here’s a little Jungle Law I witnessed in Iraq: https://www.michaelyon-online.com/jungle-law.htm

Facebook just warned me about some post in 2014 — when I was covering jungle law in Thailand. I have no idea what the post is. FB does not say. But you know how tame my posts are. Maybe it was some photos during or after a firefight. I have no idea.

What will Facebook do when someone — maybe years down the road — they helped get into power, turns on Facebook, or wants to squeeze them. Who to call? The courts? Will Facebook cancel an account of some President who is no longer bound by law?

As one wise man often tells me, “Organizational structure dictates outcome.”

Authoritarian structure: Jungle Law transcends communism. Jungle Law becomes law of the land. When big tech offends someone with an army, big tech will get a boot on the door. Lawlessness will make them vulnerable to everything from cartels to the highest and most distant reaches of foreign actors. Rock, paper, scissors: ARMY.

Many people say daily, “I can’t believe they are doing this! It doesn’t make sense.” Such reactions are borne from faulty paradigms. If you keep being surprised, your paradigm must be adjusted to the point that it becomes predictive. If your paradigm is reasonably accurate, you will begin to accurately predict — in general terms — what is likely to happen.

For instance, I have this paradigm that dry forests lead to wildfires. There always are sparks from campfires, fireworks, lightning, and all the likely suspects. We don’t see many wildfires in rain forests during monsoon. A human monsoon is a great economy where Rule of Law is enforced, and people feel and think the government is legitimate and not predatory.

Organizational structure dictates outcome. The organizational structure is being rewired by people who do not understand the circuitry. Or just how high this voltage really is.

I was with Syrians in Turkey. Spent much time with them. A huge part of that civil war resulted from different groups feeling rule of law collapsed and the government was no longer legitimate. I saw this in Nepal. Thailand. Iraq. Afghanistan. Southern Philippines. Poland. Romania. Czechoslovakia. Yugoslavia (I left immediately). Hong Kong.

People are leaving California for same reason. Parts of California and Oregon, not to mention others such as Texas, are beyond just talking about leaving. They are working on it. I do not want these things to happen. I want to write books and live in peace.

I feel like a doctor who has seen patients for years, and now am diagnosing my own family while reading test results that I have successfully used for years. I know what I am seeing. Some folks accuse me of Wanting civil war because I warn about it.

This happened in Iraq when I was 18 months ahead of MSM and the military by saying clearly and repeatedly that Iraq was falling into civil war. This civil war caused massive human and material destruction. But when we finally used the right treatment for the right disease, we doused the civil war from raging inferno back to smoldering mess.

Similar happened when I was writing from Afghanistan, warning in clear terms in 12 major dispatches in 2006 that the Afghan war was being lost. A high level friend at CIA was incredibly angry with me for saying these things publicly. Took MSM and the military THREE YEARS to catch up. Three years of tumor growth.

(Hello CIA — I’ll take my word for it. I am out there on the ground, not pretending that analysing bullshit “test results” can help make accurate predictions. If people knew how much CIA and others depend on MSM and other such “sources,” you’d not be surprised at why 9/11 sneaked up on them. I’d like to see how much time CIA analysts spend on Wikipedia.)

That I am sensing civil war, and am saying this, and therefore want it, is projection and untrue. I warn to avoid. Many people reading this have been in wars. Ask them how much they want to go back. The idea that I want civil war in America is preposterous. I’d rather be covered in murder hornets. Civil war is horrific.

Do they accuse a doctor of wanting them to be sick after reading the results and comparing that with years of practice? Do they want a doctor who will say, “I know you hate bad news. And with that in mind, that lump is fine. Just go home and forget about it. But please pay the bill now.”

The “forest” is drying out.

Today, we see some giant hand with a massive blowdryer drying a massive forest while smoking, and tossing fireworks. Election integrity and rule of law must be upheld or there will be no turning back. The pattern is clear. I’ve seen this in many countries with my own eyes.

On a side note, am seeing articles that later MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) may be helpful against The Virus. Of course I have no idea what is accurate, but I did get that vaccine in 2019 in preparation for a journey back to India. Am not anti-vaxxer at all, but definitely moving with utmost caution with these rapid fire vaccines when the companies have no liability.

Speaking of which, I must go for now. Working on getting a CCP virus test for something. (I have no symptoms or reason to believe I have the virus, but must get the test for another reasons.)

Thank you for your financial support. These journeys around America are expensive, and thank you for forgiving my unedited notes.

Organizational structure dictates outcome.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Mark Matis · 9 months ago
    Remember that the favorite tactic of the Gestapo is "infiltrate, incite, indict." If YOU are siginficant, they WILL be after you.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Matt Bracken · 9 months ago
    Amazing piece, thanks sincerely.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    PJ · 9 months ago
    Watch out when civil war begins to look like the only reasonable alternative.

    "It is probably better for a country that when its government begins to show signs of chronic incompetence it should be overthrown by a mighty mass upheaval - even though such overthrow involves a considerable waste of life and wealth - than that it should be allowed to fall and crumble of itself. A genuine popular upheaval is often an invigorating, renovating and integrating process. Where governments are allowed to die a lingering death, the result is often stagnation and decay - perhaps irremediable decay."
    -- Eric Hoffer, "The True Believer"

    That is, when civil war looks preferable to not having a war.

    There may be another alternative though: massive disobedience. America is the most heavily-armed nation on earth; and being armed helps people to disobey. BTW this fact also means that you are wrong about "Full Dracula and Authoritarian more than China". Nope, that is not America. Washington DC can get as intense and dangerous as it pleases; it does not follow that the rest of us are going to put up with it.
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    Kathleen J. McKelvy · 9 months ago
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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Biff McGoldbergstein · 9 months ago
    This is probably the most clearly written, perceptive piece describing exactly where we are that I have ever read. I would never want CW, but we have to get back to a point where elections matter and rule of law exists again. If those things don't happen the writing is on the wall.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      swrichmond · 9 months ago
      agree. this is truly excellent
      • This commment is unpublished.
        swrichmond · 9 months ago
        P.S. why in Heaven's name would anyone re-read Atlas Shrugged? We are living it.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    John Lockeson · 9 months ago
    >>" I do not want these things to happen. I want to write books and live in peace."

    Me too.
    So very much this.

    But under what terms? That is the question: under what terms will you be left in peace? Our nation is largely comprised of three factions(1): two are antagonistic, operating under different, mutually exclusive ethical principles(2), and a third whose main principle is beer, BBQ, and sportsball. (Not that there's anything terribly wrong with that, I'm also a huge fan of such things.)

    One of these sets of principles was written down as the basis of our founding documents. The other is literally a foreign invader, a toxic philosophy intentionally weaponized.

    Which of these paradigms will prevail in defining the terms under which you will be left in peace? And whichever prevails, what is the correct relationship of a free, autonomous human being to the dominant faction's power structure, no matter how just or unjust it may be?


    (1) I discuss these three factions, and their relevance to current events here: https://johnlockeson.blogspot.com/2021/01/the-coup.html

    (2) I discuss these principles in great detail in my book. In the West, the competing ethical principles split can be traced to John Locke vs Jean Jacques Rousseau. As my pen name indicates, I've picked a side. The split ultimately concerns one crucial question: who has the highest claim on your person, time, labor, and property? You? Or some aggregate collective entity characterized as society/nation/government/etc? If the topic interests you, I humbly offer this for your consideration: https://www.amazon.com/Transcendent-Ethics-Liberty-concise-universal-ebook/dp/B08JFX6L87/
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Johnny Paratrooper · 9 months ago
    Forest fires die down at night and when the sun comes up, the smoke and burst into flames. Have you ever seen a forest fire through night vision Mr. Yon? It's gorgeous. It's as impressive as looking at the Milky Way on a mountain far enough from civilization to enjoy the view with the naked eye.
    Our efforts in Iraq were an umbrella that shaded the embers from the sun of total collapse and civil war. When we left, Iraq burst into flames under the direct sun. ISIS was the forest fire that raged across the country.
    Your insight is priceless. Also, if you are headed to South Africa or South America(The reason for the COVID-19 screening), be careful and have fun.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Scotpatriot · 9 months ago
    Amazing insight and experience Mr Yon I’m now a fan and thanks to Matt Bracken for sending me this way
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Long View · 9 months ago
    Germany, 19 .
    1) Create a Crisis
    2) Control News Media
    ) Declare an Emergency
    4) Commence Reprisals & Eliminate Opposition
    5) Legitimize by Dominating Elections

    Read about the burning of the Reichstag, from which these five points were drawn.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    JohnyMac · 9 months ago
    Great piece!

    Many of us see what is happening and are eunuchs' in trying to stop the blatant corruption within our own government. We are just waiting for the other show to drop.

    7 7 God Bless Brother
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Hope · 8 months ago
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    Hope · 8 months ago
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    Hope · 8 months ago
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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Darryl Snider · 8 months ago
    Civil War is a stretch. War involves armies, governments and industrial support operations. I dont see all of that coming together. But massive civil unrest that involves millions and millions of individuals with lose associations is a real possibility. That would be propelled by a Federal government that will be paralyzed by a financial catastrophe and serious questions of legitimacy. The die has been cast for that scenario. Here are just a few of the realities driving that scenario. Lack of belief in the government (Congress approval rating of 8%) and serious election validity questions. A society who's moral center is being torn out by the cancel culture and destruction of its classic institutions such as faith based ones. Infiltration by the C.C.P. into all faucets of American life but primarily the Media, Internet and financial institutions. Not to mention its greater and greater ownership of politically powerful individuals. This coupled with an inevitable financial debacle that will make the 1929 stock market collapse pale in comparison. That collapse will be caused by the massive reckless debt increases that have been underway for decades and now are increasing exponentially due to how the system is structured (6T in 2000 and 28T today). The population is clearly unnerved. If you dont believe this then look at Gun and ammunition sales that are at historic highs. Ammunition is in very short supply due to panic buying and we are talking about billions of rounds here. Companies selling long term storage food are experiencing product shortages and large price increases due to robust demand. Precious metal physical ownership is way up. All that is needed is the inevitable financial meltdown to begin to set things ablaze. And for those of you who look you should check out the M2 growth numbers and velocity numbers. The pump is primed my friends. It is not if but when unfortunately.
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    Hope · 8 months ago
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    Hope · 8 months ago
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  • This commment is unpublished.
    George McMillan · 8 months ago
    Good notes, I was following your Hong Kong reporting in the recent past and Aguirre and Bracken mentioned this article in their recent videos. Marxism in its post Gramscian variants of the Frankfurt School and French Postmodernism has bifurcated American society. I am figuring the collapse to be from $ 0 Trillion to about $ 5 Trillion in US accumulated debt. The Biden-Pelosi government will hit that window in one term.

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