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French Facing Improvised Weapons in Mali

28 March 2014

This document is in French, but the photographs are in English, and all languages.




+4 # Relavant...Kurt12 2014-03-28 15:13
These pictures need to be seen by those who feel the western world (most of the rest of the world is in my opinion is apathetic as hell) needs to keep the innocents safe from extremists who make, use and plant such devices that kill with extreme violence and force..."De Opresso Libre"...
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+1 # in EnglishValerie Knowles 2014-03-29 20:20
My son is in Mali in the French Foreign Legion... can you please get this in English so I can read it ??

thank you!
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# MsDonna Williamson 2014-03-29 22:10
Thanks for the update MIke. My nephew was in the Peace Corps in Mali when this started. They were able to get out on a chartered plane before the fighting began.vpuy8
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# selahtorahValerie Knowles 2014-03-29 22:25
my son is over there .... please send article in English!
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# Retired OperatorRichard Houchen 2014-03-30 01:47
I will be sending this out to all that I am affiliated with both on my email address book and on my face book
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# French Facing Improvised Weapons in MaliMonte 2017-11-19 23:28
Seriously, fix the ten-seize system!!!!!!

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