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Dispatch 49: Broadstreet Pump: Drinking the Cholera Water



A Yon-genre mind dump without edit:

05 December 2020
Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia

Many folks know I hunted cannibals in India. And found plenty. Including a most remarkable man from Houston.

How did a Southern Boy become a cannibal? Long story. I interviewed him exhaustively in four countries: India, Nepal, Thailand, and the country of Massachusetts. The most interesting story ever.

He came from a wealthy family. Father graduated from Texas A&M and was Army officer during World War II. One of his direct-line grandfathers, William Stevenson, from his Grandfather William Stevenson's autobiography:

"William Stevenson (1768-1857) was a pioneer itinerant Methodist preacher in the southwestern United States. In 1814 or 1815, probably 1815,1 he became the first Protestant of any denomination to preach within the bounds of what is today Texas. He was also among the first Methodists or Protestants to preach in Arkansas and Oklahoma as well. Stevenson’s Autobiography given here is a classic account of frontier and folk Methodism, although it has never been published in its entirety since it first appeared in serial form in the New Orleans Christian Advocate in the year after Stevenson died."


Through DNA and other research, I confirmed much of his family tree, including that William Stevenson is in fact his Grandfather -- among other notables. (Fun fact: If your name is Stevenson or Stephenson, you might be blood relative of the cannibal I tracked down along the Ganges River in India. If you like bacon...hey, they call human "Long Pig" because we taste like pork. Not chicken.)

Anyway, I digress. Gary the Cannibal (GtC) became a cannibal in large part due to trying to cure himself of Polio damage. The most interesting story ever.

And so there I was. India. Before most people knew me from the various wars and conflicts. Cannibal hunting. Some people fly to Africa to shoot elephants. Some people climb mountains because they are there. I prefer cannibal hunting.

Along the India way, you see thousands of people drinking water directly from the Ganges River. Literally cupping a hand or tin cup into the flow and gulping down the raw water. The Ganges is the holiest river for Hindus. They call it Ganga Ma. Mother Ganga. Thus my future series of books on this will be Mother River.

The word ganja in reference to marijuana comes from those who smoke wild weed on the banks of Mother Ganga. And so, for those who smoke ganja, think of cannibals with munchies next time you pull the pipe. The cannibals I tracked mostly smoked cotton clouds of ganja on the Ganges.

And the people would drink the water. Even as human corpses float by. It's nothing to see a dozen human bodies in one day. It's normal. You will not spend one day on the banks of the Ganges by Benares without seeing many human corpses floating by or being picked over by crows and dogs. Don't be under any illusions: Dogs relish people as friends, and dinner.

Ganga Ma, Mother Ganges, is said to be the origin of Cholera. Having read more than forty books on epidemic/pandemic, I can assure you that cholera is a popular historical topic.

We get cholera from drinking infected water. Cholera leads to traumatic dehydration as sick people squirt more cholera into the Ganges, and so every year there are two seasonal bouts with cholera in March-April and September-October. (Dry and rainy seasons, respectively.)

I study these things because I spend years in third world countries, and wars, and I prefer to survive against mosquitos, water, and all the "stuff" out there. There is a lot of stuff.

Cholera still kills maybe 100,000 people per year. Nobody knows, but use that as a working number about as accurate as our CCP virus numbers. If you are trying to fund cholera programs, just bump up the number. If you are competing with cholera, bump down.


From this book, you will learn why epidemiologists often say, "We must remove the pump handle."

Some of the best tasting water in London came from the Broadstreet Pump. Which happened to be massive source of vibrio cholorae, the comma-shaped bacteria that brought so much excitement to the world.

People who say of CCP virus, "We've never faced something like this before," must not have read a single book on epidemic/pandemic. Our ancestors faced this a thousand-thousand times.

One problem with the Broadstreet pump was that it was conveniently located, and tasted great. Like corporate media. Readily available, and delivered by attractive people using the most intense persuasion tactics around.

How to treat Cholera dehydration? Rehydration.

And so, people dying of cholera-induced dehydration from the Broadstreet Pump were treated by rehydration from the Broad Street Pump.

Catch-22 mated with Murphy's Law.

Nothing we are seeing now did not already play out with Cholera, Small Pox, Yellow Fever, and more and more and more. There were quacks, sages, lies galore, false information galore, miracle cures, censorship, politics, bad science. The works. Pandemic with a Thousand Faces. (For Joseph Campbell readers like me...I read all his books.)

The Cholera source was found by gumshoe work. While some "experts" were back theorizing what caused it, often blaming miasma (like normal), while a couple of researchers hit the streets and knocked on doors. Made a map. (There is a reason I spend so much time with maps, and you often see me publish maps.)

Uncanny parallels with corporate media and the Broadstreet Pump. We get sick from mouth of the pump. Then we go back to that fine tasting water for more vibrio cholorae, and people die. Literally die.

Remove the pump handle.

Turn off corporate media other than for information that is harder to skew, such as for hurricane tracking.

Now I see so many ANTIFA types out there.

I say with deep sincerity and humility that these are the same western-types I see in India getting "India Syndrome." You have seen me publish many times that I have seen this trend with my own eyes -- and I was publishing this long before I heard of ANTIFA.

I talk with ANTIFA-types often, and when they are off the "battlefields," the vast majority seem like good people to me. They are willing to fight for something important, and that is not a bad thing. That is a great thing. But they are drinking from the Broadstreet Pump, as are most of us.

I would like to take the top dozen or so ANTIFA leaders with me to some third world places. You know I have spent more than half my life out of America. Many of those years were in third world countries, many of which are communist.

I would like to take them for a couple of months. Just disconnect from the world. Let them see the world I have seen. And watch them become healthy again. And friends.

---This has been a Yon-genre mind dump without edit---

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    2Knives · 11 months ago
    I spent several years behind the Berlin wall back in the early eighties. I was in Army Bravo -6 as an 11-C . Communism is not an enlightened society where every one is equal. The communist party ran East Germany according to the dictates of the Soviet Union. If you tried to leave you died. If you did not work where they told you to you died. Food, clothing, housing, and electricity was rationed. Collectivism is for insects! If you travel outside the U.S., you are always glad to return. We may not be perfect, but B.L.M. and Antifa are all wrong in so many ways. My only prayer is that we can keep our republic.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    DeWalt · 11 months ago
    An accurate synopsis. No reasoning taught to filter the water.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Charles Schofield · 11 months ago
    The thing is, most of the mal-educated little twerps who are the foundation of the New Brownshirts (Antifa, for those who haven’t been paying attention) would look at filth, poverty, and ignorance that existed for a thousand years before the United States was even thought of...and blame it on America. They would talk to hard-core Tribalist bigots and come away babbling about ‘folk wisdom’. The information that A) what socialism mostly produces is misery and mass graves and B) middle class activist types are he first up against the wall when the Strong Man emerges has been widely available to anyone who would look for more than half a century. They refuse to see it. They don’t WANT to be cholera-free.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Molly Crocker · 11 months ago
    Academia. I taught math at the local community college. The students told me about one of the professors who gave credit for joining the local version of Occupy Wall street. I no longer work there.

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