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Dispatch 18: Pressurized HUMINT Network in Portland: firehose with valve stuck open

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artSource: AP Photo/Jeff Swinger

Folks who have followed my work for years know that first thing I do in new conflicts is to create my intel network. Specifically a HUMINT network. Human intelligence.

What was my secret to getting Iraq, Afghanistan, and other conflicts right so quickly? There are many, but number one indicator on mood is HUMINT sources and flows.

In 2005 in Iraq, HUMINT was sluggish. Bad sign. By 2006, HUMINT was picking up. By 2007, HUMINT from Iraqis was blasting from the firehose and by the end of 2007 the violence plummeted.

Likewise, when I took a break from Iraq in 2006 and headed to Afghanistan, HUMINT was drying up.

In 2006, I published a dozen major dispatches that the Afghan war was going against us. Even many of my CIA and other professional intelligence sources were telling me I was wrong about Afghanistan even when I was asking simple questions: Is your HUMINT becoming MORE reliable or LESS reliable? Are the flows going UP, or DOWN?

Are your spending cash and effort to develop sources, or are they coming to you free of charge?

As you know, I have hardly stepped foot in America in about a decade. I came straight to Portland.

So far:

1) Developing a network never has been easier. Notice that yesterday I told you in advance on Twitter what ANTIFA would do last night, and I was right. I just got here and already the network is getting that good.

2) This network is PRESSURIZED. Tons of people here are sick of ANTIFA. This, even as we see this population prepared to elect a pro-ANTIFA mayor.

My entire day into the evening will be filled with appointments with sources.

Gut instinct is that Portland is ripe for insurrection against the insurrection.

Time to go: I will be on War Room Pandemic at about 1130 EST today, about 4.5 hoursfrom now.

I need your financial support. Hotels and all this are expensive, and I must build physical base such as purchasing vehicle and so forth. War work takes cash. Please share my dispatches, and SUPPORT.

Thank you.

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