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Comfort Women Scam Splashing in Canada


20 March 2015

The comfort women statues are all part of a giant scam perpetrated by Koreans and Chinese.  The ultimate goal is to cause frictions with our alliance with Japan, and to keep Japan weak.  China is on the march.  Korea is their puppet.

Please see this letter:

March 18, 2015

Mayor Derek Corrigan
City of Burnaby
4949 Canada Way
Burnaby, British Columbia, V5G, IM2

Honorable Mayor Corrigan,

It is my understanding the City of Burnaby is going to be considering approval of the installation of a Korean Comfort Woman Statue Monument within the limits of the City. To grant a permit for such a controversial international monument is certainly not in best interest for the City of Burnaby. It will be detrimental and damaging to the fine relationship of the city with Japanese companies and the many Canadian and Americans of Japanese ancestry residents in both the City of Burnaby and elsewhere in Canada or the United States.

To offer the objection from the perspective of a Japanese American Korean War Veteran, I would like to introduce myself. I have been a resident of Buena Park, California for 30 years and prior to that lived in nearby La Mirada for 23 years and have had a Land Surveying business in Fullerton for over 30 years.  I am a second generation American of Japanese Ancestry born, raised and educated in Redlands, California.

As a young boy of 12 years of age, I was a victim of the mass World War II incarceration of over 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry living on the West Coast of the United States.  In 1950 during the Korean War, in spite of my incarceration by the United States Government in WWII, I volunteered for the U.S. Marine Corps to serve, fight and defend a country and a people I did not even know.  I lost two very close friends in the Korean War, one of Mexican descent whom I first met in Kindergarten and to this day, 63 years later, still feel responsible for his death.  Five sons of my first generation parents from Japan served in the U.S. military in Americas wars. Two in WWII with the much decorated Japanese American 442nd Regimental Combat Team and three of us were in Korea during the war at the same time.

Although I strongly object to the proposed Korean Comfort Woman monument in any location in the United States, my objection to this monument in no way means I condone or defend the actions of Japan. With this letter I am merely defending the integrity of our Japanese American communities across our nation.  An apology for this issue is due from Japan for any atrocities, if committed and not by governmental agencies in the U.S. or by individuals. This is strictly an issue between the two foreign countries.

After watching and hearing the speakers at a City of Buena Park hearing on TV, I heard many very young Koreans telling their stories of the atrocities with figures and statistics.  In my opinion, they are comparable to younger generation Japanese Americans who speak of the horrible conditions in the internment camps and often exaggerate their stories to get their point across to viewers or an audience.

I would like to mention to you, long before World War II, a very large portion of Orange County, California was predominantly farms owned and operated by first and second generation Japanese Americans. They were farming long before any Korean people ever set foot in the area.  It is not fair to blame our first generation parents who came here as far back as the late 1800’s for atrocities committed by Japan during World War II. There is a Japanese American farming industry museum on the grounds of the California State University in Fullerton and not one monument recognizing the Japanese American farming industry is erected on any city property in Orange County.

In my opinion, I do not feel that a monument for such a controversial issue is in the best interest of any City or anywhere else in Canada or the United States. It is a problem between two foreign countries and such a monument only intensifies the divided issue and only benefits one segment of people in your very diverse society.  Will that mean you will be open to additional monuments in your city to commemorate the slavery of the blacks, the immigration of the Hispanics, the execution of the Jewish people during WWII and the illegal incarceration and stripping of the constitutional rights of Canadian and American citizens of Japanese ancestry during their internment in WW II?

The proposed monument is to commemorate a foreign issue and is not what I, nor well over 6,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry and the 255 who gave their lives served and died for in the Korean War.  We fought and we died for the love of our country and the freedom of the people of the Republic of Korea, not so they could ultimately migrate to Canada or the United States and bring shame to our heritage. Japanese Americans have shed their blood in America’s wars from World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War and Desert Storm to gain the respect of our nation. To bring an unrelated issue between Japan and South Korea to local cities is detrimental to our Japanese American heritage and reputation earned with our blood and lives sacrificed for our country.

It is well known throughout the Japanese American communities, there is a hatred exercised here in the United States by the Korean people, against the Japanese in Japan, but this hatred has been brought to the United States against the Japanese Americans as well. I have to assume it is the same in Canada.

In 2007, I received an email from a non-Korean professor at a university in Seoul, Korea.  He asked me why the university was still teaching hatred for the Japanese in Japan and asked why they even include the Japanese Americans in the United States.  The Japanese Americans certainly do not deserve such disrespect or bigoted treatment. The Korean people should appreciate Canadians and Japanese Americans bravely served during the Korean War and helped them gain their freedom to come to America.  Japanese Americans living in the City of Fullerton and Orange County and all Veterans of Japanese Ancestry are in complete agreement with my objection.

In 1997, I helped organize and was the president for the first four years of the Japanese American Korean War Veterans Organization.  To try and help bridge that hatred gap between the Korean people and the Japanese Americans, our organization, with the permission of the Republic of Korea government built a Memorial near the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea listing each individual name of the 255 Japanese Americans killed in the Korean War. That Memorial is located at Imjin Gak, Paju City in South Korea.  To allow the Comfort Woman monument for atrocities committed by a foreign country in any City will not help bring a resolution or local harmony. It will only destroy any positive benefit we may have gained in the past as a result of the Japanese American Korean War Veterans’ Memorial in Paju City, South Korea.

A display or publicizing a Korean Pre-World War II related Comfort Woman statue will serve no purpose in Burnaby, except to renew and prolong the insult to the heritage of the Japanese Americans in Canada and the United States who had absolutely nothing to do with actions attributed to Japan during and before World War II.  The hatred shown by the Korean people towards the Japanese, including Japanese Americans will only be intensified by any Korean Comfort Woman Statue or other related objects.

The Japanese Americans as American Citizens were severely punished by the U.S. Government in World War II solely because of our heritage, consequently we certainly do not deserve a second opportunity to fight our way out of another racial humiliation.

I suggest your city merely pass a resolution in support of fair justice between Japan and Korea.  This would place the City of Burnaby on record in aiding international efforts for justice. If this monument is built anywhere within your jurisdiction, it will only continue and increase the hatred currently being suffered by the Japanese Americans in Canada and the United States.

It is very important to understand that today, we have many new young generations of Korean and Japanese Americans who hold no animosity and are very good friends, including marriages. To renew a past hatred by erecting such an offensive monument will only help destroy those friendships that have developed over two generations. Please do not create an unnecessary concern for them.

My final comment is to bring to your attention that on Thursday, August 29, 2013, the City Council of the City of Buena Park, California, setting a precedence, voted to deny the implementation of the Comfort Woman Statue Monument in the City of Buena Park.


Robert M. Wada
Sgt., U.S.Marine Corps. Korea,1951-‘52

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Wade Johnson · 6 years ago
    Just wanted to tell you sir..you are a Japanese lover and Korean hater

    You're not being neutral here you fucking hypocrite. You just hate Koreans. such a shame with such a popularity you have only one sided mind. Supporting Japs all the time.

    and don't pretend you're playing a nice guy here cause you're not asshole. I love Japan and Korea. I love them both. thats what you should be promoting. Not to make situation worse you dumbfuck.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      JB · 6 years ago
      That's what we need, dispassionate analysis of the issue.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Ron Snyder · 6 years ago
    Perhaps Mr. Johnson would also like to gloss over the Rape of Nanking.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    johnr · 6 years ago
    The Japanese were brutal in WWII They also never really paid the reparations they should have paid
    Right after the war political and industrial power went back to the right wing who began the war
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Kay Ballen · 6 years ago
      The Japanese gov. apologize & paid reparations in 1965 (San Francisco treaty) to President Peak. However he hide them 40 years!!!! Very Korean way!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Cam Fahlman · 6 years ago
    I fear that Mr. Wada is incorrectly comparing (and thereby confusing) certain events, and offers an argument that is not logical. I suspect that this confusion is exacerbated by Mr. Wada writing from a position of deep sorrow for what his ancestors have suffered in North America. He fails to understand the equally-deep sorrow felt by those many unfortunate people who were, and continue to be, victims of Imperial Japan's racist attitudes. Japan committed horrific injustices against hundreds of thousands of female civilians taken from their families in Korea, China and elsewhere throughout Southeast Asia. It does not get a "Pass" for this Asian Holocaust because its own people suffered in that same war. Today's Japan continues to be culpable because--unlike Canada--it has not offered a sincere, official apology for wrongs committed against others, nor has it offered any form of reparations. Its politicians and other gov't officials have repeatedly tried to deny having organized the hundreds of rape houses created throughout the aforementioned region between 19 8 and 1945. The monument being proposed is absolutely necessary to remind today's and future generations of a sad story from a dark past: the inhumanity of those who are powerful towards vulnerable fellow human beings, and the importance of combating racism and denials of history by teaching stories of truth.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    raymo@murray.ca · 6 years ago
    I agree with Cam Fahlman comments completely and wish to add that until the Japanese government acknowledges all atrocities committed during WWII, there will be more monuments built around the world to remind people of their past barbaric deeds.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Kay Ballen · 6 years ago

      If this CW were true, Korean men kidnap,rape,kill own mothers and sisters, since they were Japanese soldiers at that time. And then those Korean men pretend innocent after the war? One of them even became Korean President!!!!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
    Mr. Wada repeatedly writes that erecting the statue will renew the tensions between Japanese and Korean Americans. How is this so? What studies can he cite to back up his claim?

    He further writes that erecting the statue would be detrimental to the heritage and reputation of Japanese Americans. He does not explain how this could happen.

    Mr. Wada is merely offering personal assumptions that he attempts to make into facts by stating his military background. Nowhere in his piece does he give cited references to the so called tensions that would arise.

    There are international Holocaust monuments around the world, yet there are no objections or complaints from Germans about the same issue. The difference is that Germany has taken full responsibility for its actions and made the appropriate reparations. If Japan were to do the same, perhaps Japanese Americans would not have the need to feel ashamed by the statue. And perhaps then, the statue could be seen for what it is really about.

    The statue is not to shame anyone. It is to recognize the suffering and the strength of the women who endured sexual slavery during the invasion war by Japan in Asia decades ago.

    "Comfort Women" is not an issue just between two countries. It is an issue that must be continually raised and taught by everyone in this world. To simply push the responsibility onto the government is to disperse responsibility. There's an actual psychological term for this: diffusion of responsibility. Studies have shown how detrimental this can be. If individuals do not feel responsible, they are less likely to act pro-socially. In fact, Dr. Suedfeld of the University of British Columbia writes that diffusion of responsibility explains why so many European citizens stood silent during the persecution of Jews. It is the attitude of "it's not my problem" that leads down a slippery slope. Are you going to silently stand by while the voices of these women fade? Or are you going to be their voice?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Smitty · 6 years ago
      The comfort woman system has been in use in Korea prior to Japanese occupation and even now still exists. Recent government estimates and woman advocates groups say proatitution accounts for anywhere from 1% to over % of the nations gdp. I recently watch a documentary on a small island in South Korea where they still have slaves working the farms. There has been recent protests by large numbers of prostitutes over recent government legislation in an attempt to eradicate the extreme level of proatitution within the country and its reputation as a sex holiday destination.
      Japan has documented proof that all comfort woman were to have been already active prostitutes and there is even evidence where they actively investigated and prosecuted thought that attempted to trick the woman into this profession or force them.

      If Korea wants someone to blame for this whole comfort woman issue and. The shame it has brought them they only have to look in the mirror and within their own country. Instead of taking responsibility for their own issues they are trying to lay blame on another country and play the poor me card.

      All this information is public knowledge, easy to find within their own government and educational archives. Just search for the history of prostitution in Korea and there it is.

      Shame on Korea for not being able to accept responsibility for their own actions and shame on them for allowing such atrocities against woman to still exist in a modern society.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
        It looks like there are people who don't understand what it means by: Two Wrongs don't make a Right.
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Kay Ballen · 6 years ago
          Comfort women were high payed war time prostitutes. Japanese did not kidnap, if any Korean broker did.Japanese gov. tried to arrest them very heard.
          Korean prostitute are traditional Korean Job and they do all over the world even today.

          The Korean men are still trick the Korean women and pull them prostitute industry. THE COUNTRY DO NOT TEACH TRUE HISTORY TO HER PEOPLE, THEY DO THE SAME MISTAKE OVER AND OVER.
          In Korea
          ALL over the world 
          http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada- 2155187
          Elderly Korean prostitute

          Do you need more?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Kay Ballen · 6 years ago
      Mr.Campbell, Japan made the appropriate reparations and apologies, even though CW were prostitutes(evidence shows very high pay)

      This is not Holocaust, because:

      Statement Made by ELI COHEN, Former Israeli Ambassador to Japan
      Interviewed by Ms. Ohtaka Miki, journalist on March 24, 2014

      The Holocaust was a catastrophe without parallel anywhere in the world. It was perpetrated by Nazi Germany and only Nazi Germany. The use of the word “Holocaust” in connection with any other nation is preposterous. Even more preposterous are attempts to equate military prostitutes with the Holocaust. Japan has never committed any act even remotely resembling the Holocaust.

      I urge the Japanese people to awaken to the fact that today, with the advent of a new Cold War structure, many nations are using the Holocaust as a propaganda tool. This is not the time to argue that the Korean accusations are lies ? lies that no one will believe. Use any and every weapon at your disposal, especially the Internet, to broadcast the truth to the world and fight back against these attacks, which are clearly information warfare.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
        For Kay Ballen:
        As to Eli Cohen's statement, it appears that this statement was taken word for word from this website (http://musashi-sumeragi.blog.jp/archives/7658592.html), which cannot be verified either to be accurate or true.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Kay Ballen · 6 years ago
    S Korea gov.were committed barbaric atrocities and massacre during the Vietnam War. They also had Vietnamese CW at that time. Korea are not admit it, not apologize.

    At least Japan apologize 5 times and payed the reparations.

    The real meaning of Comfort Woman Statue are,,,,
    The Korean and Chinese Alliance Committee in Australia's news letter said

    5. We will demand that the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott ,,,,,,, correct his mistake in thinking that Japan is Australia’s best friend in Asia.

    6. We will urge the Australian government to change their thinking towards Japan as their ally, and demand their foreign policies that currently lean towards Japan to be changed so that Australia will treat Korea and China equally with Japan.

    7. We will urge the US government not to be deceived by Japan, acknowledge the dark evil intention of Prime Minister Abe, stop remilitarization of Japan and change their foreign policies that put Japan first before Korea and China.

    8. We will hereby announce that both Korean and Chinese people will work together for the benefits of both countries and we will continue our activities until above mentioned aims are fulfilled.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
      I suppose Kay Ballen does not understand what it means by "Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right".
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Kay Ballen · 6 years ago
        Peter Campbell:>>Two Wrongs don't make a Right.>>

        I am taking about S.Korea's history re-withing & cover up attitude.
        S Korea deny barbaric atrocities and massacre in the Vietnam War. Ex-S Korea military men attic the news paper company and destroy the office, injure
        the stuffs.
        Therefore S Korea hide the whole war crime.

        You are doing "two wrongs make a right" all the time,so you understand my post that way.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Kay Ballen · 6 years ago
        Fact is Fact.
        At least Korean's Vietnam War Crime has a lot of real evidence.
        The Phong Nhi & Phong Nhat MASSACRE
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
    It is about time for the uninformed and/or misled people to do some serious reading and learning.

    Firstly, what evidence is there that 'Comfort Women' were comfort? There are multiple historians and scholars estimate upwards of 200,000 women were forced into sexual slavery (please see links below for citations). For people's references, here is a link to a journal article from the Berkeley Journal of International Law which substantiates from legal point of view that comfort women were slaves:

    http://scholarship.law.berkeley.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1242&context=bjil&sei-redir=1&referer=http% A%2F%2Fscholar.google.ca%2Fscholar% Fstart% D20%26q% Dcomfort%2Bwomen%26hl% Den%26as_sdt% D0%2C5#search=%22comfort%20women%22

    For citations of documented proof of 'Comfort Women', those interested can read another article published in the Journal of International law:

    http://scholarship.law.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1256&context=jil&sei-redir=1&referer=http% A%2F%2Fscholar.google.ca%2Fscholar% Fstart% D40%26q% Dcomfort%2Bwomen%26hl% Den%26as_sdt% D0%2C5#search=%22comfort%20women%22

    In fact, the U.N.'s High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay recently made a statement in the summer of 2014, stating, "It pains me to see that these courageous women, who have been fighting for their rights, are passing away one by one, without their rights restored and without receiving reparations to which they are entitled". For those interested, here are the links to the news articles regarding the UN's statement on 'Comfort Women':



    For Kay Ballen:
    As to Eli Cohen's statement, it appears that this statement was taken word for word from this website (http://musashi-sumeragi.blog.jp/archives/7658592.html), which cannot be verified either to be accurate or true.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Kay Ballen · 6 years ago
      Reading berkeley edu report, I have to say that Korean men seriously committed sex slavery now and often.
      And since this is still going problem, we should accuse them much seriously and have to stop it.

      Not only above news, but Korean men went neighbor country and pay a big sumto get slave wives. Those wives do not have any freedom and often killed.
      http://www.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_international/647 54.html


      Since Korean gov.not solve those problems, they are very double standers and they are using this CW thing for only political reason.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
        To Kay Ballen.

        Too bad you are backing away from the original topic, the 'Comfort Women' as one of the war crimes committed by Japan during WWII in Asia. Changing the subject matter is always the easy way out for the speechless one.

        I bet you don't read scholarly papers or research often. The reference you posted gives you zero weight in defense of the Japanese war crimes. If you are puzzled about why the world is still waiting for the Japanese government to sincerely apologize for their war crimes, think of Germany. Why do Germany's neighbors no longer demand apologies? Well, they have, as you said, apologized enough and more importantly, "sincerely". The German government apparently knows the only way to get forgiveness, respect and live peacefully with the neighbors is to really apologize from their heart.

        'Comfort Women' is not a political agenda. For more detailed information, please see the following link to a journal article from the Berkeley Journal of International Law which substantiates from legal point of view that 'Comfort Women' were slaves, not prostitutes.

        http://scholarship.law.berkeley.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1242&context=bjil&sei-redir=1&referer=http% A%2F%2Fscholar.google.ca%2Fscholar% Fstart% D20%26q% Dcomfort%2Bwomen%26hl% Den%26as_sdt% D0%2C5#search=%22comfort%20women%22
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Kay Ballen · 6 years ago
          To Peter Campbell

          Too bad you don't understand it is the whole one big crime that Korean men committed.

          From long before the WW2, Korean men use sex slaves to China,in order to get their own(Korean men) safety.

          Korean men were recruiter, handler, brothel manager all the time. They did exactly same thing during WW2, Bodo League massacre,the Korean War, the Vietnam War, then all over the world.

          During WW2, there were a lot of evidence Korean men deceive or kidnap women.Japanese police arrest Korean handlers,and close the brothels.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Kay Ballen · 6 years ago
      Koreans chose one of the Imperial Japanese soldier as their President(Park) after the war.

      If Comfort women were sex slave, Park is also a kidnapper and sex slave user war criminal.
      20,000 women had family, relatives, friends, they did not complain at all but chose as their President?

      Then in Korean War, Korean comfort women (Brothels) had managed as a national policy by Park Chung-hee president himself.
      Comfort women, has been provided to the US military and UN forces as fifth species supplies.
      /8/ 84e2d12.jpg" target="_blank">http://livedoor.blogimg.jp/warakan2ch/imgs/ /8/ 84e2d12.jpg /8/ 84e2d12.jpg" class="jcm-img-preview" />
      Yanggongju ; See here. Prostitutes in S. Korea for the U.S. military ..
  • This commment is unpublished.
    johnr · 6 years ago
    Korea is China's puppet??? I though Korea was our puppet ?
    Why did they take our puppet. I hate China
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Smitty · 6 years ago
    I do understand what two wrongs don't make a right mean but you apparently do not understand law and eesponsibility. I have read the comfort women's legal submission and they were unable to give a single name for any Japanese military personnel responsible for their apparent forced sex work. No recruiter, no handler, no brothel manager, no one. They even admittedly said that the statute of limitations past for any of these individuals to be prosecuted so they want justice for what has happened to them so they are trying to lay blame on the Japanese governor who issued orders that none of this girls should be forced into being a comfort girl or mistreated an repeatedly published and prosecuted all that violated that order. Who they comfort girls have named in them falling into that world was family members who sold them off.

    I feel for those women who were forced into that lifestyle but don't believe they will find justice by laying blame on the Japanese government. Perhaps they should name those responsible to the Japanese government and perhaps they will be able to seek justice on their behalf.

    As of today I see no evidence that implicates the IJA, all the evidence I have seen says the opposite and if you are too blind to actually take an unbiased approach to this then I can not help you.

    Also take a look at the organizations representing these women, the korean government is currently being sued by them for taking the money set aside for them by the Japanese government. One of the main comfort womans group was arrested for being a North Korean spy. Some comfort woman were found to be imposters(believe they were in the North Korean spies group...)

    These things are not helping their case and is also aging the ability of the real victims from acquiring justice.

    When you compare this to the nazi's remember that the nazis had lots of records to show what they were up to and they prosecuted all those responsible for it. Why can't these woman give any names? When they start saying names, dates, and give evidence that can be followed up on then I will start listening.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
      Smitty, listen to what Mr. Etsuro Totsuka, a citizen of Japan, has to say in his article here:

      http://japanfocus.org/-Totsuka-Etsuro/ 885/article.html

      Proposals for Japan and the ROK to Resolve the “Comfort Women” Issue: Creating trust and peace in light of international law 日本と韓国への提言「従軍慰安婦」問題の解決作とは国際法を踏まえて、信頼と平和を築くこと - by Etsuro Totsuka

      Despite its obligations under international law, Japan has failed to punish even a single perpetrator of the crimes committed against the "comfort women", who are estimated to number about 200,000. This non-punishment should be condemned as one of the worst examples of de facto impunity in world history.

      • This commment is unpublished.
        Kay Ballen · 6 years ago
        Your info. is the fabricate one. For your Info:
        All the article done by Etsuro Totsuka(lawyer) ,Kenichi Takagi(lawyer), Yuki Tanaka(scolar) are false. It is already proofed all are false, too.

        By the way German & UN had comfort women. So
        If you only accuse Japan for it, that you are discriminate.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TAKAYUKI KOKUBU · 6 years ago

    there are too many koreans & chinese who spread this propaganda in English,when not so many japanese in USA.
    that makes you guys believe them easily.
    but they only appeal with emotion,never show evidence exept for CWs testimony which turned out to be a perfect lie.
    watch this video from 9: 0
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
      It is known to the world that the Japanese government were the ones who coerced and tricked women into being 'Comfort Women', under the pretence of high-paying labour. For evidence of this, see the following article written by Etsuro Totsuka, a citizen of Japan.

      https://digital.lib.washington.edu/dspace-law/bitstream/handle/177 .1/825/8PacRimLPolyJ047.pdf?sequence=1
      Pacific Rim Law & Policy Association

      SLAVERY - by Etsuro Totsuka
      Despite international condemnation, Japan has done little to recognize its responsibility for forcing over 200,000 "Comfort Women" into sexual slavery for the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War.
      However, in a landmark April 1998 decision, a Japanese court ordered Japan to compensate three Korean "Comfort Women." This was the first time that a Japanese court found in favor of foreign plaintiffs in a postwar compensation case. The court held members of the Diet negligent under the State Liability Act for failing to enact a compensation law for the "Comfort Women." Although the judgment will almost certainly be overturned, it should have widespread political impact. The court's extensive fact-finding regarding "Comfort Women" will be hard to challenge and should bolster the movement to have the Japanese Government compensate and restore dignity to the "Comfort Women" victims.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    KP · 6 years ago
    ""The difference is that Germany has taken full responsibility for its actions""

    No, they just pushed it off onto "the Nazis" and the West agreed to buy that. "We're sorry, but it was really just them.."

    Japan can't do that, everyone accuses the whole nation instead of one political party.

    As for apologies "from the heart" LoL ! No politician EVER really means what he says! Slime and scumbags who would sell their mothers to get power!
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Kay Ballen · 6 years ago
      Exactly!!! Germany has taken full responsibility?LOL
      Germany had the Comfort women!! and very hidden,,
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TAKAYUKI KOKUBU · 6 years ago
    lol. Etsuro Totsuka(lawyer),Kenichi Takagi(lawyer),Yuki Tanaka(scolar),this kind of japanese are cooperators of the Japan Communist Party(also for the chinese one).
    id been a supporter of JCP for 0 years till i realized i was fooled.so i know all the way they do.always trying to find any materials,fabricating whatever to attack the Japanese goverment.but now they go too extream.even JCP is beggining to take distance.they are just saying and writting without ploof.here ia the US official report in 1944 to deny forced migration of Korean women.if there is any American who doesnt take a word for it,he should blame his own country as well.
    http://www.exordio.com/19 9-1945/codex/Documentos/report-49-USA-orig.html
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Peter Campbell · 6 years ago

      Surely it will take you many more years to realize that you are now being fooled and manipulated by the Abe government. By then you will realize that Mr. Etsuro Totsuka was being honest. Here is an article to help you realize this sooner. The truth and historical facts about the 'Comfort Women' issue are known to the world. However, it is better late than never for the uninformed and misled population to learn.


      Does 1944 U.S. Military Report Prove “Comfort Women” Were “Just Prostitutes”?
      Some of the Japanese right-wing nationalists cite this report as if it is a newly uncovered historical evidence, but it has been known among scholars of “comfort women” for more than 20 years. In fact, it was part of the supporting documents compiled by the Japanese government when then-Cabinet Minister Yohei Kono released the famous statement in 199 in which Japanese government acknowledged responsibility for its direct involvement in the trafficking and exploitation of “comfort women” for the first time. While right-wing nationalists believe the report to be the “silver bullet” proving their case, scholars actually consider it one of many documents that prove Japan’s culpability.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
    To Smitty.

    Smitty must be coming from an unknown planet where rape victims ask their rapists' for their name, address and phone number for future lawsuits. I’m sure if you were being raped, the first thing you’d do is ask the rapist for the name and contact number, and not trying to survive or escape. And if you can’t tell if that is sarcasm, it is sarcasm.

    The following news article should help you to understand the 'Comfort Women' issue from the world's perspective.


    The Obama administration has danced around the topic in the week leading up to the visit but one analyst said officials are frustrated with Japan's lack of progress on the issue. "Prime Minister Abe is needlessly providing ammunition to his critics in China and South Korea," said Sue Mi Terry, a former US intelligence officer who specialises in Asian affairs. She added Abe is "creating an obstacle to Japan's further normalising its military and rearmament by flirting with historical revisionism".

    Meanwhile, a group of lawmakers, led by California Congressman Mike Honda, have called on Abe to "squarely face history" with its Asian neighbours by not only apologising but also updating history textbooks in Japan to reflect the reality of what the women went through. Honda called Abe's decision not to mention the issue in his speech "utterly shameful and shocking".
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TAKAYUKI KOKUBU · 6 years ago
    well,all i want is EVIDENCE.

    i think in the States,Japanese communists are much more reliable than US gaverment.and noone shows any evidence like the US official report to deny the comfort wemons testimony or the IWP report which US congress spent 7years and concluded there was no evidence..

    for those who dont understand Japanese or Korean.

    here is untranslated articles in USA


    at the lecture in Nagoya city,KONO YOHEI uttered (i didnt say anything without proof in KONO statement,thats why i didin put the word which can admit "compulsion"



    in S.Korea, when the ministry of female & familiy was asked the reason why the expression of teaching materials for CW issue is as moderate as if there was no compulsion.they answered(as there is no evidence of "forced migration",its difficult to add the word). then they got a strong basing from Korean people.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peter Campbell · 6 years ago

    Open your eyes, your mind and read this:

    Western Scholars Urge Abe to ‘Act Boldly' in Addressing History

    Bloomberg : By Andy Sharp

    A group of almost 200 scholars urged Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to “act boldly” in addressing Japan’s colonial rule and wartime aggression as the 70th anniversary of his nation’s surrender nears. Here is the link to the full article:

    http://finance.yahoo.com/news/western-scholars-urge-abe-act-0 846196.html

    Here is the link to the Open Letter:

    The undersigned scholars of Japanese studies express our unity with the many courageous historians in Japan seeking an accurate and just history of World War II in Asia.

    Exploitation of the suffering of former “comfort women” for nationalist ends in the countries of the victims makes an international resolution more difficult and further insults the dignity of the women themselves. Yet denying or trivializing what happened to them is equally unacceptable. Among the many instances of wartime sexual violence and military prostitution in the twentieth century, the “comfort women” system was distinguished by its large scale and systematic management under the military, and by its exploitation of young, poor, and vulnerable women in areas colonized or occupied by Japan.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TAKAYUKI KOKUBU · 6 years ago
    first of all,none of american scholars did any field reserch.all of them,including Harberd.P.Bix.they are too insincere to be historians..they are just standing on Yoshida testimony(by Asahi simbuns campaign) that confessued "abduction" in Korea.but his lies were given out long time ago by the feild reseach of Japanese scholar and Korean news paper.they met many people in the cene of the days,but old nighbors said nothing happened there. and the last year at last Asahi simbun and JCPs newspaper Akahata(Red Flag) admitted Yoshida was a swindler.but the american historians on the left wing keep ignoring it.and when a professer of Seoul university carried out inquiring survey to more than 10 comfort women, he found all the testimonies are untrue,he said it on TV. then he got huge rage from all the public,he got prosecuted and beaten.and he had to apologized to comfort women with his knees and head on the ground.this is the way always different opinion is opressed in S.Korea.

    secondly,19 american historians announced that they will be fighting with japanese GOOD historian like Yoshiaki Yoshimi( whose ex student became a congress woman from JCP last year).but they didint know Yoshimi changed his allegation already,LOL..and they couldnt answer the questions from 19 japanese historians LOL.

    now even Yoshimi admits there is no evidence that the Japanese officials kidnapped Korean women but most of the women were deceived by Korean broker.

    but Yoshimi or Asahi or Red Flag,they are changing the subject of abduction to the violation of womens human rights. at present, they are accusing Japanese goverment by the new strategy in this way.

    only the radical rings like Totsuka,Takagi still go on.thats why JCP is taking distance from them,because of no reallity.

    in the states,inconvinient info is not transrated by New york times as the head office in Japan is in Asahi shimbun building.and reporters are anti -Japan Japanese.thus Americans are being isolated from the latest info.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
    TAKAYUKI KOKUBU's biased comments here definitely show the historical ignorance among many Japanese people, and confirms the world's fear: Abe’s so-called textbook “reform” policy on 'Comfort Women' is raising future generation of Hideki Tojos.

    Do us a favor, don’t bore us with biased and unfounded info. Abe’s actions speak louder than words.
    The right-wing Japanese government, under PM Abe, and well-funded lobbyists in America are doing everything they can to distort or marginalize the history of Comfort Women & Japan’s wartime aggression. Unfortunately, these ignorant Japanese will not go away until they can totally whitewash their dirty and unforgettable war crimes in WWII.

    Fortunately the whole world is watching. Just to name a few names here:

    Anne Allison, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Duke University.
    Jan Bardsley, Associate Professor of Asian Studies, University of North Carolina,
    James Bartholomew, Professor, Department of History, The Ohio State University.

    Brett de Bary, Professor, Asian Studies and Comparative Literature, Cornell University.

    Michael Baskett, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Film and Media Studies, University of Kansas.
    Alan Baumler, Professor of History, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

    Alexander Bay, Associate Professor, History Department, Chapman University.

    Theodore Bestor, Professor of Social Anthropology, Harvard University.
    Victoria Bestor, Director of the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources.

    Davinder Bhowmik, Associate Professor of Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington.

    Herbert Bix, Professor Emeritus of History and Sociology, Binghamton University.

    Peter Duus, Professor of History (Emeritus), Stanford University.
    Steve Ericson, Associate Professor of History, Dartmouth College.

    Elyssa Faison, Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma.
    Norma Field, Professor Emerita of East Asian Studies, University of Chicago.
    W. Miles Fletcher, Professor of History, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

    Petrice Flowers, Associate Professor Political Science, University of Hawaii.
    Joshua Fogel, Professor of History, York University, Toronto.
    Sarah Frederick, Associate Professor of Japanese and Comparative Literature, Boston University.

    James Fujii, Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of California, Irvine.
    Takashi Fujitani, Professor of History, University of Toronto.
    Sheldon Garon, Professor of History and East Asian Studies, Princeton University

    And the list goes on.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TAKAYUKI KOKUBU · 6 years ago
    once again,i say none of those sholars verified the comfort womens testimoniy,they just accept it naively or neglectly.

    in April,ex comfort woman,Lee Yong-soo was invited to US congress by Mike Honda who is strongly suported by anti-Japan Chinese and Korean group.but she is well known to change her testimony so often. more than 10 times she changed it such as "left home by her own will at age of 16""kidnapped by a man wearing clothing resembling a peoples army uniform".lately shes said "kidnapped by japanese army to Taiwan,forced to be a sex slave till 1947”.thats unreasonable! during WW2, Taiwan was a part of Japan,no battle field. there was no comfort station exclusive for solders in Taiwan .but nomal whore houses which civilians also could use existed(some other CW named up Pusan,Toyama,Kumamoto,but the same thing)..and of course Japan lost the war in 1945.no japanese solders remained in 1947.does this mean she was a sex slave for Kuomintang? anyway her inconsistant lies are so easy to find. so im very shocked that American scholars,congress man and media didnt know the war ended in 1945! and still spreading her propaganda without mentioning her contradiction.please watch this video from 9: 0.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    TAKAYUKI KOKUBU · 6 years ago
    its quite usual S.Korean media bend a nuance of foreign news for thier own good

    this time japanese and american sholars are puzzeled at how they reported "Open Letter in Suport of Historians in Japan" .

    187 of shorars mainly based in USA released it for Japan to settle down the historical issue with S. Korea and China.

    they request PM Abe to be bold to make an action to solve it and not to meddle in the freedom of historical inquiry.and at the same time,it says "This issue has become so distorted by nationalist invective in Japan as well as in Korea and China". .

    this statement asks for fairness in East Asia.

    but in S.Korea the media reported that Alexis Dudden who is also well known as an anti-japan activist, organized this group to appeal "this was written for PM Abe to take all the responsibilty of the past and stop the fabrication of history".she was a leader of 19 US historians to accuse that Japanese officials kidnapped 200000 Korean women.

    as a matter of fact, the leader of Open Letter is Jordan Sand ,a professor of Goergetown university.and professor of Waseda university, Toyomi Asano suported Sand for Japanese translation.

    Asano says "this time Alexis Dudden is one of the signers,not a leader.her comment is only her personal opinion""Jordan Sand was determined the meaning of the statement might be twisted by media but this is a call for everyone to be capable for various studies and the diversity of them"."her comment is out of the concensus of all shorars.the statement warns korea of her ethnism and behavior. at the same time it appeals to Abes conscience and fidelity to solve this issue.expecting his leadership to take a chance for it.it can be understandable if you read."

    among the signers,some argue "japanese officials kidnapped Korean women" like Alexis Dudden.and some argue "many women were mobilized to serve by Korean men" like Bruce Cumings.the statement was released after all of them could come to the point of agreement.

    thats why instead of mentioning that " japanese army was involved in the management of comfort brothels",there is no term such as "200000" "atrocity""sex slave"",kidnap".

    and Jordan Sand is now concerned with the treatment of Park Yuha(prof of Sejong university),the author of a book"Comfort Woman of Enpire", released both in S.Korea and Japan.she is now being sued in S.Korea writing against Korean concensus. and the book is practicaly prohibited to sell.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      TAKAYUKI KOKUBU · 6 years ago

      Wrong=thats why instead of mentioning that " japanese army was involved in the management of comfort brothels",there is no term such as "200000" "atrocity""sex slave"",kidnap".

      Rivesed=thats why in exchange for mentioning that" japanese army was involved in the management of comfort brothels",there is no term such as "200000" "atrocity""sex slave"",kidnap".
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TAKAYUKI KOKUBU · 6 years ago
    Peter Duus, Professor of History (Emeritus), Stanford University. went on the inquiry of text books of 5 countries(USA,Japan,China,S.Korea,Taiwan) in 201 with Daniel.C.Sneider.the result is as following.

    Japan=among 5 countories,japanese text book has the least factor of nationalism.it doesnt praise the war at all.
    it says the truth about japans invasion to China just the way it is,only the piles of facts without emotion.

    S.Korea=its focusing especialy at national identity and only interested in what Japan did to them.i was surprised it doesent say nothing about Hiroshima,Nagasaki.they are as selfish as to see the history like that

    China=its full of propaganda of communist party.very political.its inflaming the peoples nationalism against Japan by stressing japanese brutal acts too much.

    Joshua Fogel, Professor of History, York University, Toronto, criticized the book "The Rape Of Nanking"by Iris Chang such as "seriously flawed" and "full of misinformation and harebrained explanations".
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Greg Smith · 6 years ago
    This article addresses to the most commons arguments used by the "comfort women" history deniers and their sympathizers.

    "On May 5, in an open letter in support of historians in Japan, an international group of 187 scholars (of which I am one) urged Japan to acknowledge and atone for the forced prostitution that occurred during wartime, stating: 'Denying or trivializing' what happened to the “comfort women” is 'unacceptable.'

    Read full article, go to http://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2015/05/09/commentary/academics-fail-abe-administration-history/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=academics-fail-abe-administration-history#.VU7pyyFViko
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TAKAYUKI KOKUBU · 6 years ago
    in S.Korea alleged pro-japan statements are totally oppressed by law and violence as well as in N.Korea,as following.
    # korean scholars and professors who denied the forced migration by japan, they lost the position,sued,beaten ,fainalliy demanded prostration to Comfort Women in the public.

    # 1 year old boy got arrested by police for running his pro-japan historical site.

    # famous TV host lost his job and apologized to all the nation with tears.

    # an author was sued and beaten in the court and fined $100000.

    # an old man said "i adore the era of japanese annexation”.then he got killed by a young man.and many more examples.

    thus its hard to say anyting against Koreans desire.but now one brave female professor Park Yuha(Sejong university) is being sued. although she wrote after a lot of research based on documents and official reports all over.NO American scholars show such a concrete logic.like H.Bix,they only want sensational story of sex slaves based on Yoshida testimony.(more than 90% of American historians of Asia cant read war time documents in Japanese.but she can.)

    9. Korean prostitution brokers

    There is no evidence to support that Japanese military permitted Korean prostitution brokers to lie or use violence when recruiting Korean women or operating comfort stations. In fact there are documents which indicate that Japanese military sent orders to police in Korea to crack down on Korean brokers who engage in illegal recruiting. (See footnote *6, *7) Any coercion, violence or confinement was exercised by Korean brokers against the orders. So if one wants to use the term "sex slaves" to describe former Korean comfort women, they were sex slaves of Korean brokers. They were not sex slaves of Japanese military. Japanese military personnels visited comfort stations only as customers. A diary written by a Korean comfort station manager was discovered in 2012 (See footnote * ), and it makes it clear that Korean brokers not only recruited women in the Korean Peninsula but also owned and operated comfort stations employing Korean women. And Korean women were treated badly by Korean brokers according to the memoir written by a former Korean comfort woman. Japanese and Taiwanese women worked at comfort stations owned and operated by Japanese brokers and were treated much better. That is why we hear little or no complaint from former Japanese and Taiwanese comfort women. Again, the common perception in the West that Japanese military operated comfort stations is incorrect.

    to see more

  • This commment is unpublished.
    TAKAYUKI KOKUBU · 6 years ago
    as 19 American historians including H.Ziegler who wrote the bizzare fiction in McGraw-Hill text book as a specialist of GERMANY are still running away,not answering some simple questions from 19 japanese historians.an American historian relieased Open Letter to them.here is the digest↓

    I noted with much sadness the letter signed by nineteen American historians of Japan published in March. I have profited from many of these historians’ work, but in this case their hasty coalition reveals the powerful orthodoxies that constrain historical writing in general, thus warranting an outsiders’ response. I also hope here to repair some of the damage done by their attack on the Japanese government.

    Missing from the letter’s papal bull-like dogmatics is a nuanced consideration of fact. To correct this lacuna, I humbly recommend Prof. Hata Ikuhiko’s Ianfu to senjō no sei, which eschews presentist politics in favor of documentary evidence. (Even the American historians’ own referee, Yoshimi Yoshiaki, has said publicly that he could find no evidence of the forced recruitment of women in Korea, putting Yoshimi in agreement with Hata.)

    Furthermore, the Americans fail to note that in 2014 the Asahi Shimbun formally apologized for years of untenable ianfu reporting by Uemura Takashi, whose mother-in-law is the main comfort-woman activist in Korea. The Asahi falsehoods, in turn, mirrored the sordid confabulations of novelist Yoshida Seiji, who conjured up wild scenes of sexual enslavement on Jeju Island. When Prof. Hata investigated and found Yoshida’s claims baseless, Yoshida admitted he had made it all up. It took some twenty years, but eventually even the Asahi followed suit.

    The American scholars, though, vow never to retract. Such vows are easier when one can cavalierly dismiss all contrary opinion as “conservative” or “rightwing.” One does not expect much rigorous debate from the same academy that brought us “micro-aggressions” and “trigger warnings,” and this is no exception. Indeed, “conservative” and “rightwing” are clear signals, like the old Graecum est, non legitur in the margins of vellum manuscripts, that something is a priori out of bounds and not to be taken seriously. Hazel Motes founded the Church Without Christ; likewise, on the comfort women issue, the American academy now proudly specializes in History Without Facts.

    the Japanese government meekly requested a meeting with the publisher of a fictionalized textbook. Why cry “censorship” over such a harmless—and long-overdue—request? Doesn’t anyone besides the nineteen self-appointed ephors and those in their anthill get to have any historical say?

    Jason Morgan

    to see all

    http://ykdckomori.blog.jp/archives/102688 71 .html
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
    Joint Statement by Associations of History Scholars and Educators in Japan on the "Comfort Women" Issue. Triggered by the retraction of articles in the Asahi Shimbun in August 2014, certain politicians and sections of the media have made statements which intend to cast doubt on the wartime issue of the "comfort women" and facts regarding their forced recruitment by the Imperial Japanese Army. In light of such injurious statements, associations of history scholars and educators throughout Japan have come together to jointly issue this statement, and to point out the following three problems with these unjust points of view. Firstly, the Kono Statement, in which the Japanese government officially acknowledged the involvement of the Imperial Japanese Army in the establishment and operations of military brothels, including the forced recruitment of women, is not based on the retracted Asahi articles; nor does it rely on the testimony of Seiji Yoshida, a former member of a semi-governmental organization for wartime mobilization, which was cited in the articles. Accordingly, the retractions do not undermine the historical basis of the Kono Statement. The existence of forcibly recruited "comfort women" has been verified by many historical records and extensive research. It should be understood that forced recruitment of "comfort women" was not limited to cases of straightforward kidnapping (confirmed in Semarang, Indonesia and the Shanxi Province in China and testified to by many in the Korean Peninsula), but also included cases of recruitment against the will of the individual (widely confirmed, particularly in the Korean Peninsula). (to be continued.)
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
    Secondly, those who were made "comfort women" fell victim to unspeakable violence as sex slaves. As recent historical studies have shown, victims were subjected not only to forced recruitment, but also to conditions of sexual slavery which violated their basic human rights. Furthermore, the "comfort women" system was based on structures of institutionalized discrimination between the colonizer and the colonized that was a fundamental part of everyday, imperialist-Japanese rule. Therefore, even if there had been something such as a contract for sex trafficking, ignoring the systems of inequality and injustice which formed the backdrop to these arrangements, and thereby disregarding the political and social context of the time is to miss the full picture. Thirdly, due to coverage by sections of the mass media which has intentionally overemphasized the "misreporting" of the issue, some academics engaged in the "comfort women" issue, as well as their affiliated organizations, have been unfairly attacked with threats calling for their resignation or the cancellation of their lectures. This is a violation of academic freedom and must be emphatically rejected. By continuing to take the irresponsible stance of denying the facts of wartime sexual slavery in the Japanese military, certain politicians and sections of the media are essentially conveying to the rest of the world that Japan does not respect human rights. This kind of attitude tramples further upon the dignity of the victims, who have already born terrible hardships. Thus, what is required now is-- as declared in the Kono Statement--an attitude that seeks, through historical research and education, to remember the issues and never repeat past mistakes.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peter Campbell · 6 years ago
    16 associations of history scholars and educators in Japan :
    We renew our demand for all concerned politicians and media outlets to squarely face up to the damage that Japan inflicted in the past, as well as to the victims.
    May 25, 2015:
    16 associations of history scholars and educators in Japan :
    The Japanese Historical Council
    Association of Historical Science
    Association of History of Japanese Thought
    The Historical Association of Senshu University
    The Historical Science Society of Japan
    The Historical Society of Fukushima University
    The Historical Society of Tokyo Gakugei University
    History Educationalist Conference of Japan
    The Japan Association for Korean History (Committee)
    The Japanese Historical Society
    The Japanese Society for Historical Studies
    The Kyushu Society of Historical Science
    Osaka Historical Association
    The Society for Historical Science of Nagoya
    The Society for Research on Women's HistoryTokyo Historical Science Association
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Michael Do · 6 years ago
    So beside denying the comfort women, do you denied Japan's xenophobia too:

    http://uk.reuters.com/article/2015/02/1 /uk-japan-apartheid-idUKKBN0LH0LT2015021



    Are you aware that mass media are self-censoring their report:



    I guess you denied the holocaust too, right??
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Etsuko Ueda · 6 years ago
    Did anyone read "GI Roundtable: What Shall Be Done about Japan after Victory? " It states "There is no denying that Japan, as a colonizer, is a failure and that the Japanese is at his worst in uniform and among subject peoples. In Korea, Manchuria, and Occupied China the Japanese are feared and hated taskmasters. ...there is a strain of cruelty and treachery in the national character." (They forgot to mention the South Pacific islands). It is clear that accusing Japan in this way was the only justification the U.S. had to take all those Japanese territories away from Japan. China laughed all the way to the bank, but the only thing the poor Koreans could do was to demean themselves by the sex slave myth, to please their new masters (the U.S. and China).
    The U.S. should admit that the propaganda has outlived its usefulness and tell the Chinese and the Koreans that their Rape of Nanking myth and sex slave myth are no longer welcomed.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Etsuko Ueda · 6 years ago
      Actually when Secretary Kerry said "nobody should fall prey to mythology that is created out of whole cloth" in Seoul, South Korea on May 18, 2015, he hinted the current U.S. position on the history issues. See http://www.state.gov/secretary/remarks/2015/05/2425 8.htm
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Rachel · 5 years ago
    (1) Japanese police arrested Korean human trafficking gang for buying and selling Korean people in a Korean village. 4 ladies were rescued. Published in 19 6 May 14 by the毎日新報/毎日申報(매일신보) newspaper.
    (2) Japanese police in Korea rescued about 50 women who were being mobilized as prostitutes to North China and Manchuria by a Korean human trafficking gang, published in 19 9 March 28 by the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper.
    ( )Japanese police in Korea saved more than 100 Korean women who were kidnapped by brokers of a big Korean human trafficking group, published in 19 9 August 1 by the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper.
    (4) 2000 Korean women work as prostitutions at Shanghai China. This fact defames Korea. However, we can’t take any action because they sell bodies willingly for the cause of economic reasons. Published in 19 9 August 1 by the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper.
    (5) According to the毎日新報/毎日申報(매일신보) newspaper, published in 19 6 July 9, Japanese police rescued many women who were forced into prostitutions by Korean.
    (6)Japanese police arrested a top official of Korean human trafficking group. The group kidnaps young women and sells to brothels. Published in 19 July 1 by the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper.
    (7)Japanese police in Korea rescued Korean women who are being mobilized to brothels by Korean human trafficking gangs, published in 19 6 February 14 by the 毎日新報/毎日申報(매일신보) newspaper.
    (8) According to the 毎日新報/毎日申報(매일신보) newspaper in 19 9 March 28, Korean human trafficking group was nabbed by Japanese police. The group sold about 100 women.
    (9) A Japanese woman was rescued in Korea by Japanese police. Korean human trafficking group, which is called a Virgin Trade, tried to sell the women to China. Published in 19 9 August 5 by the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper.
    (10)Bruce Cumings wrote in his book as follows:
    “Many Korean women were mobilized to serve (as prostitutes) by Korean men.”
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Pearl · 3 years ago
    I love what you guys are usually up too. Such clever
    work and coverage! Keep up the awesome works guys
    I've included you guys to my personal blogroll.

    My blog; hi: http://lksjflksdjf.net

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