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Children in Great Danger: Madeisy Contacted us 11 hours ago: 10 Dead, 10 raped, according to Madeisy

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Panama City, Panama

Yon-genre mind-dump, sans edit

We last heard from Madeisy about 27 days ago when we talked with Madeisy and brother Miguel (12) in Nicocli, Colombia. They were heading into the deadly rape-jungle of the Darien Gap. Chasing promises of milk and honey in America.

The trail of tears. North, to America, over the blood-stained red carpet through hell.

Back in Colombia on 03 March 2021, we took a boat before Madeisy (16) and her brother Miguel and their mother. The came about an hour after us, on another boat for a 90 minute ride to the edge of the Darian Gap. Approximately 60 miles of roadless jungle, mountains, rivers, snakes — and murderous bandits, coyotes, and drug smugglers.

Last evening, Madeisy messaged to Masako Ganaha in Japan. Masako contacted me minutes later in Panama City. I contacted Chuck Holton, also in another part of Panama.

Chuck called Madeisy in Costa Rica. Chuck speaks Spanish. Madeisy is from Haiti but speaks Spanish after a couple years in South America.

Madeisy said she escaped rape when her mother gave up a gold necklace. Of the about 80 people in their group, Madeisy said 10 dead, 10 raped.

Of the 10 dead, one woman swept away in a jungle river. Not seen again. A man and woman died of unstated causes. Madeisy has not told us yet how the others died. I cannot fly to intercept her because she seems to already be on road. I might be able to intercept in Mexico.

I asked Chuck why they did not rob Madeisy of her phone. Or, maybe, she has a new phone. Chuck will call Madeisy again this morning. Nothing is off the table. We take zero at face value other than we know that huge numbers of people are killed, raped, robbed, and disappear in the Darien Gap.

Madeisy said that after she exited the jungle from Colombia into Panama, Panamanian Senafront (border police) picked them up after they survived Darien Gap. Senafront the migrants to a camp in Panama.

We flew from Colombia to intercept Madeisy and others in Panama. We found the camp and visited on two days. Panamanian authorities were giving us “the Biden treatment” and we could not get into the camp.

Panamanian authorities loaded the survivors into a bus to Costa Rica to another camp. Haitian men rebelled and injured numerous Panamanian authorities. This was reported in local news:


The Haitian escapees, including Madeisy, walked about a day and slipped into Costa Rica. Costa Rican authorities detained the Haitians and sent them back to Panama. Panama out-processed the Haitians and sent them back to Costa Rica.

As of about 10 hours ago, Madeisy was in San Jose, capital city of Costa Rica. I do not have time to fly to San Jose to intercept. (Short fuse due to covid testing delay.)

I will try to intercept somewhere else, such as in Mexico, and maybe as they try to cross into America. We will neither interfere with nor aid their attempt to get into United States.

Photos of Madeisy and her brother on the trail of tears. North, to America:


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