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Army Times: Fort Hood soldiers can face UCMJ if they won't show ID to cops


24 September 2013

According to the Army Times and many other publications, soldiers from Fort Hood are turning many Texans against them.  The base commander has finally put his boot down as a direct result of one Master Sergeant CJ Grisham who has been staging armed confrontations with police.

Please recall that this same person also staged confrontations with me -- I never met him -- and a school board in Alabama in 2009, whose members he so frightened that they nearly got a restraining order.  In 2013, he was arrested and promptly raised more than $50,000 for a legal defense for a weapons related charge.   He does not need the $50,000 because he is being represented free of charge.  His first lawyer mysteriously quit without a word just before the trial, which remains pending.

This same Army Master Sergeant has been a major fundraiser for Soldiers’ Angels.  I stopped supporting Soldiers’ Angels in part due to their persistent support of this person, helping to build his myth based on falsehoods.  Soldiers’ Angels brought in tens of millions of dollars, some of that using Grisham’s name and photos of him in uniform.

Grisham is a case of stolen valor.  Soldiers’ Angels helped build the lie.  They and Grisham claimed that he neutralized an Iraqi squad with only a 9mm pistol and a hand grenade.  This never happened.  His bronze star is fraudulent.  I obtained a copy through FOIA.

The commendation was for a period of 20 March to 30 April 2003.  Army Major General Buford Blount signed it two days before the end of the period.  In other words, MG Blount signed the award on 28 April 2003.  The award was signed in advance and there is no mention of an Iraqi squad.  Signing a medal in advance makes it fraudulent, not to mention that he never neutralized an Iraqi squad.  Soldiers’ Angels used this stolen valor to raise money.

In Afghanistan, he was sent home early after complaining of mental issues. He never left base and saw no combat.

Though this sergeant has been a perpetual troublemaker, his commanders seem afraid to confront him.  More lately, he has been carrying a loaded AR-15 into Starbucks, McDonald's, Walmart, and other stores.  He was arrested after a staged confrontation with police, wherein he used his crying 15 year-old son to make video of the confrontation.  A US Army soldier who brings his own 15 year-old son to a staged armed confrontation is not one who should be trusted with his son or the AR-15.

From Afghanistan, he openly published about fear of Taliban attacks.  This Army soldier will confront a Starbucks clerk, but not Mohammed the Jihadi.

On 13 August 2013, this wildly anti-gay soldier misappropriated Army kayaks and took Boy Scouts onto a dark Texas lake without lights, for which he was fired from his Army job overseeing the kayaks and other recreational gear. He advertises to the press about being an Army counterintelligence agent, yet in reality he was the “kayak guy” before being sent back to his unit at Fort Hood where he was made "unit historian."  He may have been a counterintelligence person at one time but no longer.  Just why he was on a dark lake without lights with Boy Scouts is unclear.

Fort Hood soldiers’ provocations with weapons in Temple, Texas, have hit national news and caused a divide between local Texans and the Army.

The Army budget has been so slashed that MEDEVAC pilots have had high altitude flight training cancelled, yet senior officers keep baggage soldiers aboard, bringing disrepute to the Army.  The US Army is crumbling before our eyes.  The Marines would never put up with this.

And so now, the base commander has belatedly ordered Grisham and other Army provocateurs to show their ID cards to police when confronted doing their open carry in Starbucks and other establishments.  This is a major and manufactured drama in Texas, instigated by the US Army.

Think about it.  Does this crumbling Army have a chance of winning foreign wars when they are losing Texas?

When the Army can lose Texans, there is no chance on winning Afghans. And for heaven’s sake, stay out of Syria.

See the story in the Army Times:


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    SmokeEmOut · 8 years ago
    Michael, well stated and accurately presented. Professional Victim and Stain on the US Army, 'Crusader John' Grisham, (I won't even call him by the rank of "Master Sergeant" that his fraudulent Bronze Star w/ Valor allowed him to be promoted t , has been publicly proclaiming on twitter and Facebook that he hasn't been fired from his special duty assignment at III Corps and returned to his unit the 504th BfSB. You are completely accurate to state that his job at the 504th BfSB is to be the unit "historian." For those not so well informed, or that have never served, CJ Grisham has been assigned a job that keeps him out of the very trusted position of leading, teaching, coaching, and mentoring troops. This assignment as the 504th BfSB unit historian, is a make work detail that is designed to keep CJ from being in a leadership role to Junior Soldiers. One can only hope that the 504th's Command Team has begun working towards jettisoning this oxygen thief from the Army. I'm told his Chain of Command are waiting out CJ's civilian legal proceedings, while they let CJ dig himself a deeper hole.

    All CJ can tweet in respons to this Dispatch, Michael is reference to his 'a Soldier's Perspective' post that you're once again stalking him.

    Truly, a weak sauce response.

    CJ is so full of himself in his staged, self agrandized, professional victim, 2nd Amendmant Champion Role...

    CJ has forgotten a crucial point: That you, Michael earned the respect of alot ofSoldier's down range, with your reporting and CJ is surrounded by those Soldiers.

    Nobody is stalking CJ. Everybody around him, is tired of this overblown wind bag bringing discredit to the Army through his continued Antsgonistic Behavior.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    SmokeEmOut · 8 years ago
    Please ignore the typos and spelling. I wrote the resonse on the fly with my phone.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Kurt Olney · 8 years ago

    Vietnam wound down and a lot of folks left the Army. Same problem, different war.

    Sadly there enough disgruntled Vietnam Vets to tarnish the service of the rest of the Vietnam Vets.

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out what we won in the Middle East. I know we lost a lot of good men. And the tragedy is that medicine saved a lot of soldiers lives that are now handicapped.

    And now, our President wants to negotiate with Iran? Shades of Neville Chamberlain. Out of weakness comes war.

    One generation never learns from the past generations. :sad:
  • This commment is unpublished.
    ironhorzmn · 8 years ago
    If he's using his rank in any way in conjunction with these confrontations he can and should face consequences.

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