Michael's Dispatches

Afghanistan to Syria


30 August 2013

Before reading my Monday dispatch on Syria, please read this previous dispatch from Afghanistan. British Member of Parliament Adam Holloway is a prominent figure in both.

There be Dragons.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Skip · 8 years ago
    Dead on both yourself and MP Holloway. It is way past time for the US to stop being the worlds policemen. We have no national interest in Syria and no reason to risk any lives in that hole..
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Mary Leyendecker · 8 years ago
    Panelist: Hillary Mann Leverett on MSNBC, 9/1/201 ... asked, "What if Assad didn't order this? [Damascus] What if this wasn't a Syrian troop chemical attack? What if this was perpetrated by Al Qaeda affiliated oppositionists?"

    MY first question, off a comment, HAS IN FACT, "Iran's surrogate, Syria, threatened to become the oil hub of the Middle East and sell oil in other than dollars, which would be fatal to the American economy" .. ? ..

    MY second question, off a comment, DID THESE DEAD MEN MAKE THE SAME THREAT... "Mossadegh of Iran, Hussein of Iraq, Khadafi of Liby-" .. ? ..
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Phillip McKreviss · 8 years ago
    It is mystifying to witness the spectacle of Democratic Party hacks frothing at the mouth agitating for war.

    They dismiss Republicans and Conservatives (these days, they are not the same), and claim that they are "playing politics" by opposing President Obama.

    Very few members of our political elites ever served in uniform. Fewer are combat wounded veterans. Those are the voices that should be heard at a time like this, those whose duty included an involuntary stint at Walter Reed. For Democrats to posture as warmongers is incredible. I would love to see Nancy Pelosi visiting wounded veterans at Walter Reed.

    Few seem to notice that our Secretary of State is a member of Skull and Bones. Irrelevant you say? I disagree. When John Kerry and John McCain make common cause, you need look no farther than the Council on Foreign Relations to understand why.

    This will certainly be dismissed as a "conspiracy theory," though "conspiracy fact" would be more accurate. Drink more kool-aid, you warmongers.

    Americans are resolutely opposed to war in Syria. Let the Syrians sort it out. Send relief supplies to refugees, and if you cannot resist, infiltrate CIA paramilitary officers to improve the ground truth of our intelligence. Americans will support this.

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