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A 'Ticking Time Bomb' Goes Off


02 March 2009
A deadly wave of released prisoners is likely to intrude into our future.  I was in northern Iraq when this attack occurred, but was far away and only heard through sources that the attacker had been released from Guantanamo.  It's clear that some of these prisoners should be held for life, but which ones?
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    Tim Sumner · 13 years ago
    Last year, from shortly after we learned that al-Ajmi conducted that attack in Mosul, to now, we have followed it as well (as our friend Michael knows) and commented: http://www.911familiesforamerica.org/?cat=72

    The Washington Post has now allowed lawyer Tom Wilner to spin and rehabilitate his unethical conduct while representing the 'Kuwaiti 12' (See Debra Burlingame's WSJ op-ed 'Gitmoƒ??s Guerrilla Lawyer's, with our supporting links, at http://www.911familiesforamerica.org/?p= 6 for the full details).
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    Howard E. Morseburg · 13 years ago
    This is really, now, an international dilemma, an unsolvable problem. Many children, if not all, in Palestine are taught that being a suicide bomber means Paradise for them, and so, as they travel all over the world in the future, they can all be considered as ticking time bombs. How, do we combat such things? How can they ever, ever be trusted in any civilized society? When will they "blow up".
    There's a sick joke about Palestinian women talking to one another, and one a grandmother, says, "Oh yes, the young children, they blow up so soon nowadays, don't they?" Some will say that this is showing predjudice. Am I? Yes, I am against kids being taught religious tennants that say that such indiscriminate slaughter of other human beings is the correct way to live (and die).
    I would discriminate and say to Hamas, "Not one of your children will ever be issued a passport to this country, or any divilized country, if you insist on teaching them irrantional acts of suicide. Nor will yoiu get one dollar from the U.S." Why should the children of this country have to get used to such acts of terror?
    But no, we send the Palestinians billions and they violate every law of decency in the civilized world through such teachings.
    What has this to do with Guantanamo? Take a wild guess!
    Back in the 1800s in our Wild West, with few resources to cope with things like this, they'd have opted for a quick way to protect themselves. Unfortunately it had its problems along with it.
    Primative societies knew the art of self-preservation, but with all our knowledge and understanding in this modern civilization we have not come up with an answer that seems any better. Better? Well, keeping them in Guantanamo was one, wasn't it?
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    Johanna Stephens · 12 years ago
    Michael, is there any collaborating witness to the "ƒ??..being interrogated by a woman who wore nothing but underwear."? Is forcing Insure down the throats of prisoners trying to starve themselves to death a form of torture or compassion? Why is the word of the detainees taken as truth and the guardƒ??s word suspect? 40 seconds of 'water boarding' does not translate into torture rather it is more about fear. Noise can be torture; any number of 'rock bands' and their enigmatic lyrics are surely tantamount to torture while impairing your hearing.

    I do believe that the prison at Guantanamo has been run in a manner which catered to the needs of the prisonersƒ??.that the truth about the prison has been so corrupted by reporters and politicians pandering to the anti-war crowd, fed by the George Soros left and others, that the truth is hard to come by. Clearly, whenever an honest assessment, one in which Guantanamo is seen as a well run place of confinement is reported, it is promptly swept under the rug so to speak.

    I am sure there are cameras recording the day in every nook and cranny, why has no one disclosed their contents?

    I have not been able to read all you have written on the subject, will do so right away.

    Take care.

    Johanna Stephens

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