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Hong Kong Protesters Go Global, Seeking Support from Taiwan, India, U.S.

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Hong Kong pro-democracy activists are urging the world’s governments to support them against communist Chinese aggression. Prominent activist Joshua Wong spoke in Taiwan Tuesday urging Taipei to join their efforts, while others seek support from the United States, the greater West, and countries like India.

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Hong Kong: Category 1 phase of insurgency -- will it go beyond this?

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I do not know. And so I keep watching and listening, and going to protests, to keep finger on the pulse.

Some quick, unedited thoughts before I hit the streets:

I will say with confidence: we are witnessing the very first tendrils on Cat 1 insurgency. (To use the hurricane scale 1-5, with 5 being something like full-blown Iraq between roughly 2004-2007).

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Satellite Photo Shows China's Military Buildup in Response to Hong Kong Protests


qYYkGmaj6B3RgeksZ7EyqV 650 80Photo is from Space.com article

If you live in Hong Kong, wise to prepare for invasion. Nobody knows what is coming next, including China.

Possible that the airport will be stuffed again but this time with people scrambling for flights out.

Nobody knows. I do know that if Hong Kong had a second amendment, 12,000 troops would sustain massive casualties if there were serious resistance. Stuff like this is what the second amendment is all about. It's not about deer hunting.

Read more: Satellite Photo Shows China's Military Buildup in Response to Hong Kong Protests

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