The Ghosts of Anbar The Ghosts of Anbar

Ghosts of Anbar Part III of IV


1-119. The presence of the rule of law is a major factor in assuring voluntary acceptance of a government’s authority and therefore its legitimacy. A government’s respect for preexisting and impersonal legal rules can provide the key to gaining it widespread, enduring societal support. Such government respect for rules—ideally ones recorded in a constitution and in laws adopted through a credible, democratic process—is the essence of the rule of law.

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The Ghosts of Anbar, Part I of IV


The Ghosts of Anbar

Part One: The Paradox of Counterinsurgency

The principles and imperatives discussed above reveal that COIN presents a complex and often unfamiliar set of missions and considerations for a military commander. In many ways, the conduct of counterinsurgency is counterintuitive to the traditional American view of war—although it has actually formed a substantial part of America’s actual experience.

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The Ghosts of Anbar, Part II of IV


The Ghosts of Anbar, Part II of IV

Through the window, clearly

7-15. Success in COIN operations requires small-unit leaders agile enough to transition among many types of missions and able to adapt to change. They must be able to shift through a number of activities from nation-building to combat and back again in days, or even hours. Alert junior leaders recognize the dynamic context of a tactical situation and can apply informed judgment to achieve the commander’s intent in a stressful and ambiguous environment.

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