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Lithuanian Border Crisis Growing Fast

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My estimate from here on the ground and talking with all the right people, including many migrants: This is about to explode.

Lithuania needs help fast. Right now. At this rate, my guess is that Lithuania will lose control of this within one month. NATO and EU need to step in. US can provide significant help without much costs, such as intelligence and lift.

Lithuania will quickly be overwhelmed if Belarus keeps pumping. Poland is not letting migrants pass through. And so Lithuania is set to be an island at the edge of the European Union.

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Today Lithuania: Unknown Iraqi Woman Suffering from Unknown Something

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I made this video today at a migrant detention camp near the border of Lithuania, Belarus, Poland.

‘Migrants’ from dozens of countries have been weaponized by the Belarus dictator who has gone Full-Erdogan and is maliciously importing thousands of migrants and pumping them into Lithuania.

I’ve interviewed dozens of migrants from a dozen countries. None realized they were tricked by Belarus and that EU has no intention of granting asylum to most.

Many migrants are terrible ill or wounded. Today, two men showed me horrific war wounds. One still requiring bandages. It’s a wonder they are alive.

None are vaccinated with a test vaccine for China virus. Likely many of the migrants I meet are not vaccinated against anything, ever.

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Keep Stocking Up on Food, Water Security, other needed to weather long storm

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MOTI 1000


Food prices will continue to rise — 90 percent chance, according to me. Remember that I started beating this drum hard in January 2020 and this proved true just months later.

HIGHLY suggest you stock up on all things you need to stay home for extended periods.

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American Thought Leaders -- one of the best programs out there

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Jan Jekielek is the host. Jan actually went onto the streets with me into Hong Kong action. Respect. We also met up in Washington, D.C. The man gets around.

Look at the quality of guests on his show. Tops. American Thought Leaders has become one of those programs that top thinkers seek to come onto. I am bit biased -- I do go on from time to time. So factor that in.

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IMPORTANT SITREP from Lithuania — Effects on Lithuania/EU


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Belarus Weaponizing ‘Migration’ through Lithuania to EU:

This fence only a few hundred meters long. This and some cameras are the main Lithuanian defence. Europe better do something fast or this may be the new Greece in a month or two.

The border is mostly 422 miles of farmland and an unguarded river. Lithuanian authorities say an Iraqi ‘travel agency’ has been set up in Baghdad to fly Iraqis and others straight to Minsk, capital city of Belarus. From Minsk they are transported to the Lithuanian border and pushed forward. Some migrants apparently become lost and travel back into Belarus and are then sent back to Lithuania.

Read more: IMPORTANT SITREP from Lithuania — Effects on Lithuania/EU

NOW: US Forces in Greece

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The pano was made by Chuck Holton just now using my Sony A9II. And so the resolution is actually far higher than you see here.

We saw a train last evening with US tanks. Traced the tracks to this dock. Found the tanks. Just made photos.

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