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April 2021: As I predicted in writing many times

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IMG 2498

Unedited mind dump

It’s mid-April and violence is picking up in United States. As I predicted many times long back. Often I wrote these things right here on Patreon, or said during interviews. Of course I cannot tell the future, but I have spent enough time in and studying wars that my estimations are far more likely to become true than not.

Who else, anywhere, predicted far in advance that April 2021 would likely see significant change in the character of unrest? I don’t know of anyone.

Keep track of my words. Hold me accountable. I am very careful before saying or writing something I must live with.

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Pay Attention! Hot Summer Ahead in America, and 2022 will be far more serious

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Panama City, Panama

Yon Genre Mind-dump, sans edit

This is a stream of consciousness. Thank you for not grading grammar. Or coherence.

Am preparing to head with some folks into the jungle. Likely Friday. I may be without communications for several days. If I vanish, I’ll be back.

The United States is heating up. Rewind to my cautions in 2019, and especially in January 2020 about pandemic from China. (See the link attached above.)

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Reports on CCP Vaccine for their virus

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Have you noticed the CCP statements? CCP is discussing mixing THREE rushed “vaccines” into a super-rushed-triple-vaccine.

I am very pro-vaccination. Very pro modern medicine. Very pro-science. (As a child, I thought I would grow up to become a physicist, but somehow ended up becoming a foreign correspondent.)

I read tons of books on pandemic. About 51 books so far. I got many vaccines in 2019 for a return to India.

I masked up long before Fauci said masks don’t work, and then changed his mind.

Yet with these rushed test-vaccines, all alarms are blaring: SLOW DOWN,

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Russia vs. Ukraine

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Watch the moon, and the weather. Bright moon, favorable weather, and firm ground.

United States should not entrap ourselves here. Red Bear has short claws and small stomach. Help the Bear entrap itself.

We have bigger storms over the Pacific. Red Dragon has long teeth, endless appetite, and Dragon Rabies.

This is a True Story

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If you know anything about Richard Flaherty, please private message me. Especially about any of his time in Thailand, or as a Green Beret, or with ATF, or CIA.

Mapping Panama indigenous during Pandemic PANDEMIC WITH A THOUSAND FACES.

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El Valle, Panama

Yon-genre mind-dump, sans edit

Maps are vital during pandemic. Doctors sans-maps was a keen problem while tracking Ebola in Africa. Many villages have the same or similar names. Others are not on any map or remain unnamed dots or misnamed dots.

Tons of languages and cultures. Migrations bring more.

Wars. Malaria. Dengue. Typhoid. When tracking Ebola, many endemic diseases present with similar symptoms that professionals have a great deal of problems sorting signal to noise. Imagine getting reports that X number of people are sick in NoNamey village —and there are at least a dozen villages with same name, spread over hundreds of miles in rough places that contain things like WAR. And you have no idea if those symptoms are from a simple cholera outbreak, or something that will go total “Stephen King” on the world.

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Panama City, Panama

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IMG 2858

Interesting “stuff” ahead. You will see some on news as time unfolds. Some I will claim and others am just working behind scenes, as per normal.

Have been updating key people like Utah Congressman Burgess Owens. He sure works late at night. I sure do. Pay attention to Burgess Owens. Serious man. Does homework.

Wish I could do a fundraiser for stuff I can never publish about.

Separately, in my “spare” time, recently finished reading another book on pandemic. This one on tuberculosis. Title is THE REMEDY. Good read. Then read a book on reading water. Just a beak and very interesting.

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Madeisy now in Guatemala.

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IMG 6555

We chatted long time. Her written English is good. Spoken English not. This is normal. Many Japanese, for instance, write English at even university level but do not speak English.

Madeisy is 16 and seems to write at about high-school level. (Not sure of level, but plenty good to chat — her high intelligence shines through). But when we all met in Colombia, she did not seem to understand spoken English and did not speak English to us. We communicated through Spanish.

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Season for War is Upon Us

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IMG 1957

Panama City, Panama

Fair weather brings hot guns. I warned since early 2020 that 2021 will outdo whatever 2020 brings. Conditions are set.

Conflict rarely comes as complete surprise. Historians often typically date wars with specific birthdays suitable for history tests, such as 12 April 1861 for America’s biggest civil war to date, and then the arguments begin about Sumpter, Bull Run, or Philippi. Where was the real starting point?

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Vaccine in Vermont: White Folks go to end of line — and Madeisy update

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In other news, we have not heard from Madeisy (16) and family for about 25 hours. They are heading north to America. We know where they plan to cross and I will fly up to see. We will neither aid nor hinder their attempt to cross into United States.

Their journey so far started in Haiti a couple years ago, then to Chile, Ecuador, Colombia (where we met them), — crossed into Panama through Darien Gap and about 12 died (working on details) —. Got detained by Panamanian border police, and then ushered to Costa Rica. Near the Costa Rican border, other Haitian immigrants with Madeisy fought Panamanian police, injuring numerous Panamanian police. I published on my Patreon a Panamanian-media link to this story several days ago.

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Madeisy’s Journey: Two of the Dead Migrants who died passing though Darien Gap — total seems to be about 12 dead, others raped, all robbed

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IMG 1933

Panama City, Panama

Yon-genre mind-dump, sans edit

Madeisy and her Mother contacted us last night. Chuck Holton took the call. They provided exact location via GPS. I will not reveal their location other than Nicaragua. They are making fast progress to America.

Madeisy (16) is with her brother Miguel (12) and their Mother. According to conversation with Chuck, they have not eaten in two days and last night slept on a floor. We last saw them in Colombia and began tracking from there.

They are Haitian and native language is Creole. All three also speak Spanish, having spent the past couple years in South America. We first met up with the family in Nicocli, Colombia as they were preparing to enter Darien Gap.

Read more: Madeisy’s Journey: Two of the Dead Migrants who died passing though Darien Gap — total seems to be...

Children in Great Danger: Madeisy Contacted us 11 hours ago: 10 Dead, 10 raped, according to Madeisy

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IMG 2720 1000

Panama City, Panama

Yon-genre mind-dump, sans edit

We last heard from Madeisy about 27 days ago when we talked with Madeisy and brother Miguel (12) in Nicocli, Colombia. They were heading into the deadly rape-jungle of the Darien Gap. Chasing promises of milk and honey in America.

The trail of tears. North, to America, over the blood-stained red carpet through hell.

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Burma: Dictator Government Bombs Karen people.

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Panama City, Panama

Yon-Genre Mind-dump, sans edit

Burma: Some of these attacks are less than a day from my office in Thailand. Most of that time is just getting across the river avoiding Burmese forces. One day crossing the Salween River, I photographed a body floating down the river. We believe it was a Burmese Soldier from a reported ambush upstream. Unknown.

KNU is the Karen National Union. One of the KNU villages just got bombed at night — I think this was a village I slipped into over the Salween river with a Marine officer friend.

Free Burma Rangers knows more about this than just about anyone on the planet. A missionary group led by Dave Eubank who was a Green Beret in a previous life.

According to Dave Eubank, that Burmese forces bombed at night is new and significant. New capability supplied by Russians and Chinese. There is video of Dave talking about this on Chuck Holton’s HOT ZONE, but I perpetually have problems posting those Telegram links.

Read more: Burma: Dictator Government Bombs Karen people.

Tonight: Waxing Gibbous Moon — Fair Weather — The Borders will be overrun

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Panama City, Panama

Yon-Genre mind-dump, sans edit

Life on earth is immensely effected by the Moon. Second only to the sun. Entire religions, calendars, tides, architecture, and every sort of human behavior including war and migration, are directly related to the Moon.

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