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Taliban Not the Problem: US Government is the Problem

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It's as if the U.S. Government, including the military, work for Taliban.

By the way, I am not on vacation in Winter Haven. Am preparing to head back to theatre. Was important to knock out admin before taking flight. Every second of the day is spoken for.



Afghan Rescue SITREP

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Just off phone with Rick Clay. Rick is okay that I use his name. Rick Clay and team still have aircraft ready. Recall that Rick’s team had 3x jets at Kabul on 30 August. Rick believes his group has enough funding for 1 airliner flight per day. DoS is only problem. To be clear, and to restate: The problem is NOT Taliban, but US Department of State. Rick said his sources at [elided] saying Kabul Airport is mined now, and also Iranians may have emplaced surface to air missiles around Kabul airport to prevent our retaking airport. Why is this SITREP not secret? Because our best chance of getting Americans out is through Biden’s allies, the Taliban, and not through Biden. Department of State is the problem. US military is the problem. Taliban are just normal jihadists with suicide vests. Thank you for your support. I am packing.


Why are Israeli Ultra-Vaxxers, and Aussie Pandemic-Fascists…so infected?

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Israel is about the most vaccinated place on earth. A bunch of pincushions lining up for boosters, yet they are so infected that countries like Sweden don’t want them.

Meanwhile, the pandemic ‘experts’ in Australia apparently never read a single book on pandemics. They’ve gone total fascist — in the true sense, not hyperbole — yet their infection rates soar.

Read more: Why are Israeli Ultra-Vaxxers, and Aussie Pandemic-Fascists…so infected?

8 Year-Old Wives, Lying Media — Incompetent Military/USG

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We all know that Afghans sometimes take girls even 8 years old as wives.

Remember what I said about some fish don’t mix well in the same aquarium. You are about to see a LOT of this in our aquarium.

And so, now the military and it’s civilian masters have apparently been trafficking in child brides and human trafficking. Again.

Look at this puff stuff in Stars and Stripes. Pretending an Afghan child drew this.

Read more: 8 Year-Old Wives, Lying Media — Incompetent Military/USG

Taliban Hanging Victim from American Black Hawk

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The United States military is part of the problem. They knowingly and willingly left Americans at the airport gate within the last few hours. I and others worked hard and personally to get American troops to come to the gate or call their Taliban counterparts to let them in. TALIBAN WERE WILLING TO LET THEM IN.

I contacted all the right people. They all failed. Including Lieutenant General Erik Kurilla. Courageous in battle. Morally corrupt. All failed. Don’t call me. Don’t contact me ever again.

We will work with Afghans and veterans and private real Americans and others to get people out. We don’t need you. We don’t want you.


Now: The US Military Abandoned Women and Children at the Airport Gate

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The Taliban — yes, The Taliban — guarded one family for hours. Waiting for the U.S. military to open the gate. That’s all they had to do. The Taliban can take the military any time they want it, so it’s not as if openly the gate presents special hazard.

This matter was brought up tp the Join Chiefs. Someone in our group got it all the way to Milley. Milley left them behind.

Read more: Now: The US Military Abandoned Women and Children at the Airport Gate

Afghanistan SITREP

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OCC, 12:00 AM

Western nations race to complete Afghan evacuation as deadline looms

Western nations rushed to complete the evacuation of thousands of people from Afghanistan on Wednesday as the Aug. 31 deadline for the withdrawal of foreign troops drew closer with no sign that the country's new Taliban rulers might allow an extension.

In one of the biggest such airlifts ever, the United States and its allies have evacuated more than 70,000 people, including their citizens, NATO personnel and Afghans at risk, since Aug. 14, the day before the Taliban swept into the capital Kabul to bring to an end a 20-year foreign military presence.

U.S. President Joe Biden said U.S. troops in Afghanistan faced mounting danger and aid agencies warned of an impending humanitarian crisis for the population left behind.

Read more: Afghanistan SITREP

URGENT Afghanistan Update. Please share.

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As at August 28th at 19:30hrs (Local). The final UK flight for civilians has now left #Kabul Further UK flights leaving in the next 72-hours will be for Diplomatic Staff and Military Personnel only.

The US has advised all of its citizens at or near: Abbey Gate, North Gate, East Gate, and the New Ministry of Interior Gate, at #KabulAirport to leave the vicinity immediately.

The US will continue to evacuate until the last minutes of the 31st, but continue to advise against travelling to Kabul, and the Airport, unless personnel have obtained specific instruction to do so from a US Government Representative.

Read more: URGENT Afghanistan Update. Please share.

Brits, Germans, Dutch, others: gone — USA collapsing forces

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Americans are literally be left trapped at the gate with Taliban behind them. Biden seems to have abandoned thousands of Americans.

I may go to region. Unclear yet. I may simply return to United States in next few days. Please support my work. Because I need it, and you will need me. After years of experience and many wars/conflicts, I am at top of my game:



Kabul: US Forces in Swift Retrograde

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We still have at least one C-17 on the ground. Another just turned on beacon in flight. A tanker is heading that direction. Several other C-17s recently left Afghan airspace and still flying.

According to a solid source, Taliban is keeping many people trapped at the Gate. US forces not at the gate now and turned away at gunpoint US citizens with US passports. (Lara Logan told me this on phone.)

We are leaving Americans behind literally at the Gate.

Danger is severe. Taliban can attack remainder of our forces at their leisure. Our forces are within small arms range of the enemy.

Biden has been busy evacuating tens of thousands of Afghans while leaving Americans behind.


US Retrograde from Afghanistan

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My latest interview on War Room with Steve Bannon. Many important details.


I may go to region. Unclear yet. I may simply return to United States in next few days. Please support my work. Because I need it, and you will need me. After years of experience and many wars/conflicts, I am at top of my game:



Kabul: Preparing More Attacks on Americans

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Information war is ongoing. Social media posts are bountiful blaming Americans in whole or in part for all or most of the Afghan casualties in the attack that led to 13 American deaths and many wounded.

The truth of all this is irrelevant. I’ve published that last statement many times during the wars. Some people still object. Others get it. Yet others finally getting it. This is information war.

Read more: Kabul: Preparing More Attacks on Americans

Never Forget who brought you this crisis

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From JBS.

"Some names to remember.

If you know any of the military "leaders" on this list that publicly said Biden would be a great leader, remind them they bear responsibility for the greatest tragedy in American military history.

Never forget their names.

Don't let them slink away and pretend that they didn't help set this up."

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US Government Claims attack on ISIS-K

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Let’s see…this means to find this credible I must believe Biden, Austin, Milley, and the people who got us into this. Same ones who left the border wide open. Trying to force mass vaccinations which ultimately will cause more death and explosive outrage than Afghanistan. And who supported ANTIFA/BLM burning, raping, murdering, while blaming “white rage.” All while trying to make Butch Cassidy into an Army Ranger.

I gauge trust in US government somewhere slightly above North Korea and Haiti, Biden as a man significantly lower than Putin — in total I trust our government about as much as Cuba. Simply zero trust in top military or civilian leadership. Not “trust but verify.” But active mistrust and distrust. I expect them to habitually lie even about things where no lie is needed and they were better served by truth. They are addicted to lying.


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