Michael's Dispatches

911 Call: Former Ambassador Kristie Kenney back in Thailand


13 July 2016

by Michael Yon

911: “What is your Emergency?”

Caller: "She's back!"

911: "Who is back?"

Caller: "Shoe Woman!"

911: "What is she doing?"

Caller: "She's here!"

911: "What is she doing?

Caller: "Talking with Yingluck."

911: "What luck?"

Caller: "No! Bad luck!"

911: "What is bad luck?"

Caller: "Yingluck!"

911: "What is Yingluck?"

Caller: "Bad luck!"

911: "Is this a prank? It is illegal to prank 911."

Caller: "This is not a prank! This is an Emergency!"

911: "Shoe Woman is talking to Bad Luck or Ying Luck? What is the emergency?"

Caller: "Shoe Woman is here! That is the emergency!"

911: "Who is Shoe Woman?"

Caller: "She's crazy. She's a Red Farang."

911: "A red fer what?

Caller: "Red Farang."

911: "Sir, I do not understand."

Caller: "Google Michael Yon and Kristie Kenney and shoes"

911: "One moment. I will Google."

911: "OMG!"

Caller: "OMG!"

911: "Lock your doors, barricade yourself. SWAT team is on the way. Stay on the line."


# RE: 911 Call: Former Ambassador Kristie Kenney back in ThailandEd Faulkner 2016-07-15 15:17
This is just the kind of humor I needed to begin this Friday with..........
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# UgTheOldMan 2016-07-15 15:19
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all!
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# Would Laugh If It Wasn't So PatheticTommy 2016-07-15 15:49
Michael you do have a comedic side after all ;-)

This is just another example of what happens when you let Communist Progressive Liberal Half-White Trash into the WHITE HOUSE :eek:
The Obomination tends to coddle and facilitate Communists and Murdering Muslims, NO surprise that he would ignore past grievances with this Communist Coddling Cretin and send her back to Thailand! :sad:
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