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I'm in Florida, but on the way to Washington DC. It's great to touch American soil again. I miss this place a lot--especially when bullets are flying by my head in the war. Where we are winning.

"Moment of Truth in Iraq" is selling very well. I am very surprised; lot's of folks apparently really do want to know the truth about Iraq. My publisher just called my attorney with a quote from the movie "Jaws." The publisher said, "I think we're gonna need a bigger boat."

"Moment of Truth" has actually made it to #8 on Amazon.com before it even hit bookstores. Additionally, I signed the title pages (which were inserted after they were printed) for 5,200 books in Mosul, and all those books are almost sold out. (I'll sign a couple more thousand in DC, if folks keep ordering them.)

Your help is amazing. Folks who are taking the printable flier to stores are making a real difference. Barnes & Noble will stock it very soon largely thanks to your efforts. Now we have to go after Borders and Books-a-Million and especially libraries and military exchanges.

A few more folks buying from Amazon might push is to #1. And then the message surely will start to get out.



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