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West Point Leadership- Profiles of Courage

16 July 2013



Yesterday a tremendous book arrived via courier.  I normally do not review books but this one includes some of my writing and photographs and so this was mandatory.  I spent hours flipping through the pages.  The quality is amazing.

My initial impression is that the authors have created an important historical compilation of incredible careers and accomplishments.  Profiles of Courage can be used as a biographical and historical reference yet also contains gripping stories from many wars.

Profiles of Courage is not the sort of book that I will read in one push, but will keep on my desk to take piece by piece.  I personally know some of the folks whose careers are described, and so naturally went to their biographies and enjoyed every word and picture, some of which I made.  It is a great honor to have work included in these historical pages.  This is high quality work.

My second impression is that if the Naval and Air Force academies do not have similar historical accounts, they should get on it.


  • Nearly three years in the making, this is one of the most unique books ever published about West Point with a sole and extensive focus on its graduates. It is a 'must-have' book for cadet, graduate, or fan of West Point.
  • 20 esteemed authors, each with military experience.
  • Over 2,000 unique photos. Most of these have never been seen by the public.
  • 180 Inspirational Biographies of West Point graduates with unique stories and how they impacted the world.
  • Over 500 pages in a 10" X 10" coffee table book.
  • Conceived and created by West Point graduates; designed and constructed by a professional media company.

Buy this book:


(This is not a sales pitch, just a great book.  I will not earn a dime.)





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