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Welcome Home. Well Done.


British soldiers from “4 Rifles” are welcomed home. I was happy to see some of the finest soldiers in the world return to their home garrison in Salisbury, United Kingdom.

Locals held a parade for the soldiers and a whole school apparently turned out, as well.

The soldiers seemed most happy to see the kids lining the street.

I could hear the school teachers saying quietely with their British accents to the soldiers as they marched by, “Good job. Welcome home. Well done. Welcome home. Good job. Welcome home.”

Folks here in Great Britian apparently have no idea how hard these soldiers really fought, but they surely are welcoming them home.

I’m told there has been a sort of complete turn-around with the British media who previously mostly ignored the Iraq veterans. There was plenty of media present.

And plenty of smiles all around.

Great Britian is in great hands.



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