US - South Korea Relations

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# Russki Top 2010-11-26 07:38
Good find, Michael. Keep your head down on Pen, the potential for catastrophic failure is a lot higher there than in a Stan or Iraq..........b ut it IS that damned important. Take a look at whether or not 8th Army has begun really moving out of the F Troop posture they've let take hold over the last few years.
Stay safe, watch out for the joys of unplanned or unannounced demonstrations; they can get ugly fast, and ROK police don't play..........
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+2 # RE: US - South Korea RelationsPacRim Jim 2010-11-26 18:09
After decades of well-publicized anti-Americanis m in South Korea, Americans should not sacrifice the life of even one American soldier to defend the country.
Over 50,000 Americans died keeping South Korea free in the early 1950s, and access to the American market has helped raised the Korean standard of living from one of the lowest in the world to one of the highest.
Now South Koreans want Americans to defend them again, with predictable results: Dead Americans, ungrateful Koreans.
Let South Koreans defend themselves. Nobody appreciates an ingrate.
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# Daniel 2010-11-26 18:55
Unfortunately, unless the answer to violence by one party is forceful and memorable, it will be repeated and will grow in nastiness. This is the lesson of history.
Unfortunately also, many innocent and impoverished North Koreans will die in the inevitable outcome of present and perhaps future outrages.
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# David 2010-11-26 19:30
South Korea was not free until 1987 when it became a democracy. In the 1950s the UN fought to defend one brutal dictatorship against another brutal dictatorship.
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# Karensky 2010-11-26 23:36
This is acurious way of putting a diplomatic position..."an event the Unite States and South Korea have blamed on North Korea." Does this mean that North Korea did not sink the Cheonan? It is one thing to "blame" a part but it is quite another who did the dirty deed. I had read elsewhere that this is not a "settled" issue and some blame Americafirsters are actively pushing an alternative scenario over the Cheonan.
For Foggy Bottom to come up with this statement is troublesome.
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# egoist 2010-11-27 01:38
"...particularl y in 2012 when SK will elect a new president & legislator..." and in the US, assuming either of us survive the 2-years between.
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+1 # RE: US - South Korea RelationsNaimesh 2011-10-01 18:00
I don't get this..If they are "rok" solid allies than why they haven't aided US in OIF and OEF. I am stationed in South Korea right now. Looking at their economy it seems like they can take on North Korea alone. Why US taxpayer's money is wasted here?
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