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U.S. Navy in the Philippines

02 June 2009

Members of “Special Boat Team 12” from Coronado preparing for work earlier today.  The Philippine armed forces are hard at work in the battle against international terrorists.  They are making progress.  Stay tuned.  I’m currently with U.S. and Philippine forces.


# John Adams 2009-06-02 17:16
I am glad you are with Gates. You have seen this man will straighten anyone including press out when necessary. He does that with his commanding officers, and with his troops. He gains respect that way, and honors them. Being top notch military gains you that respect. I am glad he is doing his job as he sees he has to. Not an easy task with all the two or three faced politicians he has to talk with. Not an easy job talking to a person you know does not know what in hell he/she is talking about, but only they have been given that "honor" by profeesion or job tasks. I know I have had to do that with politicians before in the Los Angeles Fire Department. Keep us in touch with Gates, he will win your respect too.
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