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US Congress and MEDEVAC

17 May 2012

The US MEDEVAC issue is picking up speed and mass.  There is so much progress that it is difficult to track.  A separate and excellent website dedicated to the issue has popped up at http://medevacmatters.org/

Also, the highly respected writer and war correspondent Yochi Dreazen picked up the ball.  Yochi has spent years in the wars and so he was able to quickly dial into the importance of the issue and the authorities involved.  On 10 May, Yochi published an article in the National Journal, which was reprinted on the website of Congressman Todd Akin:

“After writing about the issue, Yon recruited an array of congressional lawmakers who agreed with his point of view. Seventeen members, led by Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., wrote to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta earlier this year. “This policy may contribute to unnecessary delays in transporting our most critically wounded soldiers and Marines to appropriate medical care,” the letter said. “Our concern is … that Pentagon policy decisions are needlessly restricting this medical care or are limiting the ability of commanders to evacuate the wounded.”


Please read the entire article.  (By the way, I strongly think that the military’s position on the 92% survival rate is smoke and mirrors.)

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