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Tracking Afghanistan

Afghanistan Veteran, 23 year-old Royal Marine Craig Tucker
19 May 2009

American Special Operations Forces are eager to receive tracking training, but very few attain any tracking skills that extend much beyond common experience.  This reality translates into a profound and unnecessary weakness.  An experienced Green Beret who spent years as an Army Ranger recently told me, “Getting our guys to tracking school is almost an act of congress.”

Royal Marine Craig Tucker is a believer.  On his first tour of Afghanistan, he got launched into the air by a bomb that mostly failed.  Marine Tucker, above, recently attended the British tracking school on Borneo Island.  Marine Tucker gives a “thousand yard stare” while I click some photos, then we burst into laughter before beginning another day of training.

Please read the following emails about the tracking course in Brunei.  The British military welcomes American forces to the school, but few attend.

On Track

Tracking Update

Quick email from Borneo Island:

Quick email from Borneo Island II:

Veterans vs. Veterans

A Beautiful Track

The Swamp of Death

May Day

Mysterious Places

Days 14 & 15

Tracking School: Day 16

Bird's Nest

"Tuning In"

Making Tracks

Sad News from Borneo

Pitcher Plant


Gurkha II

Gates Petraeus McKiernan McChrystal and Rodriguez

Gurkha III

Crab tracks on beach by the South China Sea, Borneo Island

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