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An important new magazine called Townhall is making an incredible offer. For just $34.95, you get 12 months of Townhall plus a FREE copy of Moment of Truth in Iraq (while supplies last; the books are going fast). Click here to subscribe to Townhall and receive a free copy of my book Please make sure to at least look at the current issue of Townhall magazine, which is hitting newsstands this week. I wrote the cover story about our incredible progress in Iraq.


# Dawn Leimbach 2008-06-04 23:29
First of all, thank you for doing what you do. I first heard of your site on talk radio, but had never gotten around to checking it out. It's nice to find someone reporting facts and telling the truth about the difference our troops are making. It is even more important to me now.

My request is that you send me the comments from your first post about my husband, David, if possible. I had read them, but had not gotten around to saving or printing. My mother had posted one that was very moving for me. Of course, if there is somewhere I could still access these, that would be fine. As you can imagine my brain function is not quite normal right now.

Thanks again.
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# Mike P 2008-06-05 15:39
Mike, your support of "Townhall" is very disapointing. I read the piece about you, but then noticed that Ann Coulter is one of their reporters. She is a fungus, not a reporter. I could no more read a trash rag that had that Adolpia Hitler wannabe in it than I could watch her on the Facist Organization for Xenophobes (FOX) Network. Please tell me it's not just because they are offering your book - of which I bought an autographed copy. You have been pretty objective thus far, in my observation, and I have been recommending you. I will have to watch a little more closely from now on.
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# PaulC 2008-06-05 19:59

I have just ordered my copy of your book (I also just happen to get a free subscription to Townhall) and look forward to reading an accurate and first-hand account of our efforts in Iraq. As with any war reporting there is always an element of truth and one of propaganda. I find it refreshing that my reading of your past posts from the front have all jived with what I heard from members of the armed forces I know and respect. Thank you again for risking your life and spending your money to bring out the real facts on the ground. (By the way, I am a contributor to your efforts).

Thank YOU! And please keep up the good work!

And to Mike P. ...get over it, dude! Ann Coulter and FOX news are convenient scapegoats for people like you. I really surprised that you can handle Michael's truth about Iraq.

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