Today’s Messages from Taliban about Today’s Attack and Obama’s visit


02 May 2012

A message came to me about nine hours ago from the Taliban that Obama visited and so the Taliban had an attack underway.  They did in fact have an attack underway.  I published the message from Zabihullah Mujahid on Facebook.

First message:


A few minutes ago (about 0820 EST 02 May 2012), Zabihullah Mujahid sent two more messages.  Both are below.  There is some truth in the accounts, but I read them mostly for entertainment value.  Though they exaggerate wildly, it’s become clear that the Taliban will eventually control large swaths of Afghanistan:

Second message:

“Martyr attack targeting” Green Village” huge military Camp ends with success; more than 43 invaders killed KABUL, May 02 - The operation was planned hurriedly after finding out about Obama’s “surprise visit” to Afghanistan what was secret visit about which Mujahideen came to know in the later hours of last night and, as a result, “the Green Village” one of the most important and heavily-guarded military base of so-called ISAF, was the quickest target for Mujahideen to smash.

“A team of four heroic combatants of Islamic Emirate Ahmad (Parwan province), Muhammad Raza (Kabul), Abdul Bari (Wardak) and Hameed Khan (Takhar), armed with heavy and small arms and explosives, stormed the target, the “Green Village” with Ahmad slamming his explosive-laden vehicle at the gate of the base, rocking the entire base and removing all the security checks and barriers besides flattening some of the rooms where a great number of the security guards were based. Several dozen of the US-NATO and puppets cowardly forces security were killed and wounded. Three out four martyrdom-seeking Mujahideen, after getting into the base, initiated fighting with rockets, heavy and light machine guns, hand grenades and explosive vests till 10 a.m. local time, targeting those inside and killing at least 34 US-Nato forces officers and soldiers as well as taking out more than 9 puppets security guards. “The operation came as a response to Obama’s visit to Afghanistan and was a worst single-day loss for the US-Nato terrorists after Kabul operation in which Mujahideen had targeted the main ISAF base, and a series of embassies, parliament, presidential house and a number of the enemy’s military bases and posts in Kabul city. It is known to all that no civilian can show up even hundreds of maters away from the any military facility and, in particular, such military facility with strategic importance, no way! Thus the western-influenced mainstream media claims about civilian casualties are absolutely false and everyone knows it. The lethal blow to supposed ISAF was a message to Obama that the real Afghan are not those who sign the pack of slavery and selling out their land, contrarily, the true Afghans are those who never let such conspires happen, and root out all such nasty plots and ploys of the enemy by dealing deadliest blow to the invading enemy. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in this way, vow to continue to deal far more rigorous and fatal blows to the enemy and foil its every conspiracy in order to defend the Afghans’ beloved country and safeguard the its sovereignty and honor.”

Third message, arrived about two minutes after second message:

Statement of Leadership Council of Islamic Emirate regarding the inception of Al-Farooq Spring operation -

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people (Taubah: 14)

It has been a little over ten years since Afghanistan has come under the barbaric occupation of foreign invaders and countless defenseless Afghans are martyred, imprisoned, their homes destroyed and orchards uprooted by these cruel occupiers with the passage of each day. But as the intensity of cruelty and savagery of the invaders increases, the fervor of Jihad and struggle amongst the heroic Afghans strengthens proportionally and with the inception of each year, the battle trenches are enkindled against the oppressors with high moral, new war tactics and strong Jihadi determination. With pure divine intentions and exemplary determination, our lives are cheaply sacrificed for the defense and service of our oppressed nation while delivering falsehood extinguishing blows to the enemy.

As the period for the inception of new Jihadi activities against the foreign forces each year is chosen and named by Islamic Emirate under new Jihadi title in consideration with the seasonal and atmospheric conditions, we would once again like to announce the current year’s spring operation against the invaders under the glorified Jihadi name of ‘Al-Farooq’.

The name Al-Farooq, which is the honored title of the second Khalifa of Islam Hazrat Omar R.A, was chosen for this year’s operation so that with its blessing, Allah Almighty might bestow on Mujahideen such victories as were awarded to the Muslims during the triumphant period of Hazrat Omar R.A where huge swaths of lands of the infidels fell under the rule of the Muslims and the enemies were forced to take flight.

It must be stated that the primary target of Al-Farooq operation will be the foreign invaders, their advisors, their contractors and members of all associated military, intelligence and auxiliary departments.

And similarly, the high ranking officials of the stooge Kabul regime; members of Parliament; those associated with Ministries of Defense, Intelligence and Interior; members of the so called High Peace Council; Militia under the name of ‘Arbaki’ and all those people who work against the Mujahideen, toil to pave ground for the occupation of Afghanistan and become the cause for the strength of the invaders will also be targeted in Al-Farooq operation.

New and tested war tactics will be implemented in Al-Farooq operation and top priority will be given to safeguarding the lives and wealth of civilians. It is hoped that civilians stay away from the bases of invaders and their hirelings, their military convoys and refrain from going close to explosion sites as the enemy intentionally targets civilians to avenge the caused death/injury and attributes it to the Taliban.

Al-Farooq Jihadi spring operation shall commence simultaneously in all parts of Afghanistan on 14th Suwar 1391 which corresponds with 12 Jammad ul Thani 1433 and 3rd May 2012.

The Islamic Emirate, alongside launching its Al-Farooq spring operation, once again calls on all those associated with the puppet administration of Karzai, the so called national army, national police and all those who are siding with the invaders in opposition to the interests of Islam to stop backing the invaders and to abandon their ranks. In case this call is not heeded, all responsibility shall befall the transgressors because the Mujahideen, in defense of their country and religious sanctities, are Islamically bound and have the right to kill the foreign occupiers and their supporters, capture them and to prosecute them for their illegal actions. The Islamic Emirate, in order to establish contact and bring out officials and privates from the opposition rank, has assigned an influential ‘Recruitment’ Commission which works to invite them towards the truth and in case they want to join the Mujahideen, to lend all necessary assistance and guidance.

The Islamic Emirate would also like to declare to all the foreign invaders including the Americans that if you still desire to continue the occupation of our country, abuse our sanctities and oppress our defenseless nation then the Mujahideen shall also take inspiration from the historical achievements of the distinguisher of truth and falsehood, Hazrat Omar R.A. and utilize all means and military craftsmanship at disposal in their Al-Farooq spring operation to kill, expel and eliminate you.

In this battle of truth and falsehood, victory and ascendency shall be awarded to the Mujahideen while defeat and humiliation shall be the fate of your moral-lacking soldiers, if Allahs wills it.

With the divine help of Allah, we are awaiting the moments when our nation shall be freed from the evil of your occupation and the Afghans become the owners of a pure Islamic system in an atmosphere of brotherhood, national unity and peace and of a government free from corruption with total security, effective education, strong economy and a tranquil life, if Allah wills it.

The Leadership Council of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


-2 # Spreading propaganda,....Dan 2012-05-02 14:52
Be careful that the Taliban (or who ever it is) is not using you to send their messages.
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+10 # Really?TomC 2012-05-02 17:01
Quoting Dan:
Be careful that the Taliban (or who ever it is) is not using you to send their messages.

He always posts these after they have happened. Besides which it is important that SOMEONE actually let us know what the enemy is thinking. We certainly aren't going to get word for word accounts on any television news. If more people understood what the Jihadist are fighting for and how they sell it a lot of opinions on Afghanistan would change.
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+1 # Get out the drum circle....TB 2012-05-02 17:52
and the candles :-*

Don't you know Tom, we are all supposed to supposed to suck down all the Kumbyah rhetoric from the MGMSM like mother's milk and give Islam a chance! :o

Didn't you get the memo 8)
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# Mr.Jim Delaney 2012-05-02 14:55
Was it one IED or suicide attack "near the US Embassy"? Or were there more?
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-12 # Mr.Mackey 2012-05-02 16:03
So what is your point, Mike? That the President should not visit the theatre? They did the same thing with Cheney and Bush visits when we were in Iraq. I didn't hear any griping then.
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+8 # RE: Mr.TB 2012-05-02 16:53
Quoting Mackey:
They did the same thing with Cheney and Bush visits when we were in Iraq. I didn't hear any griping then.

The only "griping" I see here is yours. If you are trying to infer "griping" from the email notice he sent out then I suggest you stop receiving same.

If you'll care to retrace your false rhetoric you'll see that Mike has had the same opinion of all opportunistic politicians that go to the CAO for political cover and gain, including GWB and Chief Halliburton Stooge, Cheney!

If you really want to gripe about something, why aren't you griping about the Obomination's "wag the dog" scenario here, after being excoriated over the Bin Laden raid exploitation for political gain, even the most leftist witch writer on the planet, Arriana Huff-Puff, thought it was callous and stupid!

Ever notice how this fraud-in-thief runs to a photo-op with the military every time he is criticized about using the military's achievements as a political pawn!

This was not a rally the troops visit, but political cover and will end up in the long run as a sellout to the Muslim Brotherhood!
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-1 # Same thing?Larry 2012-05-04 12:49
Exactly correct TB. And when he is not praising our forces, he uses them as bait for getting something passed or tells them they won't get paid if this or that is not passed. He is a complete phony who uses the military as a tool as does his wife Moochelle as they just love the military, not!
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-8 # Trashing Democrats?Hawkfinder 2012-05-02 18:45
I agree with Mackey and find your cheap shot at the President to be unnecessary. Who, Michael, in the final analysis are you to determine that the Agreement signed and the statesmanlike visit were useless? Sheesh, Michael. Stick to stuff you understand that we do not. Billy Hawkfinder
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-3 # RE: Today’s Messages from Taliban about Today’s Attack and Obama’s visitElaine 2012-05-02 16:06
Please read the entire article:
Obama Syndicate Plans Imminent Takeover of USA by Islam and Globalists

While Congress ignores it (or secretly supports it), the US courts continue to fall one by one towards accepting and utilizing Shari’a law in place of US law and the wholly-owned-by -the-totalitari an-Left-and/or- the-Saudis (same thing) media continue their mindless and largely irrelevant programming (to continue the mesmerization of the American people) Obama is openly supporting and assisting the Islamist takeover of the USA. I have been writing about this since prior to the Obama syndicate’s usurpation of the White House. However, it’s comforting to know that my more well-known brethren have at last gotten the message and are now, also, writing about it. In the end, we are all in this together!

Recently, Senior Fellow for European Politics at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Soeren Kern wrote in his article “Caliphate Conference” Seeks to Islamize Europe, U.S.”: “The explicit aim of the Istanbul Process—current ly backed by the Obama administration— is to make it an international crime to criticize Islam. A Muslim fundamentalist group is organizing a conference focused on turning Austria and other European countries into Islamic states.

“The “Caliphate Conference 2012” will be held on March 10 in the Austrian town of Vösendorf, situated just south of Vienna. The main theme of the event will be “The Caliphate: The State Model of the Future.”

Sher Zieve
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+1 # Same Rhetoric Different DirtbagsTB 2012-05-02 17:38
This Islamic Caliphate crap sounds just like the tyrants of the past, the Macedonians, the Romans, the Nazis, Imperial Japan, the Commies, Corporate Greed International, etc, etc!

We're out to take over the world and the world had better "submit" or else!

Our Constitution is the only safeguard in history against such travesties against mankind, yet that is being torn up and trivialized by both political parties for power and greed!

We the people are supposed to have the power, yet we the people through apathy and ignorance have let it slip away!

See this video by Judge Napolitano if you don't believe me:
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+2 # Slip?Gravedigger 2012-05-03 12:43
America didn't slip away. It was exported by the Free Traitors, Banksters and War e most powerful scumbags in the world.
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-3 # blah,blahironargonaut 2012-05-02 16:26
What is the point of this? Besides, spreading propaganda for the enemy?

All I read was were so great, your so bad, blah, blah. No different from the big mouth talkers on the elementary school play ground. No different from anything else the Taliban has had to say.
I know why don't you post some quotes of them saying how we will never take any land in Afghanistan, then how we won't take Kabul, and they will kill every soldier, etc. etc. from the begining of the war. Let's see how their track record is on divine proclamations.
On a larger note how come it is that our media (generalization not talking about Michael he stated the good and bad on Iraq) never point out when our enemies predictions are wrong or they lie. But, move hevean and earth to let us know when somebody on our team screwed up. I'm for letting us know the our screw ups but a little consistency would be nice.
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+2 # Interesting Propaganda PalpTB 2012-05-02 17:20
These kind of messages remind me of all the other conflicts throughout history wherein the losers have tried vainly to influence the local civilians to join their cause after said civilians have been unmercifully brutalized by the same culprits issuing such lies and distortions.

It's so atypical of these murdering scum to start out their threats of murder and mayhem with "Allah the Merciful" when these a-holes show no inkling of mercy, unless of course one "submits" to their will and their ignorant asinine cult! Even then their definition of "mercy", is to be beheaded quickly, instead of using a rusty dull knife!

We have spent ten years, billions of dollars, and too many lives trying to beat down ignorance and religious tyranny, to no avail! These poor people will always be ignorant pawns in a global pissing contest that goes all the way back to Alexander the Great.

Their lives will only change when brutish cultish religions and greedy opportunistic politicians are replaced by reason and logic through education of all the people, male and female, in the realties of universal truth! When they learn the truths of science and the universe, Allah will become a quaint anachronism!
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# servant of the Most HighRudy 2012-05-02 18:25
I was missing a tool.. oh wait, it's in Afghanistan. J/K - God bless our newest and bravest SEAL, Commander Odumbo!
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-1 # Taliban scumDarren Stewart 2012-05-02 20:54

To be blunt - I understand having a comms link open with these people fits a journalistic instinct. However, you'll have to forgive me, this is like having an open line with Joseph Goebbels, or lord Haw Haw. Perhaps some Stockholm syndrome has taken hold. These animals do not deserve respect. They do not deverse the protection of Geneva conventions they mock and laugh at and do not follow. They do not desever compassion or protection within the boundaries of understanding based on misguided 'western' liberal human rights.

They are animals, they have an absolute fascist operation, they commit crimes that beyond acceptance.

I celebrate every single Taleban and Al Quida soldier, operative, policy maker or leaders death. They deserve to be hunted down, killed and slaughtered, and I don't care how gruesome a death that is. And I do not care about respect of any kind for their fallen. They should be denied an islamic burial, denied any form of return to family or friends, and should recieve summary battlefiend execution on the battlefield when found armed or in combat.

They need to be taught, and taught harshly that if they do not wish to respect minimal levels of civil human behaviour, then that cuts both ways. If they will not abide by Geneva convention, they shall get no protection from it whatsoever.

Our weak and pathetic self admonishment is simply viewed as an absolute weakness. Our wish to behave with dignity and offer human rights is totally overlooked and any departure is simply siezed on by the enemy in their laugh a minute propaganda garbage and by liberals everywhere.

What prompts my harsh statement?
Simple - and perhaps you can go and question these walking sacks of shit Taliban mouthpieces about it.

Khalil Dale
A man who simply gave his life trying to help the people the Taliban would dearly love to enslave, and then commit widescale islamic fascist punishment upon in unending hell. A man who converted to their faith. A man who operated in the human aspect of helping other people. I personally have a low view of people who change or become islamic. In this case this man clearly did so out of a love I do not comprehend for such people. Which deaspite my own view is an act of high moral integrity.

Their actions and thanks towards his life long work and unending generosity was to kill him. To slay him by cutting off his head and leaving his body and severed head in a plastic bag by the side of some road.

Next time *anyone* from your readership starts carping about American or Allied soldiers not matching our own high standards, they need to be reminded of the 'high' standard the enemy adheres to. *sarcasm off*.
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+10 # RE: Today’s Messages from Taliban about Today’s Attack and Obama’s visitHeywood Jablomi 2012-05-03 00:38
I appreciate Michael Yon publishing communications from the Taliban if only because no other media will.

Obviously they send propaganda. Why would they not?

So filter accordingly.

Big boy rules. If you are not smart enough to read Taliban propaganda and to discern fact from fantasy, you should go get your news from the New York Times like everybody else.
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# Are we negoiatingken 2012-05-03 03:24
Are we negoiating with the Taliban or are we kicking the shit out of them? they want to be included, but they keep this crap up, walk away from the talks!!
Reply | Report to administrator
# Too Boring....Tchirpbird 2012-05-03 12:58
I just couldn't read it all !
The comments are much more interesting...
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+1 # What is Islamislam 2012-05-03 13:46
afganistan war is by no means over. who is suffering is the people. sad
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+3 # Congrats....Mike in Texas 2012-05-03 15:39

Just wanted to you you all know that I saw in today's "Defense Industry Daily" email a reference and a link to your article on counter-battery radar's effect.

They were talking about the newer technologies and used your excellent article as a reference.

(And you think the higher ups don't listen to what you have to say :lol: )
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+1 # RE: Today’s Messages from Taliban about Today’s Attack and Obama’s visitNeil 2012-05-03 17:33
Thanks for keeping us informed Mike.
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# RE: Today’s Messages from Taliban about Today’s Attack and Obama’s visitHeath 2012-05-04 20:43
You know how reverse engineering works ? Well reverse reading the letter then you will understand how the enemy thinks. I always reverse read letters then take the thoughts apart then put the thoughts back together with the reality of what is happening on the ground. Read a letter first time as you normally would then reverse read the letter then your eyes will be opened.
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# RE: Today’s Messages from Taliban about Today’s Attack and Obama’s visitPapa Ray 2012-05-05 01:30
Hey Mike, read this:

It appears that violence is escalating and that journalists, reporters and the innocent are being targeted every day.

I think the Afgan is safer.

Papa Ray
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# RE: Today’s Messages from Taliban about Today’s Attack and Obama’s visitHeath 2012-05-07 12:44
I see the Al Qaeda in the tv news again. :-?

Personally if I was the US President. I would order air strikes intensified 10x.

Never allow the enemy to control Americans. They bow to us. Americans bow to no one but only God in We Trust. 8)
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# helpiman 2012-08-13 07:33
help needed in india assam and mumbai plz help muslims protect islam......
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