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Threat from American Soldier

25 September 2011
Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

Every American service member is a representative of the United States of America.  If an American Soldier were to write about President Obama, “I want to rip his head off and piss down his windpipe!” we would expect that the Secret Service would investigate further before the President visited a base where that troop is stationed.  If that same Soldier published the same words about his Commanding General, while both are in a war zone, his behavior would be grounds for reduction in rank, at a minimum.  Sane or insane, public hatred coming from an armed American Soldier in war should be taken seriously.  The trooper is paid by US citizens, and the weapon in his hands is the property and responsibility of the United States.  He is paid and armed by us to represent us.  His actions, ultimately, are his responsibility and the responsibility of his chain of command.  His every action—in word and in deed—reflects upon the United States.

Threats are especially serious coming from an American service member armed with a powerful automatic weapon and plenty of ammunition.  When those threats occur in a war zone from someone who has publicly discussed his mental health issues, no sane person would brush them off.  Time and again, we have seen tragedies unfold and then look back and say, “There were signs. . . .” In Fort Hood a Soldier murdered 13 people.  In retrospect, the signs were obvious, and we did nothing.  

Over here, in Afghanistan, soldiers have murdered for sport.  I was embedded with their brigade but with different units.  This was a very small group of Soldiers whose actions negatively cast light on the far higher professionalism of the general military population, but they did it nevertheless. Back in Iraq, five soldiers got drunk, raped a young Iraqi girl and murdered her family.  They also murdered the girl.  During the crime in which they raped and murdered the fourteen-year-old girl, they executed her six-year old sister.  Then our soldiers burned the people they murdered.  Iraqis, allegedly in response, kidnapped some of our Soldiers and disemboweled and dismembered them alive.  Our response to the missing Soldiers was to kill a lot of Iraqis in the area while searching for our Soldiers.  The drunken rape, and multiple-murders, and what then unfolded as a result, is a largely untold story of the Iraq war.  We have a small percentage of criminals in uniform in our midst.  The results of their evil actions will echo through history.

During the dozen years I have been in the military on active duty or covering the wars, I have felt threatened only twice by American soldiers.  Both times I warned other Soldiers of sufficient rank and position to cause action.  Nothing happened.  The first soldier is dead.  He shot himself last year.  He was under investigation for sexual harassment of another officer.  He was to be escorted to another base but committed suicide.  When I raised the flag about five years earlier, nobody wanted to believe my confidential warnings probably because of his combat record and the fact that he graduated from West Point, and due to his personal connections.  It was clear at the time that they saw my warnings as evidence of a personal feud between the officer and me.  There was no feud.  He was a dangerous man.

The second soldier is Master Sergeant CJ Grisham.  He is stationed at Kandahar Air Field nearby, where I must often travel.  I have cautioned the Army numerous times through back channels.  This soldier concerns me as a lethal threat to my person.  Most recently, in another angry tirade, Grisham wrote, “I want to rip his head off and piss down his windpipe!”  In my world, there is no television and people die all the time.  All bullets are live.  All threats are real.

Since the current wars began, I have alerted people about four soldiers.  The two Generals I warned about were fired last year—one was subsequently convicted of a crime—and both were sent home from Afghanistan.  They were incompetent.  The third soldier shot himself and went home dead from Afghanistan.  The fourth is CJ Grisham.  He should not be in the US military carrying an assault rifle.  Grisham has the motive.  He has the means.  He has access to his target.  He has stated his desire.  His behavior toward many people in the past has been that of a remorseless, soulless bully.  His narcissism is apparent.  When he’s backed into a corner, Grisham turns on the charm and claims to have PTSD in a shameless act to garner sympathy.  He has gathered small cult-like group who vigorously defend him.

I am an unarmed American citizen in Afghanistan.  I have warned the Army and they have done nothing.  I feel physically threatened by Master Sergeant CJ Grisham.

[Minutes ago I received a message from the Army that they are investigating.]


Michael Yon
Kandahar Province, Afghanistan


# ErikW 2011-09-25 20:26
Mr. Yon, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for what you're doing. I'm just a civvy but I hold our soldiers in the highest regard and feel that I owe them, at the very least, to know what they are going through and you provide that.

Not sure what you're beliefs are but I'll give you the best I can offer. Watch your ass and God Bless.
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# PFC Madosky 2011-09-25 20:36
Lets face it sir the United States Army does not do much for soldiers with these kind of problems. They train us to be killing machines and put us under extremely stressful situations for years at a time but only choose to turn their heads when problems like this arise. I hope you remain safe it is hard enough to worry about the enemy and it becomes hell when you have to worry about those on the same side.
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+1 # RE: Threat from American SoldierLeonard Hartley 2011-09-25 20:46
It is against the law in the US to verbally threaten someone and a person can be arrested and charged. How much more serious should a reported threat be acted upon in the military by an creditable witness such as yourself. In the case of the Ft. Hood assahola who murdered "his men" in cold blood for the dead prophet of Mecca then those who disregarded the obivious warnings should be charged with at least negligent homicide and punished. Mr. Yon please arm yourself discreetly and watch your back. Contact the highest officer you must to see this man removed from that theater and hopefully get help.
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-1 # RE: Threat from American SoldierTom 2011-09-25 20:52
For the defenders of this guy, it easy to second guess Mr. Yon, but when a highly trained and heavily armed soldier makes a threat, ultimately it doesn't matter if he follows through. The threat is the crime. Does Mr. Yon need to be dead before it is real enough for the Sgt's Defenders?
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+1 # RE: Threat from American SoldierTammy 2011-09-25 21:06
"His behavior toward many people in the past has been that of a remorseless, soulless bully. His narcissism is apparent. When he’s backed into a corner, Grisham turns on the charm and claims to have PTSD in a shameless act to garner sympathy. He has gathered small cult-like group who vigorously defend him." Very well said. Anytime I've witnessed it, it wasn't pretty. I feel bad for people who have had to endure him in person.
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-2 # Tim Lum 2011-09-25 21:11
Mr.Yon; I will forward your post to Secret Service contacts for action. All the best...tim
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+1 # Ken 2011-09-25 21:14
Stay safe, I am sure someone is watching this fool.
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-1 # RE: Threat from American SoldierThJudg 2011-09-25 21:18
If it were me I would let some of the many good friends you have made with the rank & file warriors as to what this idiot has said. I would be willng to bet that those guys would be more than willing to watch your back. More than likely, they might even make this guy an "Offer he can't refuse."
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# RE: Threat from American SoldierAusten 2011-09-25 21:21
He is a serious threat and I have read other blogs which seem to dismiss his crazy behaviour.... I made a complaint to the Whitehouse about this incident. It will be interesting to see if they ever reply. Keep safe My Yon.
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# Tim Lum 2011-09-25 21:25
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# Stacey 2011-09-25 21:25
PFC Madosky,

I can't yet claim to be a part of the 'we' who should be trying to help members of the Armed Forces and Veterans with PTSD. But, it's not for a lack of trying. I have around five more years of college before I reach my objective. However, my hope is to work in an official capacity helping returning service members rather than simply 'check the box'.
After eight years AD and three additional overseas, I have a wee bit of experience under my belt. Should you need or want to vent to a complete stranger (perhaps the anonymity may help), I'll figure a way give you my email address.
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+1 # Lifesaver 2011-09-25 21:27
The stress on our soldiers is very evident. Carrying on two wars, multiple deployments etc. And now we are seeing people who come home and shoot up people in bases, their families, civilians. Mental health is a big issue and is not properly dealt with. This guy sounds like a person I was married to. Give him a weapon and a few fans and some power and it fuels his ego. Like fire raging out of control it continues to feed him until it blurs his sense of reality and right/wrong. He has a sense that he is bigger than the rest of us. I would definitely watch my back. I worked in a locked psych unit. He sounds like he needs to be there IN ISOLATION. I've read his blog..he's out in Pluto somewhere with my ex husband.
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-1 # RE: Threat from American SoldierJohn 2011-09-25 21:32
And what exactly was it you did to cause Master Sergeant CJ Grisham to make this threat? If you're going to go public you should also provide more details cause the way you wrote this article you left the reader with more questions than answers. But perhaps that was your intent?
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-1 # RE: Threat from American SoldierLifesaver 2011-09-25 21:32
What reason would he have to lie? Reporting what he sees isnt free yanno. Money doesn't fall from the sky. Mr. Yon sacrifices his life to tell us what the hell is going on. Luckily for me, I still choose to trust people. He's not an insurance salesman for God's sake. I'd like to see YOU go out there and get your butt in a sling to tell a story. As far as I am concerned, Michael has brass ones. And I respect that.
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# RE: Threat from American SoldierIman Azol 2011-09-28 10:25
"Money doesn't fall from the sky."

So, a good story would keep the money coming, just like any other reporter, milking controversy they created?
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-1 # RE: Threat from American SoldierVickie 2011-09-25 21:36
I have sent money and will continue to do so. Mr. Yon does a great job reporting and is definitely an upstanding American.

Michael, my family and I greatly appreciate all you do for our soldiers and their families. Please be safe and do NOT let your guard down. CJ Grisham needs to be taken out and brought back to the states before he carrys thru on his threat!
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-1 # Renee 2011-09-25 21:43
I pray for your safty.
I am truly sorry for the family of that girl and her family.
There are good and bad in all walks of life.A shame that those soldiers were not found out before something happened. Its a shame they disgraced the military and our USA. A sad day
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# RE: Threat from American SoldierRaine Walker 2011-09-25 21:47
Quoting Tom:
...when a highly trained and heavily armed soldier makes a threat, ultimately it doesn't matter if he follows through. The threat is the crime.

Yes, the threat is the crime.
Gods speed, Michael Yon.
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+1 # PFC Madosky 2011-09-25 21:48
Stacey, the thought is greatly appreciated but I am right on the horizon of my honorable discharge and have managed to find a way to let the stresses go. I now focus on helping the new soldiers in my unit the best I can with even the smallest things because I remember being at "the boiling point". Having people like you that want to help is an amazing thing and believe me you will be needed even more than you are now in five years. I greatly appreciate your goals and your humanity. Always remember if you only change the life of one person you have done more than enough and ultimately change the lives of all the people around them.
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# RE: Threat from American SoldierValerie 2011-09-25 21:52
I agree with you John. As much as I appreciate Mr. Yon's dispatches, there is a reason he has trouble remaining embedded. Nevertheless... there is freedom of speech. Would prefer BOTH sides released in these cases. This is Mr. Yon's dispatch and the Master Sargeant diserves his side to be known as well. I don't believe the story about our soldiers murdering for "sport". The pen should not become poisoned. Better to understand the terrible stresses involved. Our kids are great and if they do wrong, let their superiors handle it, not Mr. Yon with the simple stroke of a pen. This one paragraph taints many innocents. God bless Mr. Yon as we appreciate his work, but perhaps a bit more restraint would be better? Bless our kids doing the best they can and doing it soooo very well!
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+1 # RE: Threat from American SoldierTerry Elliot 2011-09-28 09:28
Gee Valerie since the incident in Iraq is well documented that involved about a half dozen soldiers from one of the Stryker Batts, maybe you should beleive it. Our soldiers are merely a subsector of the population in general and hence the same defective characters in the populace is in the military. BTW, I am an LTC in the reserves and an OIF veteran.

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-1 # RE: Threat from American Soldiermjgeib 2011-09-25 21:54
I believe that Michael has done an excellent job being objective with his posts as well as supportive of our military staff. Unfortunately, some of his posts reveal situations that the military may want to keep undercover (see: recent post regarding Forensics). This Master Sargeant CJ Grisham appears to be the type of individual to take everything he hears personal, with questionable objectivity. I'm unaware of the exact situation, but I am willing to give Michael the benefit of the doubt.
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-1 # RE: Threat from American SoldierBrandy Mills 2011-09-25 22:11
Mr. Yon- I have been following your stories for awhile, and I know you wouldn't post this unless you felt that your life was in serious jeopardy. Please stay safe, arm yourself, and watch your back. I pray for Grisham's instant extraction from Afghanistan and subsequent mental evaluation. Thank you so much for what you do for our soldiers and for our country.

Sherry Hale- Mr. Yon has also been fighting for our country by providing the world with accurate stories about deployed soldiers for many years now. He has been beside them through firefights, dangerous missions, etc. and continues to be despite constant threats to his person by the enemy and otherwise. Our soldiers are not the only heroes who are fighting for our country, and unlike Mr. Yon, they are paid for their noble service. Mr. Yon is honorably attempting to prevent another atrocity, such as those listed in this post, from occurring. You are the one who should be ashamed.
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# RE: Threat from American Soldierbee 2011-09-25 22:16
With CJ Grisholm one doesn't have to do anything except hold an opinion of their own that isn't in line with his warped way of thinking. He attacked me verbally online, with no provacation from myself even after ignoring him and his followers I was very fearful. I work in the mental health field and I don't scare easily, but I was ready to get a restraining order against CJ if he had been stationed in our state. My then deployed husband looked into him for me, as CJ posted his profile picture in dress blues, from that my husband could determine rank, branch, and duty station. A wife of a deployed Soldier/officer , should not have to be threatened and harrassed by an Active Duty military member. This has nothing to do with Michael Yon, so don't blame the victim. It has everything to do with CJ Grisholm's behavior, attitude, and mental status.
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# RE: Threat from American Soldierphil 2011-09-25 22:16
Soldiers are not kids, some may well be young but they are men and women who are adults. Calling them kids tries to imply that they aren't in full control and need to be parented and that they aren't fully responsible for their actions.

Calling for M.Y. to self censor is a problem as well. The whole point of this blog for him to write and for us to read it is to get a better insight into the war.

I'm sure M.Y. thought long and hard over this post like all of them
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+1 # RE: Threat from American Soldierrappini 2011-09-25 22:17
Mr. Yon if you are an American Citizen why aren't you covered by 2nd Amendment and carry protection.
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+2 # RE: Threat from American SoldierSGT Carter 2011-09-25 22:23
You watch your six Mike...
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-2 # michael ginapp 2011-09-25 22:44
Contact your Congressman, Senator, or maybe LTC Allen West make them aware of the situation and do not I repeat do not delay in doing so. What you may have is an embittered lifer who was passed over for promotion and these kind a very dangerous.
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-2 # John F 2011-09-25 22:46
Quoting John:
And what exactly was it you did to cause Master Sergeant CJ Grisham to make this threat? If you're going to go public you should also provide more details cause the way you wrote this article you left the reader with more questions than answers. But perhaps that was your intent?

Michael's life is threatened and the best you can do is question why the perp is angry?? Does it matter? Perhaps on the occasion that the physical threat is removed then someone could sit down and have a philosophical touchy feely discussion about the "why" but negating the threat immediateley should be the only consideration until accomplished.
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-1 # Sara Johnson 2011-09-25 22:50
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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+1 # John F 2011-09-25 22:52
The 2nd Amendment does not apply when the citizen is in another country. In fact, being in a war zone has its own rules no matter where you are.
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# RE: Threat from American SoldierJohn F 2011-09-25 22:53
That is good. But for some reason knowing the Army is "looking into it" is not all the reassurance I would want.
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+2 # RE: Threat from American SoldierDiane 2011-09-25 22:55
While I appreciate your journalistic style and subject matter, I must conclude that you have also threatened MS Grisham in your commentary about his threats.

Your last paragraph, is basically telling MS Grisham, that you "took out" the other three who have threatened you and he is next.

I also visited his blog and have found nothing threatening about what he has written. Freedom of speech should not be reserved just for embeded freelance journalists.
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-1 # RE: Threat from American SoldierSara Johnson 2011-09-25 22:55
That soldier needs to be pulled, sent home and helped. For God's sake I sure hope they don't wait for a disaster.
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# Iman Azol 2011-09-28 10:30
Yes, pull every soldier who makes an angry statement. That will leave us...

Oh, wait.
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-2 # Suzan Zaner 2011-09-25 23:06
It is irrelevant what Michael Yon did or did not do! You cannot commit an evil(threats or violent acts)in the name of good, or as my mother used to say, "Two wrongs don't make a right!".
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+2 # Juan 2011-09-25 23:11
I think CJ just has a crush on you Mike.
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+2 # RE: Threat from American SoldierKat 2011-09-25 23:18
Being the Mother of two soldiers having completed tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan I can tell you they are not kids, they are men trained to kill. Any soldier threatening harm to a civilian or another soldier needs to be pulled from duty and duly assessed. PTSD or not, that's no excuse for leaving a risk in the ranks. Additionally, suggesting that our "kids" would never rape or murder children or civilians during a combat tour is just as naive as believing it doesn't happen in the civilian world either. They are people, military people, but still just people: not Christ. If this guy wasn't a threat MY wouldn't write about him. Grow up, Val.
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# RE: Threat from American SoldierWebmaster 2011-09-25 23:40
Note from Webmaster: Although everyone is entitled to their opinion. Trolling in the comments section is not permitted and comments will be removed.
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# RE: Threat from American SoldierJohn-Capt in ANG 2011-09-26 00:26
I am going to assume PFC Madosky is sincere, but if you are experiencing issues you are provided many avenues. Your chain of command is first. If the MSgt is in your chain, you can go directly above. You have a chaplain, an Inspector General, Congressmen and others who will dutifully listen to you and more importantly act. I went six weeks on Active Duty without pay and I wrote my Congressman after giving my chain of command ample time (a month) to resolve. Yes it was a little painful but I wanted the system fixed for the next Airman.

Finally, don't forget Military One Source. I used them after my Afghanistan deployment for counseling. It's a free benefit for you. Use it!

For the MSgt, I haven't obviously heard both sides but sounds like a lapse in military bearing at the least. Hope he gets the help he needs.
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# RE: Threat from American SoldierJohn-Capt in ANG 2011-09-26 00:36
Appears his career dissipation light was blinking some time ago

"how a blog brought a soldier down"
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+2 # RE: Threat from American SoldierLeyla Najma 2011-09-26 00:41
Thank you for sharing! That was not easy and it must be incredibly stressful to do your work and know this crazy person is out there.
Hoping someone like this guy gets help doesn't do much. The best thing to do get the word out. Good for you!!
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# RE: Threat from American SoldierAndy Ross 2011-09-26 00:48
It takes two to Tango! Now I'm obliged to read 1SGT Grisham's side. Apparently, the two have had a little pissing contest going on for some time.
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-1 # RE: Threat from American SoldierNed Chipley 2011-09-26 01:33
Several of these comments question Mr. Yon's warnings about Mr. Grisham; one wants more "details" as if more details were needed than what he has written. Mr. Yon has been in enough combat over the years with enough soldiers under stress to be able to assess danger to himself and others. If those in authority ignore this very straight-forwar d warning they will be even MORE culpible if/when something very bad happens than those who ignored the warning signs of the Islamic terriorts in a soldiers uniform at Ft. Hood.
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+1 # Zach 2011-09-26 01:49
Lol love the stories. Had to post a blog about this guy though? Has the military stopped policing their own this bad?
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+3 # RE: Threat from American SoldierMark 2011-09-26 02:49
Read both members blogs..These two have an "uneasy" history at best.. Waaaay to much ego by both parties here. I thought it was all about the supporting the troops. Gentlemen, reminder, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are the enemy..
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-1 # epador 2011-09-26 02:52
Unfortunately as Mr Yon has personally experienced and is yet again experiencing, and as I can note from personal experience, there is a strong tendency in the uniformed services to shoot the messenger rather than deal appropriately with the bad news, especially when the one hearing the message has a "career" to protect.

Godspeed, Michael.
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-1 # Chris 2011-09-26 03:27
This story was run by military times in regards to the MSGT that MY is talking about.

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-2 # RE: Threat from American SoldierJohn F 2011-09-26 03:55
Grisham sounds like a decent chap with a bit too much attitude. Don't know what prompted him to threaten Mike, but it looks like he has had issues with what is appropriate many times before, and certainly should know better than to post the comment Mike quoted. Poor judgment. Mike has gone after people before, but every time I have seen him do that, he did so with facts, and integrity, and not with emotion and threats. I have to side with Mike on this one. Even if he is mistaken, he is always professional.
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+2 # RE: Threat from American SoldierRobert Jones 2011-09-26 04:07
There are always 2 sides to any story and it would be interesting to hear the other. That said, I think you're doing the right thing by taking this public, especially if this soldier's ranking officers won't act to resolve the conflict between you two.
Keep up the great work, Michael, and watch your back. You're solo and these guys are in some tightly knit units that may try to protect their own. I understand that's a matter of survival for them and don't begrudge them for it but you still will need to watch your own back, as you are doing.
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# Leah 2011-09-26 04:10
If a MSG is bold enough to violently threaten a civilian blogger/reporte r in this manner, imagine how much terror he could strike in the heart of a subordinate soldier he might also happen to dislike?
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# RE: Threat from American SoldierThomas 2011-09-26 04:45
If the MSG was quoted as saying "I want to rip his head off and piss down his windpipe" I'm pretty sure it's not going to go any further than someone writing a report. Just for the fact the "threat" was not said directly to you, but was referring to you. And I really don't think calling him out in this forum where I'm pretty sure you know he reads is a good idea, its just going to fan the flames on whatever beef he has against you. Go through the proper channels and air your complaints and avoid contact or referances to him, otherwise it may not reflect a good light on you either.
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+2 # Leah 2011-09-26 05:11
While the MSG's quote is clearly indefensible and threatening, this Military Times article illustrates an intersting struggle active-duty soldiers experience when exercising their 1st Amendment Right to free speech, particularly in the political arena. I believe there is a tendency for the military to encourage it's more outspoken, politically-eng aged soldiers to "shut up" out of, perhaps, embarrassment? There was a US Army general I'd heard of who "suggested" to his senior officers to remain politically neutral and voluntarily admitted he himself did not vote in elections for this reason. I believe it's reprehensible if US soldiers are being discouraged/dis enfranchised from exercising their Constitutional freedoms even while they fight to protect them. It's too bad M.Y. and the MSG didn't share a more supportive relationship in their efforts to convey their first-hand views (even if there may have been differing opinions).
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# Pete K 2011-09-26 05:26
Michael, a written tirade seems a long way from the scariest thing among the various scary behaviors I have encountered. Nobody's ever actually tried to do me in but I'm a naturally aggravating sort of guy and I've encountered written animosities, angry phone conversations, road rage of various sorts, belligerent threats in parking lots and an occasional cranky sergeant or cop.

I figure a smart fellow can usually figure a way to avoid dangerous confrontations and, when that's not possible, defuse them or retreat from them.

If the guy's really a dangerous loose cannon, avoid him and avoid aggravating him.

Of course, one could also avoid war zones completely, which you have not, so perhaps you may may need to pause and think a bit to figure out how avoiding your loose cannon might be done.

It sounds like this character has you a bit spooked.
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-2 # Julia Mason 2011-09-26 06:54
This MSG,as described in the article, could be described as a sociopath. They are dangerous to those who they cannot manipulate with charm, physical threats nor verbal and physical abuse. Thank you, Mr. Yon for bringing this kind of thing to the attention of the military. Too bad, domestic justice refuses.
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# David Parsons 2011-09-26 08:57
... would carry a loaded firearm and verbally threaten someone with violence. Should overgrown children possess firearms?
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+1 # Violette 2011-09-26 09:08
maybe saves HIS life,YOURS Michael Yon,eventually OTHERS...IF the"military" takes actions,I hope,BUT HOPE IS NOT ACTION
You should be buddies not enemies ...
enough of them out there !
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# Adam Neira 2011-09-26 11:57
I trust Michael Yon's words. He wouldn't make this claim unless it was valid.
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+1 # jetdrvr 2011-09-26 12:27
There are always those in every war zone who murder for sport. The psychopaths in whatever uniform. To some, killing is fun. Killing the helpless is often more fun. So you'd better bloody well believe it, pal.
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# Shaun 2011-09-26 14:54
Remind me again how we justify putting people through this process we call war........If we can see no clear split between right and wrong where is our humanity? Soldiers are just people - but what blurs the moral vision so much that such acts can be carried out? And all done in my name. And yet I seen no alternative.
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# Jbad04 2011-09-26 15:02
Valerie-with family in the military, I support them too. But, as with any large organization, there are unfit elements. The incidents Yon speaks about have been well documented and convictions obtained under military law. To try and excuse criminal action by saying it is due to stress is doing a diservice to the vast majority of soldiers who do their duty honorably under extreme pressure without committing criminal acts.
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+5 # atuxedo 2011-09-26 15:36
John, google CJ Grisham and the Huntsville Times. There was a total ruckus here in town, affecting both the school system and in particular AD military parents and their kids. I know what I am talking about because it affected my family personally. We had just moved here and things were scary. I have to say that I believe Michael Yon, and am sad to see that CJ Grisham is not getting the help that he needs. Stay safe Michael. Hopefully CJ will be sent back home soon and receive all the help and assistance he needs to regain his emotional balance.
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# aeronathan 2011-10-07 14:13
I was wondering exactly why that name rung a bell and now it makes sense. I never did hear what the result of all that controversy was. Makes me wonder exactly what went on with it all....
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+1 # CB 2011-09-26 15:52
Michael, you have been there on the ground as the one with the gun. There is a responsibility that is entrusted to those men and women that are there. While they represent every American and Allied civilian, the line is thin between secure and control and committing a crime. It is these individuals that place more of us in due harm. When these people can surround themselves with others and alter their judgement through bitterness and hatred, we need to be careful. They can rationalize their actions and provoke others into furthering their madness. You cannot argue with a sick mind! They can justify murder, as we have seen. We all have seen 'accidents' from friendly fire and often the circumstances that precipitated these are not brought to light. Be careful! Many of us rely on the truths that you show for a more comprehensive understanding. As others have stated, watch your six. Be safe.
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-2 # Shea Brown 2011-09-26 15:56
Michael,, we need brave and intelligent reporters like you right here at home now,, consider putting your energies to work back here in the U.S. There are enough Mexican drug cartel networks functioning quite freely in the U.S. now to provide ample opportunities for brave "front line" reporting. As for Afghanistan, the best thing I have ever read about it was Matthew Hoh's resignation letter to his bosses at State . The one thing you surely have in common with this psycho master sergeant is that neither one of you know why our troops are in Afghanistan. Perhaps this is the real source of frustration for both of you. Time for you to consider the worth of the mission and your mission.
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# removed for profanity 2011-09-26 19:46
Removed HRH comment for profanity (Webmaster)
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+1 # Tommy Barrios 2011-09-26 20:36
If anyone can stir up controversy in the Milblogger arena, it's Mike Yon and MSgt CJ Grisham. :-* Both have a wide audience and a plethora of followers and supporters.

I suspect the truth here is somewhere in the middle. That said MSgt Grisham's actions and subsequent blogging about the school board incident reflects negatively on the position he held at the time, period and should have raised flags at the command level. As a First Sgt he had no business getting publicly embroiled in that dust-up, NONE!

This one the first things you are taught as a part of military decorum. I know the frustration of trying keep your negative opinions to yourself and only voice them privately through the chain of command structure, but if you do not, you will be sorry, as evidenced by the reaction of MSgt Grisham superiors, which I agree with BTW in this particular incidence

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+2 # Tommy Barrios 2011-09-26 20:36
No one is a stronger supporter of Free Speech and the Constitution and I run several blogs to back that claim, but I cannot sit idly by and watch as a decorated NCO and hero to our nation, self destructs and then cries VICTIM! :-?

Somewhere, somehow, there needs to be an intervention here in the life of a true American hero, gone solidly off the rails! :eek::

Is anybody in the Beltway who gives a damn listening?
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# Linda 2011-09-26 20:41
I did a Lexis search and extensively Googled Grisham & he needs to be watched. Mike's not the 1st person 2 feel threatened by this jerk. He's been under investigation before. I read a blog Grisham posted about Mike where Grisham himself posted a series of email exchanges etc he had with Mike and the word that came to my my was NUTS!!! & out of control. He needs to be stateside in psychiatric care.
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-8 # Mark Auman 2011-09-26 22:12
This uncouth badass Grisham is the type who spends his off hours pulling the wings off flies. The Army needs to Section 8 the fool before he looses it while holding a weapon.
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+1 # KEHammer 2011-09-27 00:54
Dear Mr. Yon,
Thank you for your continued honest coverage of the war. I am praying for your safety.
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# SaraJean Greenaway 2011-09-27 01:13
It is a dangerous enough thing you are doing out there Michael, without threats from people on who are supposed to be on your side. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless.
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+5 # Sara Naukam 2011-09-27 10:03

I am a spouse of a soldier who is in 4-4 Cav and I think you need to get your facts straight and be removed as a war correspondent Afghanistan. For example, you asked for pictures from 4-4 cav soldiers and they donated them but the problem being you registered them as your own. I do not like the story I am commenting on because it is about having people feel sorry for you instead of about what is really going on over there. Another thing is you boast about soldiers who you feel are top notch but they are just like you and want to be thought they are better than they actually are. The soldier that you brag about has went against so many opsec violations. Please get your facts straight because you have not credibility in my book.

Thanks for all the stress and heartache of all the soldiers and their spouses in 4-4 Cav

a concerned spouse in Charlie troop, 4-4 Cav
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+3 # Erik Peterson 2011-09-27 12:59
Be careful, MIke. Trust your instincts, and live to fight (or shoot pics and write and report) another day. Also, trust the soldiers around you to watch your six. They won't be your PSD, but if they know what's going on, they will surely keep overwatch for you.

And Texas is a good place to get away and have a few Shiner Bocks to recalibrate. :-)


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# MAB 2011-09-27 13:03
To the readers and the commenters… I am a Proud Mother of a US Army soldier who was KIA in Iraq in 2007, better known as a Gold Star Mother. I would like you to know that I know the details of my sons death, but not because it was published by any media or bloggers, but because I requested in 2009 from the Army.(and at that time I thought I was ready to hear it. (and it was not pretty) If someone had published or blogged about it in 2007 I can honestly tell you that my personal PTSD would have put me over the edge and I could have harmed myself to the end. I consider myself a fairly strong person most of the time these days..
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+2 # Koby 2011-09-27 13:11
Raising a red flag on a personal verbal threat is a responsible act. The threat itself shows someone who has lost touch with the importance of their role, and respect for the subject matter and their environment. An explanation is great for a casual threat, but an apology is deserved for an aberration. A worthy man is accountable and responsible for his words and deeds, military or not. Measuring intent is everything when weighing this dispute. MY shows war, with no disrespect intended to the families of *non-drafted professional soldiers*, and to show his heart and respect, its notable he could probably make more money writing books from a beach in Cancun. Lets remember that - and this is a question of tact concerning MY, and not of malice or greed... and *keep that in mind when wives, families and mothers are making emotionally charged comments and sweeping character judgments*.
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-4 # Chris 2011-09-27 14:04

I there anything that a US Citizen can do to help?

Will the military solve this? Please let us know how this is handled.

God bless you, Michael Yon
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+1 # Jackie 2011-09-27 22:32
Soldiers of any rank don't always know when they need to go home, sometimes they need to be told by a friend, sometimes they need to be directed by a higher up. I'm sure this CJ Grisham didn't start out his service in this mindset, but war is funny that way. Sometimes it takes people and changes them. Maybe it is time he heads home.
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# Erick Brockway 2011-09-28 00:13
Sorry, Mike, you've lost it. Go home.
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+1 # WarSea378 2011-09-28 00:39
I've always found your blogs to be not only informative, but also honest. While there may be detractors of your writings, it is mostly because they have a personal stake and feel hurt by the truth. I don't blame them for it though, the truth hurts, and often, we don't appreciate the fact that sometimes the "good" fall off track. While I support and enjoy your work, I don't think using this forum to handle a personal dispute is all that appropriate. I'm not calling you wrong Michael, but this is a personal issue and it strays from your professionalism and your unbiased, damned fine, ability to convey Troop actions to those who otherwise would have little knowledge on such important information. The mass media does not report like you do, not even close. I hope you can resolve your differences, but in the future, I'd like to read your unique insight to the war at hand and not a personal argument. Thank you so much for the years of incredible and credible reporting.

Reply | Report to administrator
-2 # KP 2011-09-28 03:42
Up for the ultimate irony Mike?

Be the voice of the soldiers fighting for America, spend years living with the risk of IED death every day and finally be killed by a guy on your own side...
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+1 # Roger 2011-09-28 07:53
This just came over the net - http://www.facebook.com/MichaelYonFanPage/posts/10150329762275665 - not sure of any adjudication but it doesn't bode well. CJ Grisham is an active blogger, or at least was one. Personalities and stress go a long way towards "issues" but someone has to cap this before it goes way to far. I've followed and supported Mike for a long time in both donations and words and I sincerely hope this works out well (even perhaps for both!)... we have enough 'against' our warriors that even vetted infighting should not exist. Hang tough and 'try' to stay safe!!!
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# Clinton 2011-09-28 08:59
Everybody has a job to do. MY is a journalist. His job is to expose what is going on in the world and report it. If you do not like the fact that he does it, thanks for sharing your opinion. Please go turn on your TV and watch the watered down baby food the regular media provides.

I believe there is a need for journalists like MY. They are necessary to expose the lies and the atrocities, whether they are performed by the Taliban, Soldiers, or our Government. We the people have a right to know how our tax dollars are being spent.
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+2 # Clinton 2011-09-28 08:59
In regards to those who feel he is being immature for posting about somebody who is threatening to his life, don't tell me you'd do anything different. If you were genuinely concerned about your personal safety, you'd report that person and their actions to anybody who is capable of doing something about it. Because this is our military failing to take action, I believe this falls into the category of what a journalist is expected to report... an atrocity against another human that is being swept under the rug.
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# Terry Elliot 2011-09-28 09:34
If he threatened Yon, he should be gone. End of Story.
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# Michael Williams 2011-09-28 10:27
If you have to embed somewhere else in Afghanistan, I might be able to help you out. Send me a private message on facebook and I'll give you details.
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-5 # pmr 2011-09-28 16:00
MIke my insides temble for you I can't help bur wonder hoe you can rest but knoe this if he kills you we your followers will see him hang
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+4 # DrMarkJump 2011-09-29 22:09
As a chaplain serving with Marines, I was sometimes told, "My job is to kill people and break things." I would reply to the effect, "Your job is to represent the U.S. and enact U.S. policy. That may sometimes involve killing people and breaking things, and if it does, I pray you do it right. But those actions are the tools, not the purpose."
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# Mike Lavigne 2011-10-01 04:06
What a clown. Interesting that he's your competition as a milblogger. You're nothing but a distraction, Michael. Go home. You're waaaaaay too high maintenance compared to the REAL journalists who come in to tell the story.
Reply | Report to administrator
# bjr118 2011-10-10 16:17
This guy Grishom is a sociopath.
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# Jay Cee 2011-10-24 21:09
Way to cover yourself and document in the event something happens.
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+1 # Warrant4 2011-10-27 10:16
I am a veteran of almost 30 years active duty. I spent the last ten years in public education. It is MUCH worse than you say. You are only seeing "a small percentage". Look at the facebooks and myspaces of these guys; their pictures, language, t-shirt designs, all of it. Do some web searching. The case you mention is one of HUNDREDS of courts martial cases from the past few years involving personal assualts, murders, or rapes. Hundreds. There are MANY cases of personal assualt going on HERE in the US by military members coming back and feeling frustrated because their tour of duty was not enough of a "rush". So rape and assualt right here in the good old USA is what they turn to. We have raise a broad spectrum of the population on a lack of religion, lack of morality, graphic movies, and kill-a-guy video games. What in the world did we expect? Now we have a bunch of wannabe Cowboys wearing the uniform and running around the world getting people to hate us even more than they did.
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