The Ring


Two by two they entered the ring, while soldiers with smiles and automatic weapons rooted for their buddies, but mostly for a good fight.

There were favorites, sure. But what the men enjoyed most was tenacity and punches, and men who could suffer yet keep going.

Nobody really cared where the fighters came from. Nobody really cared which unit the fighters belonged to. They wanted to see men in the ring.

He fell but he got up.

They knocked each other down, then got up and kept fighting.


# John Herzog 2010-01-21 07:50
USS Providence, Viet Nam, 1972 on the NGFS gun line. We used to have smokers on the fantail every week. There was one marine about 5'8" that fought every time there was a match. Got his ass kicked everytime, but always had a smile on his face when he was done. Sempre Phi
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