The India I remember

11 February 2009

This is the India I remember.  I've had two lives; the one in India, and all the rest.


+1 # Lorraine Woodworth 2009-02-11 18:52
I too spent over a year in India -early 70's - alone - 23 yo female. What a trip. It is hard to write about it - doesn't translate well onto paper. Makes a great oral tale but writing?? First time I saw - 1st day on the street I saw a cow take a dump & seconds later a woman scooped it up & ran of with it I was floored - what the ???. Later I saw the piles and patties of fuel they made from it. I was in Madras or what ever they call it now. Sweet memories for an aging woman. Thanks. Keep up your work in the Stan. I was there too - over land to Iran, again alone, and treated very well 'cept for bedbugs where ever I found a bed. The people were very kind. I was well covered, however, I learned the hard way in India. The old I am American girl doesn't really translate very well unless you translate it slut. Learned fast. Head covering and face in certain circumstances. Keep safe. Lorraine
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# Reghu 2009-02-13 10:25
yes i read ur some part come is very important...but it is a good animal...very kind to eat shit sleep and making calf....
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