I have been following Michael's articles and postings for two years now. I agree with the comments made here about the nature of modern journalism. Michael's work represents real journalism. Most of what passes for journalism today is either quasi-entertainment or political commentary. I searched high and low on the internet for the past few years to find the REAL stories about our engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan- to find out how the war is really going there, on the ground. I am a history buff, and I knew that the war stories would come out eventually. I figured that with the internet, wouldn't there be something coming out in the 3rd or 4th year of the war? Well, I found it in Michael's work. Great job, keep it up. PS. I've spent a lot of time in France. They aren't so bad. Very proud of their country, not unlike Americans. But they have developed a built-in reluctance towards foreign military intervention as a result of heavy losses incurred defending their former colonies in Algeria and Vietnam. I hope their public will stay behind this mission despite these losses. Regards, David Neal Portland, Oregon

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