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Write a comment I just finished "Moment of Truth in Iraq" and it's great to see that there are journalists who will put their necks on the line and see the REAL truth. I have served two tours in Afghanistan (I just returned), one tour in Iraq, and will be going back to Afghanistan in July. After reading your book I have purchased many others as gifts to give to my more "leftist-liberal" friends who refuse to educate themselves on the truth. I am glad that you pointed out the mistakes made in these efforts to free the world of these murderous villians. I agree that it would be important for the Executive Branch to admit to these mistakes and show how we have recovered and continue to win the hearts and minds of the people in both countries. I believe that this would do a lot for the trust of the people in America for their elected leaders... But, I fear that the population of the United States is all too complacent and that they believe the inaccurate media portrayals more than the truth. It's hard to be doing something that you believe in and come home and feel out of place around friends and family. I know that with more journalists like you this can change. Keep up the good work. De Oppresso Liber T.B.
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