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Taliban Beating Girl

05 April 2009
Luang Prabang, Laos

A concerned reader passed this along.  Gateway Pundit posted commentary and a video link of Taliban savages flogging a girl in public.  I recommend viewing this disturbing video.  While watching, one can only dream of a bunch of U.S. Marines bursting in to confront these savages man to man.  Please watch the video on Gateway Pundit -- Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback -- and spread the link far and wide.


+1 # RE: Taliban Beating GirlTed Bryson 2009-04-05 06:53

I really love Michael Yon On-Line Magazine!

I have been a regular reader from the very beginning. I have donated, I've followed and I have forwarded many a copy of his articles and even recruited many of your new readers.

But, your new website causes me concern. I have a difficult time even finding "Michael's dispatches", often I click on an article and it redirects me to a third party article... I
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# NK 2009-04-05 11:51
I would have rather seen you getting drenched.
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# Nick Stuart 2009-04-05 12:54
There was also a video of an accused homosexual being flogged. Seemed to me his beating was perfunctory compared to the girl's.

At any rate, who cares? Certainly not the women's and gay advocacy groups in the US. Just us right wingers trying to let people know what's coming to a mosque near them.
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# DangerGirl 2009-04-05 12:58
Where's the outrage from the left - from Code Pink who allege to concern themselves with women's rights... from Gloria Steinham... from the President of NOW, where's the voice of Susan Sarandon, Madonna, and their ilk of feminists who spent years insulting President Bush, aiding and abetting the Taliban and dictators of these harsh that regimes that allow this brutality to women to occur daily, where are those voices today.

The silence is deafening!
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# gk 2009-04-05 16:13
what is wrong with them? disgusting!
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# Robert Burrichter 2009-04-05 17:32
Are these those who represent the religion of peace? Contrast this cruelty with the teachings of Jesus and the woman accused of adultery. ...Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
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# Shukri 2009-04-05 18:51
As the Pakistani's themselves say:

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# Robert Burrichter 2009-04-05 19:23
Nothing to do with Islam... one wonders?
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# D Sent 2009-04-05 21:04
This two minute video made my stomach wretch and tie itself into knots. Can someone translate what was being said? Were the assailants immediate family members?

It takes time to change attitudes. This backward village obviously believes this is acceptable behavior. But as the civilized world continues to weigh in with its opinions, cultures will change.
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# Hal 2009-04-05 21:41
Our enemies . . . . I am sure they are more comfortable treating young girls . . . and others . . . . like barbarians, knowing that "the US does not torture". On the other hand, people like that cannot be tortured if they are not captured alive!
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# JIM BURKE 2009-04-05 21:53
Afgan police, US troops, any troops?
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# Laura Hartley 2009-04-06 00:33
Michael, I am emailing this link to everyone on our email list, whether I know them well or not. This is horrific. Does it really matter whether there were actually WMDs found at the war's onset, or not, when these Taliban beasts are living and active? NO, it does not. THANK YOU for continuing to tell the truth. May all Americans eventually understand.
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# David Boone 2009-04-06 10:39
Now I understand their penchant for cave-dwelling.
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# Stevend 2009-04-06 13:53
At our doorstep.....

millions of fundamentalist savages stuck in the 1500's.....

with modern weaponry....

....how can anyone recommend that we turn away?

God bless the volunteers who are taking on these savages directly, especially the American, English and Canadian troops (who shoulder most of the load). They will always have my full support.
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# Aaron 2009-04-06 15:46
made me sick. I wonder if they knew they were being filmed? My hunch is that they did, so the fact that they continued suggests they are confident in their righteousness!
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# Martine Klein 2009-04-06 20:33
I'm so sorry to see violence in any form. This type of law inforcement is criminal in itself and will do notheing to gain respect from the poeple that they surpress.

Worst is that Our young American Men and Women are being sent there to resolve problems that I'm sure we have little influence on. I'm not sure who assigned America to be responsable for being the police for the world, but certain activities and injustices should be a world wide matter and should be the responsability of the United Nations to take action against these type of activities against the rights of all of us as human beings.

I pray that we will soon bring our troops home and find a better way to deal with what is happening in that part of the world. We have enough of our own problems right here. People are out of work and starving. We have to stop the financial bleeding and not use our man power to deal with what is wrong. I do feel that there should more effective ways to force cooperation with countries that do not abide by humanitarian standards. It would help if we had the right sanctions in place and stop providing funding and amunition to countries with the wrong intentions. I hope that we'll find a better way.

I hope that these people will one day evolve into a more civilized nation that can be respected. It is obvious that they have a long way to go. How sad.

x Martine
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# Jack E. Hammond 2009-04-07 08:22

Video like this gets Americans worked up. Only they get as cold as fast as they get hot. Remember the video of the staring kids in Somalia in 1992 and the demand to do something and the results.

Reality is this takes place in a lot more places other than Afghanistan and Pakistan. And if the American people want to stop it, it will require something that American's don't want or will support. A return to the days when the US Army was over 20 divisions. Because that is what it will require. Stealth fighters and laser bombs will not stop it. Only boots on the ground. Starting with a seaborne invasion to take Karachi, Pakistan and securing the highway from Karachi to Kabul.

As they saying goes: Be careful what you wish for. Yes it will make us feel good for a while when we show these thugs what happens to men who beat women. But what happens when those same women in Afghanistan and Pakistan willingly hide suicide vests under those cloth tents they walk around in?

Jack E. Hammond

NOTE. What Americans need to do is read about the Greek War of Independence and the American public's reaction to it and the reaction of its elected officials in Washington, DC.
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# JohnG 2009-04-08 00:18
But its barbaric to waterboard.
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