Tactics in Counterinsurgency


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# Aaron Vice 2011-03-05 04:30
Ok I know that almost all of the US Army's TTP's and the ways we train and fight can be found on the Internet the enemy already can look up almost any of the ways we fight and our capabilities and weapon and vehicle capabilities. Why is the Tactics in Counterinsurgen cy not a more controlled manual or classified so that our enemies in the world do not know how we train and fight. I think these manuals should be classified and not posted on the Internet for anyone to read. Am I the only person that thinks we shoot ourself in the foot then go to battle already with a disadvantage? Can anyone else explain why we do this?

OIF combat related retired disable vet
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# sd 2011-10-17 17:14
Because someone within the U.S. Military has cleared it for release to the public and unlimited distribution
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