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Swine Flu: A Spot Report

18 May 2009

Concerns over swine flu can cause unexpected travel delays.  Recently, more than 150 British service members were quarantined for at least one day when they arrived in Brunei for a scheduled training exercise.  The U.K. has excellent relations with Brunei, but nobody has excellent relations with swine flu.

My flight from Brunei through Thailand saw people wearing masks, and when passengers land in Thailand they are screened for fever with a special camera.  The initial screening is unobtrusive and passengers might not even notice that it has occurred.  Immigration does require that passengers fill out a small questionnaire.  There are reports that some passengers have been quarantined in Thailand and other countries.

Best to check travel advisories before stepping on that cruise ship or jet.

New York Reports Its First Swine Flu Death.

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