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Suthep letter to Obama

28 January 2014

Suthep-letter-to-Obama 24-jan-2014


+1 # mrsornprapa robert 2014-01-28 16:52
Is there any chance that he may respond? Or it was the one thru us. Embassy in thailand. I found this letter it sounds too humble n not strong enough
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+1 # RE: Suthep letter to ObamaFlit Andersen 2014-01-30 01:45
Mr. Thaugsuban; do you know to WHOM you are writing? Americans are currently having our OWN issues with a dictator much like yours. If we ever regain control of our country and re-institute our constitution, we'll be glasd to send help. But for now, you addressing your concerns to "Barry the Bolshivek" are pretty much like the Poles addressing their concerns about Hitler to Stalin. If you take my meaning. Good luck & God bless, sir. And Su', if you guys get there first, perhaps YOU could send help to US....
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# The Wrong TreeJohn Rossie 2014-02-12 19:29
Suthep, you are definitely barking up the wrong tree. Here in America, the "pinnacle of democracy" (NOT!), our citizenry would not get away with what you are doing in Thailand. Here, the average citizen is afraid of the government under President Obama and more likely than not would be beaten and arrested if assembled to demonstrate against Obama. That may sound far fetched, but I believe in my heart that it is true. I know many hundreds who are absolutely opposed to Obama, but who fear speaking out because our "non-violent civil disobedience" would not be seen as that. It would be seen as radical anti-American activity in violation of law; the 'law' would be twisted to allow this to happen. Because of Obama, this country is in the final throes of the death of democracy and the silencing of our once-famous right to free and open public expression of our views. I suspect you Thais will get your problems ironed out before we do. You at least have citizens who are willing to step out onto the street to protest against the problems you face.
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