Supporting the Mission with Operational Energy



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-1 # BSJ 2011-06-18 21:24
During WWII the speed limit was lowered to 30mph. And yet, they are raising the limit to 80mph in someplaces. Shared sacrifice, my ass.

Save Fuel, Save a Soldier!
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-1 # Carolyn 2011-06-19 08:41
By now, of course, you have heard the news about the US looking for Taliban leaders with whom to negotiate, but I believe,they have already been negotiating with them according to other , earlier reports.I find this delusional for many know, much more than I and I wonder what you think about this.
It is, also, being reported that the US is giving the Pakistanis more Intel about the Taliban, especially on the borders of Afghanistan.I find this , also, a ludicrous endeavor.I would bet the Pakistanis know far more than we do.
That could just have been a report used as a deterrent, or propaganda.27 Senators including Republicans have made their stance of getting out of Afghanistan known,I think, in a letter, or resolution for Obama.
This energy statement sounds like WWII.
Something is wrong not just the energy supply and distribution.Do our troops have enough supplies and equipment?
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-1 # TheOldMan 2011-06-20 21:57
"Someday" we will be able to send power from space based solar arrays via microwave to earth. Obviously that does not help for liquid fuels but it would remove the need for so much generator fuel.
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