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Standing Well Back

01 October 2012

An excellent and thought provoking website by a British bomb expert.  We treat IEDs as if they are something new.  In fact, they have been in use probably for a thousand years.

The latest from Standing Well Back:


For more:



# British navyJoshua | Vudu 2012-10-09 20:52
This shows the great might of the British navy. For a long time the British are inventing and improving its warships and explosives. I think it's the most powerful naval force in the world. While I believe that the U.S. and Russia should also be very strong.
Joshua | Vudu
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# ChavezJoshua | Vudu 2012-10-09 20:53
While not forget Venezuela in Latin America, I think Chavez is powerful in its submarines.
[url="http://www.infovudu.com/"]Joshua | Vudu
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# aaaJoshua | Vudu 2012-10-09 20:54
[URL="http://ww w.infovudu.com/ "]vudu
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