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15 August 2012

I asked board members of Soldiers’ Angels who owns the Soldiers’ Angels warehouse in San Antonio.   A Soldiers' Angel said I should ask a board member, and during due diligence I asked Board Member Mark Seavey.

Mr. Seavey just replied:

“Do your own damn research, it's not like a property search wouldn't come up with it.  The easy thing to do would be just to tell you and let you realize for yourself that your barking up yet another misbeggotten tree, but since you claim to have sources so close to SA you must already know.  Keen job on that scoop about the T-shirts though, I was particularly impressed with how you saw through our subterfuge of claiming it on IRS forms.  Any chances of you getting civil answers from me went out the window when you decided to classlessly scare the shit out of my wife with dire predictions of legs being blown off during my embed, which you then said didn't happen, despite it being on the cover of the 24th largest magazine in the US (2.2 million copies.)

“Still waiting on the legal expert who agrees with your assertion that flying over the Taliban constitutes a violation of the GC [Geneva Conventions].  When I get that, I'll send you the landlord's name and number.”

It is telling that Mr. Seavey admits in the second paragraph to his involvement in the MEDEVAC issue.  Soldiers’ Angels previously made a statement that they were not involved, and yet this board member comes out again showing that the opposite is true.

The constant aggressiveness from the Soldiers' Angels leadership is astounding.  Where are the angels and the love?

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